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Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2018 | Is Anik Singal’s Program a Scam?

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2018 | Is Anik Singal’s Program a Scam?


Who doesn’t want the tools and expertise to make money and build that up to a profitable business on the side? If you’re like me then you want in on this idea.

Well, if that’s the case then Anik Singal products will get you there. Anik Singal has released many products throughout the years but only Anik Singal’s inbox blueprint will be discussed here as that seems like the fastest road to success.

But first a little on Anik Singal himself:

Anik Singal Review: Is Anik Singal an Email Marketing Genius?

Anik Singal is a digital marketing veteran with over 13 years under his belt. In these years he has earned well over many millions for online digital marketing. He has also trained over 200,000 students through Lurn which is his online school and much more. Anik Singal has also been named one of top 3 young entrepreneurs by “Businessweek”.

Anik Singal was a normal kid who didn’t know business but wanted to be in it. He was discouraged and so he thought he couldn’t do it. Well, one day he found an online forum for internet marketers. He joined it and then tried his hand at digital marketing. It took him many months to figure out how to make money. He was on the verge of quitting when he was able to make some profit.

Through this first profit, he was able to set into place a system that earned him a constant flow of money. With a constant flow, I mean about 100,000 dollars in 3-4 months. Armed with the knowledge Anik had gained about email marketing now he wanted to share his knowledge with the world.

Anik Singal has been very successful at establishing many programs to bring his method to the world. The programs that are offered to the public are Lurn insider, and inbox blueprint 2.0.

Inbox Blueprint Review

As I was looking for more information about this program I could not help but think to myself, is this program inbox blueprint a scam? Well, it is definitely not a scam and turns out to be one great product to go get started with making an impressive passive income for oneself.


What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

Inbox blueprint is an email marketing program that gives you all the tools you need to make digital marketing into a business with good profits. The program enables you to create a list of email subscribers that you then take to your affiliate groups. According to the program, each email subscriber can produce $1 of sales. If you have a list of 500 subscribers than you have the potential to earn $500.

Anik Singal’s product Inbox blueprint program has an eight-step process which is presented as classes in video format. Subjects that are discussed are as follow:

1. Addiction Meter- this takes you to a page that you have to select a particular niche. You can select any not just what you’re interested in.

2. The Bait – In this part, you make an Opt-in page. This page has to compelling enough to get the person to give you their email address. This is where you get the customers to make your list of emails.

3. TYP Method (“Thank You Page” )- This is where you are shown how you should thank your subscriber. According to the program, this is a crucial step that most people miss.

4. Setting up the Autoresponder- This is where you can set up an automatic response to those who subscribe. It generates an automatic email response. There is some expense associated with setting this up this process.

5. Building a Relationship – In this section, Anik describes how you should build a relationship of trust with the subscriber.

6. Payday Secrets – How to make money using affiliate products

7. Easy Trafic – how to get customers to the products so you can make money. This is where more money might be needed to generate ads.

8. Unlimited Success – You will learn the tricks to make more profits and increase your gains.
Inbox blueprint can be available with 3 payments of $97. All the eight easy steps and the formula for success seems very affordable.

The drawback I see in this package is that it has no customer support that is needed for those individuals that are just starting off. You probably will have to pay extra to be in separate program Anik and his team offers for those services. Again you need to understand extra investments will come up.

I hope that I have cleared any questions with inbox original so now let’s take a look at the upgrade.


Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 still has in it the eight steps but it also has a few more very important features.
1. It is a lot more simple it’s not just watching videos and then going to do it on the web it has its own software that lets you create everything on one page.

What does it have?

1. Launchpad- Launchpad in inbox blueprint is a software that lets to do all the 8 steps of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 on one page. It’s an excellent advantage to have this because this is a game changer. This can now make doing email marketing for most beginners very easy even if they have no knowledge but they might have to learn a little vocabulary of terms. It makes the business of email marketing very easy because it gives you a startup that can make the difference in your performance level.

