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Money Robot Submitter Review – Case Study + Guide 2018

Money Robot Submitter Review (Case Study + Guide 2018)

March 10, 2018 - Update: After using Money Robot for another 5 months I have updated my results for my test site and have added a guide to assist new users.

Money Robot Submitter is one of the popular link building tools that is fast gaining popularity among the SEO community. It will help you create web 2.0 assets like blogs and social media accounts and which are then linked to your money site. 

If you’ve run a link building campaign, you know that it requires weeks of constant outreach, content creation and wooing webmasters to link to your site. With Money Robot, this process is less chaotic but slow going (try a 7-day free trial here)

I was a bit skeptic about using link building software. With Google declaring war on sites with spammy low-quality links, I didn’t consider using a tool like Money Robot a good idea. My hesitation was further compounded by the design of the official Money Robot website. At first glance, the site looks like one of those get rich quick websites

is money robot a scam?

I finally decided to try the software out after a friend recommended it. He had been using this tool for several months and seeing positive results.

This Money Robot review offers my thoughts and experience using this software. In it, I’ll outline how I used it to run a successful link building campaign, some of the important features you’ll find in this tool and a guide how to make the best use of Money Robot...

Getting Started With Money Robot Submitter Software

As I mentioned, I was a bit skeptical about using this tool for link building. Its developers probably anticipated this and created a 7 day trial of the software. The trial version comes with limited features, but they are enough to give you a taste of the power of this tool. After the 7 days were over, I invested in a monthly subscription plan.

To get the best out of this software, I recommend that you invest in a quality VPS. There are two reasons why I recommend this:

1. A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine – Rather than install Money Robot on your computer and run it from your single IP address, a VPS makes it easy to run the software from a different IP.

Also, remember that you want Money Robot Submitter working 24/7 creating web 2.0 assets and creating high-quality links to your money site. Unless you intend to keep your computer running day and night a VPS offers an affordable solution.

2. Money Robot is built for the windows platform – So if you own a Mac like I do, it will be difficult for you to run this tool on your computer.

A virtual machine (VPS) allows you to run the tool in a Windows-like environment and still access it from your Mac computer. Once your VPS is set up, I recommend you download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop. It’s free.

Money Robot has its own VPS service. I haven’t tried it yet due to the cost (around 25 bucks per month) but I am sure its worth the investment if you do a lot of SEO.

For my part,  I have tried a few VPS services but prefer NameCheap VPS the best. You can choose the monthly plan for $25.63 per month, or the year package for $21.77 per month.

A Quick Look Inside

Once you log into your Money Robot account, the first step to take is to create a campaign. Let’s name ours TWO. Next, choose a diagram that shows the different linking tiers you want. For me, I start with the 1>3>12 as it is recommended by the software owner Nick.

campaign step 1

The first tier represents my money site. The second tier that’s immediately under my money site has 3 web 2.0 assets. The third and lowest tier has 12 web 2.0 assets. This isn’t a rigid structure as tier 2 can have more than 3 different Web 2.0 properties. The same applies to the lowest tier.

This tiered structure works in the following way: Web assets in the bottom tier will link to those that are found on tier 2 properties. The web assets on tier 2 will then all link to your money site. This way, your money site will eventually benefit from the link juice derived from all web assets at all tiers.

Once you’ve selected the tier structure to use, your next step involves adding your money site’s URL into the top tier. Next, add the different keywords you’ll want to rank for.

Once this is done, the Money Robot submitter tool goes to work creating an automatically spun-keyword optimized article. The rewritten articles are then published in the web 2.0 properties found in tier 2 and tier 3.

At this point, I want to point out that Money Robot offers advanced options that go beyond simply creating, spinning and submitting articles to generate backlinks. Some of the additional options you will get with this tool include:

  • Ability to add YouTube videos and images to your content
  • Ability to add one or more links to an article
  • Ability to schedule article submission
  • Ability to run more than one campaign from a single account

additional features of moneyrobot

I recommend you try out these features and test to find which strategy works best for you.

Once you’re done with the setup process, simply click on “start the campaign” and the tool will handle the rest.

It is suggested that you create 2 new accounts per campaign you run. This will create approximately 1000 new web 2.0s, then you can reuse those accounts over and over again to power up your site.