2. Proprietary Content Engine – This has selected emails that can be sent out to subscribers.

3. Guided Assessment training to see if you have reached your goals

4. Autoresponder for a 30 days free after that a fee will be placed

5. 12 months of support that is much needed in the initial stage of any business.

There are a couple of bonuses that are offered as well:

1. Bonus 1 – 12 months of Lurn Masters Club Membership – this is great opportunity to reach out to those individuals who have made this email marketing strategy into a growing business. You also get live training from Anik himself about twice a month.

2. Bonus 2 – Traffic Academy Membership is where you can see how to drive more traffic to your opt-in page. You get access to how to bring free traffic to your page but you also have to think about investing in paid advertisements as well. Depending on your traffic and business model you can decide where you want it to go.

3. Bonus 3 – 6-weeks fast start program – over the shoulder training. This is where you watch as one of the team members show you how to build your first 1000 subscribers and make a profit.

The inboxblueprint 2.0 is available in 3 payments of $597 or a one-time payment of $1,497. I included both of the inbox blueprint reviews so you could have a better sense of the technology that is being offered and why the price tag is so large with the upgrade.

Is the price tag too heavy?

Well if you look at it the price does seem a little out of the ordinary for software one would think could be available. But, launchpad inbox blueprint is a very valuable tool. To have the advantage of having the tools to create all things related to a successful online email marketing business in a matter of a few hours is just spectacular.

How easy can this get? Sometimes it gets me thinking is this too good to be real? Is Anik Singal a scam and we will find out soon if this will last?

Well, Anik Singal is not a scam and this software was not just his effort but a team effort to bring the best technological advancement out to the public. Anik Singal just does not bring his products and expertise out for sale but other companies are always approaching him to sell their products as well. He has a good work ethic and people see this and come to him for his services.

Now back to inbox blue print and the price that seems to be large. It’s not just that the price tag is large but also there are also hidden fees. The most logical one is you will probably need more money to generate ads which would be looked at as an investment but that is still money needed. The bottom line is, if you don’t have the time to learn the business then you can invest your money that will save you much time.

What if you don’t want to invest your money?

The best plan I see is going to Lurn Insider. This program is also through Anik Singal and it has a much better price tag. This does take time though because you do have to go through the videos to learn. It also gives you the same system that Anik succeeded off from so you can do the same.

It only cost $5 to begin and there is a free trial period as well. Then it’s just $67 per month where you see case studies, gain support, have access to classes and a growing community.

This program is for everyone even if your a newbie or if your an expert wanting to learn a few tricks this will help you as well. Lurn Insider also has some great bonuses:

1. Bonus 1 – Passion for Profit – It teaches you how to turn your passion into profit. This is also written by Anik Sigal so it gives you great opportunity to learn and take your time to understand the business before jumping in.

2. Bonus 2 – The email lifeline book – This book teaches you how to reach people using the email and why it’s better than other sources. It gives you in-depth training on what should be covered in your emails. It helps you to generate a list of subscribers through email, which is what the email marketing business is all about.

So those of you who are looking at this with skeptical eyes might want to see if you can just register for Lurn Insider it’s just $5 and you can see for yourself if you enjoy it. If not and you are still interested then go slower read the two books see how to test the waters and then see if this can be an idea that clicks with you.

Last thoughts on Inbox Blueprint 2.0:

There is a lot of money being made in this area of business called digital online marketing. It is a little different for those of you who are new to the idea but it is also very lucrative if you have the right system in place.

Anik learned this the hard way he failed more than 50 times before he made his first profit of $300 in the business. It takes some time but you have to be willing to put in some hard work to make it happen. Nonone is claiming it will generate millions in a day or two. But with the right system and support in place you are in a good spot for some profitable gain.

In my understanding Inbox Blueprint, 2.0 is an excellent package with some powerful software behind it, great support and nice bonuses. It gives all the tools to go right into the business model. But I believe it is also very hard work for a newbie with no experience in the area.

To keep it real it is very important that you have some understanding before jumping in and if you do jump in keep in mind that this is a learning process and to give it the time it needs for you to generate a sustainable income.

That’s how you have to take it either invest your money and see a profitable gain in a matter of days or months or invest our time and ease your way into it. In my eyes, either way, you do it have to invest money to see return quick or slow.

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7 Figure Cycle Review – A Preview Of What Promises To Skyrocket Ecommerce

How the 7 Figure Cycle Claims To Be Revolutionizing eCommerce

The Internet has created an incredible footprint in the modern world. From the way we take in information to how we communicate, there isn’t a thing that has not been influenced in part by the Internet. It has even changed the way we do business.
In previous times we struggled with stores and businesses because of how difficult it could be to establish a larger customer base. This is one of the main reasons why people these days are quickly investing in eCommerce as their way of doing business.
It is an easy method of reaching a global consumer market for selling goods, and the 7 figure cycle has made that even easier with their Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce which is geared towards educating you and everyone else on the important things needed to start your own eCommerce business.
This is a 7 Figure Cycle (pre)review to help you understand how the 7 Figure Cycle may be just the thing you need. If you really want to learn more, check out this case study
results from the program

What is the 7 Figure Cycle?

It would be hard to give a review without first explaining what the system is. The 7 figure cycle is a product created by popular digital marketing experts Steve Clayton, Chris Keef, Aidan Booth and Todd Snively.
This is basically a system that educates people on how to dominate the field using an eCommerce strategy that sells well.
It gives people the chance to make over thousands of dollars a day with less that $100 initial deposit. This is done without the use of a website, paid ads, customer support or product development or branding.
The 7 Figure Cycle works by upgrading your profit every 2 weeks by 50% and then replicating that success 26 times a year. The great part of this is that there is no need for:
  • Branding
  • Ads
  • Products
  • or even a website

The Strategies Used in 7 Figure Cycle

Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth have great knowledge in many industries, so here is what you can expect from them:

Affiliate Marketing

Both Steven and Clayton are well known affiliate marketers. They have built numerous 6 figure affiliate marketing businesses and will be passing on their knowledge in this course.

Amazon FBA

For Sale by Amazon is the way Steven and Clayton made their first million sales. This type of business is great as once your product ranks for a search term it tends to stick for a while and the whole thing becomes passive.

Drop Shipping

Similar to Amazon FBA but its where you control your own website and arrange dropshipping with another company. This method was discussed at length in their previous course 100k Factory. You can expect better and more up to date training in taking your Shopify or eCommerce store to a big winner.

7 Figure Cycle Review

The 7 Figure Cycle is scheduled for release in January 2018 but has already received high praise by reviewers in anticipation of what they believe will be one of the most effective training programs for eCommerce and business.
7 Figure Cycle reviews have referred to the system as being a life changing opportunity for anyone who wishes to earn some extra money or is simply interested in eCommerce business. One of its most praised aspects is the fact that the 7 Figure Cycle has been laid out in a step by step format that can give the user over thousands of dollars when the program has been implemented.
It is so simple that even normal people who know next to nothing about business can use the 7 Figure Cycle training program and gain tremendously from it. You don’t even need to have past experience access the 7 Figure Cycle platform. In fact, with just basic computer knowledge you’re more than ready to begin. The training program is also accessible by just about anybody in all countries in the world.
The 7 Figure Cycle is considered as the ideal platform to help create an eCommerce site because of its method of fast cycling.
This system when used can raise cash up by 50 percent plus margin in just two weeks and up to twenty-six times in one year. The 7 Figure Cycle is a program with its own unique training program, structural design and web-based software that guarantees an offer of the right plan to help you profit from a great income in little time.
There are many advantages to using the 7 Figure Cycle as your guide to start a business in eCommerce. The system comes with strong digital automation so you won’t need a website to do promotions. This is also a less than $100 investment for a program that can potentially give you back thousands of dollars in profit.
There is no need for any product development or branding and you don’t even need to run paid ads to earn money. Waiting weeks for products to come is a thing of the past with the 7 Figure Cycle training program and you won’t need customer support either. This is a very simplified system geared towards helping you earn more money and reach one step closer to your dream.
The 7 Figure Cycle offers many great benefits for interested users with an added bonus that if you aren’t satisfied, there is a 60-day money back guarantee that is offered as part of its services with ClickBank. Learn more by watching this case study

Who Are the 7 Figure Cycle Creators?