The more you reuse your accounts, the more powerful they get. This is due to interlinking and getting additional links from various web 2.0 properties. The link juice created can be leveraged to rank new money sites faster.

Also, it makes it easier for the Money Robot software to generate and submit fresh content since the new account creation step is skipped. Note that already created accounts and previously run link building campaigns can be accessed within your Money Robot account.


Money Robot Case Study 

After buying the monthly Money Robot subscription, I immediately set to work testing this software on a PBN I had recently purchased. I wasn’t actively building the PBN and the money site had a UR (URL Rating) of 33 and DR (Domain Rating) of 54 from the Ahrefs tool. I intended to use Money Robot to increase these two metrics so here’s what I did.

I started creating articles that were highly optimized for a niche market targeting Canada. My PBN was built around this niche market so I didn’t want to complicate things by switching to a broader one.

The targeted keywords were low competition long tail keywords that I knew were easier to rank for. After
that, I used the above diagram twice and created about 1000 new accounts. Then I reused those accounts another 8 times over the course of about 3 days.

After about two and a half weeks, I started noticing that my site was ranking for about 20 new keywords. Yes, it’s not much but, before launching the campaign, but this was a very good sign that Money Robot was working.

I popped the site’s URL onto the Ahrefs tool again and to my surprise, the UR was now 20 and the DR was 42. That’s a big improvement considering the two and a half week timeframe. There were two new links pointing to the website which I concluded resulted in the improvement both in traffic and Ahrefs metrics.

March 10, 2018 Update

I started adding Money Robot links to my PBN at the beginning of November, so what are the results 4 months later?

money robot results after 4 months


 From barely ranking for any keywords and getting 0 traffic to getting over 40 visitors a month. I was actually very surprised – I actually forgot about the site for 3 months after I initially wrote this article. I also didn’t do anything else the gurus say is required to get rankings, no social signals, no diversification of links – just pure backlinks!

Ahref’s has changed how they calculated there metrics since I first posted this article, so it is useless to give you the changed metrics. Besides, metrics are useless – the only thing that matters in traffic.   

So what did I do?

The reason I forgot about the site is that I only ran 20 Money Robot campaigns in November and left it alone. I simply used 15x 1-3-12 diagrams and 5x super high competition diagrams using all the default settings in MR.

This whole process took me about a week using 2 VPS’s running MR almost around the clock.

I have refinded my process a little more, so if your interested in seeing what settings I use for MR keep reading for my Money Robot Guide.

Other Possible Reasons For Success?

There are some possible explanations as to why my site saw such a significant improvement in such a short period. First, my PBN had been in existence for about 1 year before I bought it so it was already indexed and ranked by Google.

Second, the PBN is in a low competition highly targeted niche. This made it easier to rank higher faster compared to highly competitive broad niches. Finally, you can’t simply run a single campaign and wait for the results.

The successes I saw with my own campaign prompted me to invest in an additional Money Robot license. I also opted for the one-time single license over the monthly plan. In addition to the 2 licenses, I also invested in another VPS.

Pro tip: I discovered that if you own 2 VPSs, it’s not necessary that you purchase 2 Money Robot licenses. You can use one single Money Robot license on two separate VPSs.

Money Robot Submitter Features and Settings

Money Robot Submitter is a simple to learn, but hard to master. There are a number of features that I found useful in the creation and running of successful link building campaigns which include the following:

The first feature that I like is the free proxies that are provided with the software. One of the considerations search engines makes when determining whether a link is a high quality or not is its source.

This is closely linked to the IP address of the link source. Proxies make it easy to make it look like all new links to your money site are coming from different IP addresses which adds credibility as far as search engines are concerned. When using Money Robot, you don’t need to invest in a separate proxy system.

settings inside money robotAnother feature that I like is the easy integration with captcha services. When building links, this tool regularly needs to solve different captchas. Most are solved without the need for a third party captcha service.

However, you can also integrate a third party captcha service to handle the more complex puzzles. In my case, I use the as it is affordable and gives the greatest chance of success for your blogs to be made.

Content is the foundation of any link building campaign. Normally, you would need to create and publish new content every once in a while which takes time and money.

Money Robot comes with a spun article creator. This component automatically takes an article and rewrites/spins it into different unique versions for publishing. The new articles are added to the web 2.0 properties created and then linked back to your site.