The 7 Figure Cycle may seem like a thing from the distant future or simply unrealistic, but it isn’t such a hard pill to swallow if you know a little more about the creators of the program.
Steve Clayton, Chris Keef, Aidan Booth and Todd Snively have long been in the eCommerce world and are well known for their expertise in digital marketing.
This is not at all their first ballgame, having previously released many other information products since as early as 2006 to help consumers interested in online marketing. They have made their mark especially in the last few years as multi-million entrepreneurs.
Of particular mention is their 100k Factory program which has been a successful hit on the market for the past two years. With the similar benefit of a 60 day refund period, the online training program still managed to maintain its refund rates to only 17 percent.

With figures like these the new 7 Figure Cycle program is expected to keep up the profitable trend and earn even more money in 2018 not only for the creators but for all the users as well.

There are many 7 Figure Cycle reviews online that testify to the system’s expected outstanding ability. A simple search will lead you to a number of results where people are extremely excited for the release of this new product for what may just be one of the best business opportunities in 2018.


The testimonials that have been put out so far were given for only the demo version of the 7 Figure Cycle so at this point it has a reputation to live up to. If the programs before it are anything to go by, this program will be a huge hit and definitely bring as much profit as it is expected to.
Meaning if you are looking for some way to earn extra money or you were already interested in eCommerce, this would be a great investment to set yourself off in the right foot and begin a successful business. Why wait when you could be making one of the best decisions for your future career?
Check out the 7 Figure Cycle case study here

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Money Robot Review 2018 – Can This Tool Replace Manual Linkbuilding?

Money Robot is one of the popular link building tools that is fast gaining popularity among the SEO community. It will help you create web 2.0 assets like blogs and social media accounts and which are then linked to your money site. If you’ve run a link building campaign, you know that it requires weeks of constant outreach, content creation and wooing webmasters to link to your site. With Money Robot, this process is less chaotic but slow going (try a 7-day free trial here)

I was a bit skeptic about using link building software. With Google declaring war on sites with spammy low-quality links, I didn’t consider using a tool like Money Robot a good idea. My hesitation was further compounded by the design of the official Money Robot website. At first glance, the site looks like one of those get rich quick websites

is money robot a scam?

I finally decided to try the software out after a friend recommended it. He had been using this tool for several months and seeing positive results.

This Money Robot review offers my thoughts and experience using this software. In it, I’ll outline how I used it to run a successful link building campaign, some of the important features you’ll find in this tool and a guide how to make the best use of Money Robot.

Getting started with the Money Robot submitter software

As I mentioned, I was a bit skeptical about using this tool for link building. Its developers probably anticipated this and created a 7 day trial of the software. The trial version comes with limited features, but they are enough to give you a taste of the power of this tool. After the 7 days were over, I invested in a monthly subscription plan.

To get the best out of this software, I recommend that you invest in a quality VPS. There are two reasons why I recommend this:

1. A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine – Rather than install Money Robot on your computer and run it from your single IP address, a VPS makes it easy to run the software from a different IP.

Also, remember that you want Money Robot working 24/7 creating web 2.0 assets and creating high-quality links to your money site. Unless you intend to keep your computer running day and night a VPS offers an affordable solution.

2. Money Robot is built for the windows platform – So if you own a Mac like I do, it will be difficult for you to run this tool on your computer.

A virtual machine (VPS) allows you to run the tool in a Windows-like environment and still access it from your Mac computer. Once your VPS is set up, I recommend you download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop. It’s free.

Money Robot has its own VPS service. I haven’t tried it yet due to the cost (around 25 bucks per month) but I am sure its worth the investment if you do a lot of SEO.

For my part, my Money Robot software is hosted on 1and1 Cloud XL. This VPS hosting package costs $5 per month and is quite fast. Initially, I’d hosted my Money Robot software with Cloud M which costs $4.99 per month for 12 months. This VPS package is also decently fast.


Diagram code: 7C123W3F

Example link building campaigns I run

After buying the monthly Money Robot subscription, I immediately set to work testing this software on a PBN I had recently purchased. I wasn’t actively building the PBN and the money site had a UR (URL Rating) of 33 and DR (Domain Rating) of 54 from the Ahrefs tool. I intended to use Money Robot to increase these two metrics so here’s what I did.

I started creating articles that were highly optimized for a niche market targeting Canada. My PBN was built around this niche market so I didn’t want to complicate things by switching to a broader one. The targeted keywords were low competition long tail keywords that I knew were easier to rank for. After that, I used the above diagram twice and created about 1000 new accounts. Then I reused those accounts another 8 times over the course of about 3 days.

After about two and a half weeks, I started noticing that my site was ranking for about 20 new keywords. Yes, it’s not much but, before launching the campaign, but this was a very good sign that Money Robot was working.

I popped the site’s URL onto the Ahrefs tool again and to my surprise, the UR was now 20 and the DR was 42. That’s a big improvement considering the two and a half week timeframe. There were two new links pointing to the website which I concluded resulted in the improvement both in traffic and Ahrefs metrics.

Your Money Robot results vary

I cannot guarantee similar results on your website. However, I can provide a possible explanation why my PBN saw such a significant improvement in such a short period. First, my PBN had been in existence for about 1 year before I bought it so it was already indexed and ranked by Google.

Second, the PBN is in a low competition highly targeted niche. This made it easier to rank higher faster compared to highly competitive broad niches. Finally, you can’t simply run a single campaign and wait for the results.

The successes I saw with my own campaign prompted me to invest in an additional Money Robot license. I also opted for the one time single license over the monthly plan. In addition to the 2 licenses, I also invested in another VPS.

Pro tip: I discovered that if you own 2 VPSs, it’s not necessary that you purchase 2 Money Robot licenses. You can use one single Money Robot license on two separate VPSs.

super high competition diagram

Another recommended diagram: 7C123W3F

Money Robot features and settings

Money Robot is a simple to learn, but hard to master. There are a number of features that I found useful in the creation and running of successful link building campaigns which include the following:

The first feature that I like is the free proxies that are provided with the software. One of the considerations search engines make when determining whether a link is high quality or not is its source.

This is closely linked to the IP address of the link source. Proxies make it easy to make it look like all new links to your money site are coming from different IP addresses which adds credibility as far as search engines are concerned. When using Money Robot, you don’t need to invest in a separate proxy system.

settings inside money robotAnother feature that I like is the easy integration with captcha services. When building links, this tool regularly needs to solve different captchas. Most are solved without the need for a third party captcha service. However, you can also integrate a third party captcha service to handle the more complex puzzles. In my case, I use the as it is affordable and gives the greatest chance of success for your blogs to be made.

Content is the foundation of any link building campaign. Normally, you would need to create and publish new content every once in a while which takes time and money. Money Robot comes with a spun article submitter feature. This component automatically takes an article and rewrites/spins it into different unique versions for publishing. The new articles are then added to the web 2.0 assets created and then linked to your site.

Another cool feature that I find useful with this tool is the automated search and list updates of websites that can provide quality backlinks to your money site. This list is updated daily, and your content is automatically submitted to generate a high quality and relevant backlink to your website.

Now that you have a good idea about the different unique features and tools offered by the Money Robot software, how do you launch an SEO link building campaign with it?