Another cool feature that I find useful with this tool is the automated search and list updates of websites that can provide quality backlinks to your money site. This list is updated daily, and your content is automatically submitted to generate a relevant backlink to your website.

Money Robot Guide

Most of these techniques come right from the Money Robot tutorial made by the creator of the software. However after doing some research and lurking around in the forum there are some tweaks that I think will help beginners get their sites rank and keep them safe.

Setting Up The First Campaign

When setting up my first campaign I always chose the 1>3>12 diagram (code: 7C123W3F). I also just chose one keyword I per campaign .

For example if I am trying to rank an inner page I would chose two URLs per campaign, one to the page and one to root domain. This is because you want to spread the link juice love around so it doesn't look unnatural by going to only 1 page.

Note: According to the Money Robot tutorial it is recommended to create a new category per keywords you are trying to rank for.

To do that I go to Accounts > Create New Accounts > Add New Category 

This will create a series of Web 2.0 properties that will be specifically targeting one keyword that can be re-used for later campaigns.

The next thing I change is the anchor text MR uses. If left by it's default setting, you will get an un-natural and ugly anchor text ratio which will consist of generic keywords such as "click here for more, surprising article, this article, etc..."

To do this, I click the generic keywords tab and use a cool website to fix the anchor text ratio:

money robot guide setup

Next I go to Visional Marketing and use their keyword mixer.

Here there are 3 areas you need to fill out: 1. the keyword(s) you want to rank for, 2. The branded name of your site 2. The nake URLs of the site

I then select the ratios I want. For keywords I use 10%, branded: 30%, URLs: 50% and generic 10%

So for example if I wanted to rank this site for Money Robot it would look like this:


I then copy and paste the results that are spit out into the generic keywords area back in MR.

Then I go to "keywords to rank for" and add at least 2 naked URLs in Money Robot to go along with the keyword you want to rank for.

After that I like to add a couple of relevant Youtube videos to the article and leave all the other settings the same and run the campaign.

Note: Some advanced users like to add their own spun content. Also if you are running MR back to your Money Site, you might also want to change the blog address names to have relevant blog names pointing back to your site.

After The First Campaign

Once the first campaign is up and going, I immediately clone the campaign to create more keyword targeted Web 2.0 properties. Now 2 campaigns will be running simultaneously, this is the maxmium amount of campaigns I run at a time.

Your first campaigns will take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours depending on the speed of your VPS.

Once the first two campaigns have finished, you can then reuse the Web 2.0 properties you have just created. This will make Money Robot run much faster, and it will also give your existing blogs a boost.

You can do this by going to Accounts > Create New Accounts > Use My Already  Existing Accounts.

I then run the 1>3>12 campaign another 8 times.

Running Other Diagrams

Once I have run the 1>3>12 campaign 10 times, I usually use the Super High Competition diagram - code: 7C123W3F

I then run this diagram another 10 times. This one takes a lot longer to complete than the 1>3>12 diagram, because it adds a lot more properties to your arsenal. So don't be surprised if they take 24+ hours even though your reusing accounts.

Another diagram I have played around with, but haven't done any conclusive tests is the Web 2.0 Star: 81DA0WFI - its a popular one people on the MR Forum use.


If I am trying to rank a site quickly, or I want to make sure the links get indexed at all I run it through BulkAddUrl which I will talk about more later.

What I Don't Like

1. The trial software comes with limited features. To fully experience the power of this tool, you’ll need to purchase a single month or one-time license.

2. It’s designed for the Windows platform. If you run a Mac, you’ll need additional software such as the Microsoft Remote Desktop. But this isn’t a big deal since the software is free.

3. The newbie guide isn't very clear. It takes time reading through the Facebook group to get a good grasp on what to do and why

4. The default MR settings can look rather spammy. For example, using the default setting for blog titles can cause some ugly looking blogs with URLs such as "" linking back to your site.

5. MR can be buggy - for example some times when you try to duplicate a campaign it won't copy it exactly so you will have to double check the settings.

The Indexing Issue

The Money Robot indexer has issues - a quick look at the money robot forum will tell you as much lol... It takes a long time to get your links to be indexed by Google.

Part of the reason for this is a feature because you don't want 100s of links immediately pointing to your site. But part of it isn't a feature and most of the links that Money Robot makes never get indexed by Google. Why does this matter? Sites that don't get indexed, don't provide any link juice which is what Money Robot is made to do.

There was the talk of the indexer being improved back in November, but it is March now and it is still underperforming...

There is a paid alternative to getting your links indexed and the one I recommend is BulkAddUrl. It can get pricey, but it works better than any other service I used. If anyone can recommend a better option please let me know in the comment section!

What I Like

1. This software automates link building. It will automatically handle all the processes involved in a link building campaign which includes content creation, submission, and creation of backlinks. The software also automatically searches for relevant websites from which links can be sourced.

2. Money Robot comes with several unique but important features such as the ability to solve captcha puzzles and free proxies.

3. A single Money Robot license can run on 2 separate VPSs. This cuts down on the costs involved in running your link building campaigns.

4. There is a 7 day trial period. This allows you to try out this tool without having to invest your cash.

5. The Facebook group is a great resource. It's very lively and has people there to answer any of your questions

6. Even with indexing issue, Money Robot still works!

My Verdict

I honestly did not expect Money Robot to work at all. But after I saw it recommended by a couple respected SEO's I decided to give it a shot.

And after running my own tests, the results have pleasantly surprised me. 

The 7-day free trial is a good way to learn about how to use this tool. However, don’t expect to see any solid results during the 7 day period. From my research, users often report seeing results after a month or two.

This means that to run one or more link building campaigns and be able to collect sufficient data regarding whether they’ve been successful or not, you’ll need to at least invest in a single month license.

Overall, if you want to automate the link building process and see your website rank higher and attract more targeted traffic, Money Robot is worth considering. You can grab your Money Robot license here. As usual, I look forward to your comments and questions in the comments questions below.

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Matthew Woodward’s Marketer Seal PBN Training Course Review

Affiliate marketing and SEO-guru Matthew Woodward offers Marketer Seal PBN Course that takes all the guesswork we have in driving traffic to our website. There are even free training videos where he shows you step by step behind the scenes how he ranks a multi-million dollar website:

free private blog network training video


The ecommerce site in the training video sells high end homeware items online and ranks competitive category terms along with individual product pages.

The strategy was deployed in March 2015 which saw traffic quickly grow from 12,000 per month to 18,000 per month by the end of 2015.

Flash forward to today though and the site now gets nearly 60,000 visitors per month from Google:

This increased revenue from $100,000 per month to $1.2 million per month.

Now that makes for nearly $16 million in total revenue:

site that is ranking for ecom

What makes this site interesting, is that it’s competing directly against big e-commercerce stores and blowing them out of the water.

You can see this clearly in Google Search Console:


Matthew Woodward shows you how he does this all in this free training video by using a powerful link building technique called Private Blog Networks.

The Big Issue: Generating Traffic

Internet marketers are aware that websites need to draw traffic in order to be found by potential customers online and for the business to thrive. Thanks to internet marketing gurus like Woodward, we no longer have to waste more resources to figure that out; we can benefit from their guidance, be certain of what we need to do, and have the confidence to implement what we have learned.


The course empowers enrollees with the knowledge to rank any website in any niche, and run their business from any part of the world. Woodward has already built a great community and many are taking interest to be part of it. The Marketer Seal training course is his proven and step-by-step way of learning how to have your website do well in Google rankings in whatever niche you are in. It consists of 10 modules that come with videos, lessons, as well as cheat sheets that can be worked through at your own pace.


About Matthew Woodward


20 years ago, 10-year-old Woodward came into the internet sphere volunteered to write reviews for video games at 13. It was before the era of YouTube that he realized he can make money from the internet other than online gaming. He got interested in online marketing which paved the way to the corporate world where he managed to climb to the top. Eventually, he became the person helming the online marketing department of a big distributing company in Europe which held campaigns for clients all over the world.


Woodward explored outside the corporate world and found it more fulfilling, which strengthened his passion. In 2010, he ventured into entrepreneurship, working for himself to become a private blog network specialist. He built and sold sites, and had many internet marketing blogs which won him awards. He met many internet marketing experts and spoke to various conferences in many countries. Business and psychology became his huge interests while the capitalist and consumerist policy is the least he could believe.

matthew woodward home logo

Woodward created a blog where he shared his knowledge and experience, providing on hand quality advice as well as tutorial sessions for those who need it. The blog offers different services, like Search Engine Optimization solutions, for those who want to take their marketing to the next level.