How to launch and run a link building campaign with Money Robot

Once you log into your Money Robot account, the first step to take is to create a campaign. Let’s name ours TWO. Next choose a diagram that shows the different linking tiers you want. For me, I use 1>3>12 as it is recommended by the software owner Nick.

campaign step 1

The first tier represents my money site. The second tier that’s immediately under my money site has 3 web 2.0 assets. The third and lowest tier has 12 web 2.0 assets. This isn’t a rigid structure as tier 2 can have more than 3 different web 2.0 properties. The same applies to the lowest tier.

This tiered structure works in the following way: Web assets in the bottom-most tier will link to those that are found on tier 2. Then the web assets on tier 2 will all link to your money site. This way, your money site will eventually benefit from the link juice derived from all web assets at all tiers.

Using this software, its therefore possible to get hundreds of automatically generated high quality links coming from different types of web 2.0 properties all pointing to your money site.

Once you’ve selected the tier structure to use, your next step involves adding your money site’s URL into the top tier. Next, add the different keywords you’ll want to rank for. Once this is done, the Money Robot submitter tool goes to work creating an automatically spun-keyword optimized article. The rewrited articles are then published in the web 2.0 properties found in tier 2 and tier 3.

At this point, I want to point out that Money Robot offers advanced options that go beyond simply creating, spinning and submitting articles to generate backlinks. Some of the additional options you will get with this tool include:

  • Ability to add YouTube videos and images to your content
  • Ability to add one or more links to an article
  • Ability to schedule article submission
  • Ability to run more than one campaign from a single account

additional features of moneyrobot

I recommend you try out these features and test to find which strategy works best for you.

Once you’re done with the setup process, simply click on “start the campaign” and the tool will handle the rest.

It is suggested that you create 2 new accounts per campaign you run. This will create approximately 1000 new web 2.0s, then you can reuse those accounts over and over again to power up your site.


The more you reuse your accounts, the more powerful they get. This is due to interlinking and getting additional links from various web 2.0 properties. The link juice created can be leveraged to rank new money sites faster.

Also, it makes it easier for the Money Robot software to generate and submit fresh content since the new account creation step is skipped. Note that already created accounts and previously run link building campaigns can be accessed within your Money Robot account.

What I like about the Money Robot software

1. This software automates link building. It will automatically handle all the processes involved in a link building campaign which includes content creation, submission, and creation of backlinks. The software also automatically searches for relevant websites from which links can be sourced.

2. Money Robot comes with several unique but important features such as the ability to solve captcha puzzles and free proxies.

3. A single Money Robot license can run on 2 separate VPSs. This cuts down on the costs involved in running your link building campaigns.

4. There is a 7 day trial period. This allows you to try out this tool without having to invest your cash.

5. The Facebook group is a great resource. It’s very lively and has people there to answer any of your questions

What I didn’t like

1. The trial software comes with limited features. To fully experience the power of this tool, you’ll need to purchase a single month or one-time license.

2. It’s designed for the windows platform. If you run a Mac, you’ll need additional software such as the Microsoft Remote Desktop. But this isn’t a big deal since the software is free.

3. The newbie guide isn’t very clear. It takes time reading through the Facebook group to get a good grasp on what to do any why

4. The default settings can look spammy. For example, using the default setting for blog titles can cause some ugly looking blogs called “seonewyork92581” linking back to your site.

My verdict

I have been using Money Robot for over a month now. During this time, I’ve run over 100 campaigns across different websites. It has produced mixed results with some campaigns producing positive results faster than others. However, every campaign I’ve run using this software has resulted in better ranking.

The 7-day free trial is a good way to learn about how to use this tool. However, don’t expect to see any solid results during the 7 day period. From my research, users often report seeing results after a month or two.

This means that to run one or more link building campaigns and be able to collect sufficient data regarding whether they’ve been successful or not, you’ll need to at least invest in a single month license.

Overall, if you want to automate the link building process and see your website rank higher and attract more targeted traffic, Money Robot is worth considering. You can grab your Money Robot license here. As usual, I look forward to your comments and questions in the comments questions below.

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Clickfunnels Review 2018 – How Does It Compare To Samcart or Leadpages?

My Clickfunnels Review Updated For 2018

Updated: January 13, 2018 – Are you considering using ClickFunnels and wondering if it’s the right fit for you? If so, then you’re in the right place! In this ClickFunnels review, we have gathered everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

We know how frustrating it can be to spend the time to compare products and finally make a decision to buy one only to find out it’s not what you were hoping for…

That’s why we have made sure to be extremely thorough and give you everything you need to know to choose the right option for you! Try Clickfunnels for free here

What Is ClickFunnels?

First of all, let’s start out by talking about what ClickFunnels is and why you would even want it.

ClickFunnels is a service that was developed over three years ago by Russel Brunson and the team he works with. It’s a tool designed to help online companies grow into the successful businesses that their owners always envisioned them as.

What does ClickFunnels do to help make this possible? Tons of things. In essence, it helps you to promote your brand and reach out to untapped customers. It is designed to set up for your company a full-fledged, highly-functioning, high-converting set of sales funnels/landing pages.

Of course, Clickfunnels is not the only service on the market that business owners use for such purposes. Some of the services competing with ClickFunnels include LeadPages and SamCart, both of which we will take a look at as well in this review.

Spoiler alert: ClickFunnels is your best option. It may be the most expensive software out there, but it’s simply the easiest to use, with the most amount of features. Think of it as the Apple for landing pages software. Let’s take a deeper look at why ClickFunnels is our go-to for landing pages.

Get the free 14-day ClickFunnels trial here

Why create a sales funnel anyways?

Prior to really starting to get into this ClickFunnels review, it is important to understand the importance of sales funnels and its function in generating maximum profit.

The whole point of creating a sales funnel is to get a potential customers email. Think of getting an email like getting a girls phone number. It is the most step in starting a fruitful relationship…

Cant I get your numba?

But just like getting a girls number doesn’t mean you will seal the deal, getting someone’s email doesn’t mean you will make a sale – but it does increase your chances!

The sooner you get the email, the quicker you can begin starting a relationship with the potential customer and pre-sell them on your product or service.

Like a good movie or book, you want to create an emotional connection with your audience and build it up to a crescendo that is key in creating the gold standard of business currency: trust. Once you have gained the visitor’s trust, it is far easier for them to make a purchase decision.

From there, the sales funnel method would require you to send the customer to a sales page. The sales page must be a standout page, one that has been specially designed and formatted in such a way so that people simply cannot wait to part with their money for a purchase.

Most of the time, a good sales page will comprise of a catchy headline, accompanied by relevant videos or images, as well as bullet points that provide a quick yet informative reference on how the purchase would benefit one’s life. All of these will work in tandem to keep your visitor excited, and hopefully, make a purchase.

Once your customer has entered their credit card and made the purchase, this is the best time to continue the journey of this nice, warm fuzzy feeling that they have, and offer them a special single or additional One Time Offers (OTOs), and other kinds of upsells and downsells.

The whole idea is to maximize the profit of each customer. Let’s take a look at this:

Lets say your company is seeing a conversion rate of 10% for each person that visits your sales funnel. Now lets say that item is worth $10 a pop, netting you a net profit of $5. So for each 100 visitors, you will average 10 sales,  and get $50 profit.

But what would happen if you were able to upsell 30% of your customers, as they decide to splurge on a $10 for an additional item, while another 10% of will sign up for an annual package of $500?

Your mind might be blown after crunching the numbers…

Now for each 100 visitors who visit your sales funnel, you will sell 10 items, a trio of additional items, and a single annual package. This results in a profit of $600, which translates to a whopping 1,200% increase in profit.

Now the increased profit margins will allow you the necessary leverage to outspend your business rivals in crucial areas such as advertisements that will further increase the number of potential customers who will walk right into my sales funnel.

With so many different types of sales funnels available, it is important to come up with one that has been tailor-made for you business model. While that used to be difficult and challenging, it is much easier to implement with Clickfunnels.

How Does Clickfunnels Work?

With ClickFunnels, there are several qualities that put it a step above the rest. Let’s break them down one at a time.