Woodward offers services to help businesses fulfill their goals and needs through SEO strategies and is committed to delivering tangible results, especially in increasing revenue. His pages offer SEO quotes and analysis for free and run case studies to draw traffic to business pages. Here are some of his services:


  • Exclusive deals – internet marketing coupons and deals for Woodward’s readers. The coupons come in various internet marketing categories like SEO, blogging, WP plugins and social.
  • Blogging – includes advice, writing articles on becoming a blogger, starting with a blog, how to draw traffic and sell websites. The internet guru provides different tutorials and case studies in blogging-related topics.
  • Conversion – a service that ranges from conversion to tracking then page optimization.
  • Email marketing – emailing with reference to digital marketing. Woodward can point to some of the best email marketing software that help build email lists to earn sales.
  • Tools – tools for best SEO and research keyword. You may find in this service section a list of the best tools for digital marketing, blogging, social media, email marketing, content creation, productivity tools, virtual assistant and expert internet marketers.
  • Traffic generation – Woodward has articles talking about how to get traffic to a blog, site, page and social media account. From them we can learn some digital marketing strategies.
  • Reports – a service to help generate revenue reports that show the monthly income of a site, and how the income is earned. It likewise shows the spending of that site.


private blog network specialist certificate

Private Blog Network Training


Woodward also offers a service called Private Blog Network building. It is used to build private blogs as well as sites of high quality and authority domains while offering other benefits like more search engine traffic, full control, and long-lasting beneficial results.


A PBN is a collection of websites which you put up and control within a specific niche. They are not for making money or to attract visitors, but for backlinking. Once established, you use them to easily rank any website you want. When they are already populated with content which can keep the pages active, you can point links back to a money page. A PBN is a type of link that is undoubtedly powerful since you can completely control stuff like content, anchor text, and link placement.


When it comes to PBNs, the most common stuff you can find online is to buy relevant expired domains and use multiple hosting accounts and domain registrars. Then for the content, only use unspun and original ones that are between 300 to 800 words per article with polls, galleries, videos, and images.


pbn course certification matthew woodward

Marketer Seal Private Blog Network Specialist Course Review


Woodward offers the certification private blog network building for those who want to grow organic traffic and ranking for their website. This teaches the benefits of a PBN like taking full control of it, how to deal with anchor texts, link placements, relevance, and authority. After the course, you acquire the most recent ways and techniques in building your first PBN and get a completely hands-on approach of your working knowledge.


The PBN building certification provides access to different blog types and will show its buyers how to increase traffic and rankings, budget networks, manage and maintain networks and the most inexpensive way to host a network. It teaches the best hands-on techniques to apply links to your sites, then monitors and maintain the network.


The course offers 10 modules that span more than 53 lessons with 39 videos and six cheat sheets students can work on at their own pace. Each student has to write six exams in the entire certification process – five module specific exams and a final one at the end. After that, students will earn the PBN specialist marketer seal of certification.


The course is well worth the investment considering Woodward’s priceless knowledge. If you are looking forward to exploring the world of SEO, learn from one who has established his name in the industry and is sharing the knowledge he has accumulated throughout the years.


If you want to know how to rank websites like a pro and make more money, Matthew Woodward’s Marketer Seal PBN course is worth checking out.


marketer seal logo

Why Should You Join Marketer Seal?


In this mobile and digital era, many freebies are found online. The internet becomes a wealthy source of information that comes handy with just a search away. Thousands of software or apps and tools can be downloaded for free while we can make calls to anyone from anywhere in the world, free of charge.


With that being said, the secrets of a successful digital marketing may likewise be available on the internet for the diligent researcher. However, a freebie and a paid service are never the same. In a self-study, you collect information online, figure out how they make sense, and learn from them. That can take time.

Explore the web about SEO and at times you will find it getting more complicated. Read about PBNs and like other stuff online, one site will say this method is proven and successful while another 10 or so sites would say it is not. There are no straight answers and things can get confusing. Who knows if people are just putting in their personal opinions, obsolete strategy, or just collecting concepts from their favorite sites to come up with a content on their page?


Matthew Woodward Market Seal PBN course is a straightforward, systematic and comprehensive way of learning. The information is already complete and organized, with all the pieces of the puzzle being put together. Furthermore, you have the guidance of an experienced guru who can accompany you in the process. The learning curve is minimal and implementation can be done right away.


What you will get from Woodward’s Marketer Seal course


A paid course promises benefits and Woodward, a big name in internet marketing is truly committed to his product’s buyers. Here are the benefits you can get after completing the Matthew Woodward Market Seal PBN course:


  • Learn exactly how to surge your website’s traffic and ranking
  • Be able to easily rank in Google
  • Have your skills recognized with the certification program
  • Get all the cool bonuses like instant access to the 53 lessons, 100 percent money-back guarantee and a lot more
  • Get everything you need to learn about the strengths and pitfalls newbies usually fall into.


Excited to get started? Check out the Matthew Woodward Marketer Seal free training and see for yourself!

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Get Virtually UNLIMITED High Quality Domains With Estibot And Bluechip Backlinks

Tired Of Renting Links? Get Your Own High-Quality PBN Domains With Bluechip Backlinks And Estibot

Let’s face it, PBN SEO can be hard. If you are renting links, the costs can certainly add up over time. Doing it yourself can be absolutely painful; searching for expired domains, checking their backlinks and organizing them can take hours of work just to find a few good quality domains.

I have used other services that provide you with daily domains with SEO value such as PBN HQ and Hammerhead Domains but I found the sites to be pretty low quality and because there is only a limited supply of domains provided daily, the best ones get bought up quickly.

That’s why this technique I am about to show you is by far the best way to get an unlimited supply of the very best expired domains.


Tools You Need For Your PBN Links

To get started I use 3 tools that will save you a lot of time and money in the long run with the technique that I’m about to show you:

1. Microsoft Excel – An essential, my particular method requires MS Excel.

2. Bluechip Backlinks – $99/month – This may be a little pricey but well worth it if your serious about SEO or what to learn the latest SEO research. Bluechip backlink searches websites to find expired domains with SEO value. Normally this can be a very time-consuming process, but with this technique we can find an almost unlimited supply of expired domains with one easy search.

3. Estibot – $49.95/month – Estibot gives us a list of tens of thousands of fresh expired domains daily along with their estimated domain value. So monthly subscription fee could be covered if you just flip 1 or 2 domains per month.


Estibot – The Lazy Method To Get Unlimited PBN Domains

This is by far the most efficient method I have discovered to get TONNES of high quality expired domains. It may not be the cheapest method, but if you need lots of awesome domains, this is the most time efficient method I have seen.

1. First go to your Estibot account and open “My Drop Lists”

2. From there find the latest version of Available domains and download Appraisals list that comes in a zip file.

inside of Estibot

As you can see there are over 100,000 available domains with potential SEO value!


3. Open the unzipped the file and open the .csv file in MS Excel

4. Bluechip Backlinks can
only handle 20,000 domain searches at a time, so scroll down to the
20,000th result and select everything below it and hit delete.

5. (Mac version) Select all the remaining domains and go to –> Tools –> Macro –> Macros then type in anything –> Hit “+” and copy and paste the following code:

Sub addHypers()

For Each cell In Intersect(Selection, ActiveSheet.UsedRange)

If cell <> "" Then

ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add cell, "http://" + cell.Value

End If

Next cell

End Sub


Excel Macro


6. Exit the editor and go back to –> Tools –> Macro –> Macros and under Macro name it should say “addHypers” then hit Run.

7. After that just save the spreadsheet as an HTM file and upload it your website under the public_html folder.

8. Open up Blue chip Backlinks and go to Start New Scan and point it to where you uploaded your website:

Bluechip scan


9. Next hit scan and wait 7-8 hours for Bluechips Backlinks to scan through all the domains and wait for the results:

bluechip results


Do Your Due Diligence Before You Buy PBN Domains

Now that you have hundreds of high quality expired domains from Bluechip Backlinks and Estibot, all you have to do is run your normal due diligence tests and start adding these bad boys to your collection.

Here are some things to look out for:

  • Use to check out what the domain was used for previously. You want something that hasn’t been repurposed and was a real website.
  • Use paid tools such as Majestic and Ahref to look at the backlink profile of your domain. You don’t want a domain with a spammy backlink profile or Chinese achor text.


  • TEST, TEST, TEST! Make sure that after you select a domain and set it up that you take the time to actually make sure that it passes link juice. Approximately 50% of the domains you get will be worthless, so it’s important to test them out before you link to your money site.



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