Of course, let’s begin with the most important thing—ClickFunnels just works, and it does what it says it is going to do. It builds complete sales funnels for users, allowing them to drive both leads and buyers alike to these sales funnels after they have been set up.

In addition, it allows users to process payments, offers a flexible page builder to create customized build pages, allows for downsells and upsells, features an autoresponder and affiliate management tool, and so much more.

And that’s just the beginning.

In addition, ClickFunnels allows you to set up your funnel pages very quickly and easily. In addition, Clickfunnels also has the option for a built-in email marketing software. This allows you to seamlessly synchronise your sales pages with your email follow up and get rid of e-mail software like aWeber and Mailchimp. With automation like this, you can also free up more of your time to focus on more important things… Like growing your business!

ClickFunnels allows you to do A/B testing for each of your pages within your funnel. In addition, you can create membership sites using ClickFunnels. After your leads have signed up, they will be able to gain access to use exclusive membership portions of the service that you have created and maintain.

Not only that, but ClickFunnels also features integrations with PayPal and Stripe. With this, you are able to accept payment for the services, membership sites, or products that you provide to your customers and clients.

What does all this mean?

You can build an entire business on Clickfunnels! You don’t need to have a separate website and pay for hosting – because that is all included in Clickfunnels.

You can also enjoy features that permit you to manage, recruit, and pay your affiliates. And, of course, you will have access to all the analytics and metrics necessary to review your funnel performance, campaigns, sales, and conversions, in addition to A/B testing results.

The main goal of Clickfunnels is leveraging the software to maximize the spending of each customer who engages in your product or services and transforming them into possible big spenders.

What do I like about features in ClickFunnels?

Beautiful Funnel Blueprints

a look at premade clickfunnels templates

Clickfunnels comes stock with a comprehensive database of beautifully premade templates. They are easy to use and take just minutes to set up.

Clickfunnels also has a marketplace where you can buy and sell free or paid templates. But don’t worry because buying templates isn’t necessary for most people, there is a huge variety of templates that come built in for free. 

Easy-to-use Visual Drag and Drop Editor

a look at clickfunnels drag and drop

Anyone who has used landing page software before will really appreciate Clickfunnels easy drag and drop editor. Gone are the days of making minor tweaks and constantly relaunching the sales page to make sure the changes look the way you want them to look.

With the Clickfunnels editor, any changes you make will look exactly the same when you launch the page. This will seriously save you so much time and a lot of frusturation.

Lots of Features to Choose From

a look at the elements features

Elements, otherwise known as widgets, are the cogs in the sales funnel that really lets you personalize your sales page.

This is another powerful feature that puts Clickfunnels in a category on its own because it comes stock with many powerful widgets that other landing page soft currently doesn’t.

Things such as SMS Sign up, Surveys, Pricing Tables, Progress Bars, Facebook Comments, FAQ Blocks and Countdown Timers, and Custom HTML can really help with conversions, and ultimately mean more money in your pocket. 

Sharing is caring

a look at the affiliate section

I love spreading the good news with other people, and I sincerely believe that this is how we were built. ClickFunnels allows me to share all of my funnels with both friends and clients, and is a cool way to earn some money on the side, too. How do I do that?

First, within the Settings tab of any of my funnels, I can easily select the Share Funnel URL. This means each time a visitor arrives at that particular URL, they will be able to include this particular funnel straight into their respective account, only if they happen to be a current member of ClickFunnels.

If they are on the wrong side of making money, this is where the upsell bit kicks in: they will be given a chance to try out ClickFunnels for free for 14 days in order to obtain my funnel.

Apart from that, Share Funnel URL doubles up as my affiliate link. In other words, I will be able to earn passive income through a recurring commission assuming the new user remains. Why not learn how to leverage this feature by being a ClickFunnels consultant? 

From there, I realized that it will require coming up with niche specific sales funnels in order to sell that to small-sized businesses. Apart from that, I could also sell the very same funnels in the ClickFunnels marketplace, where different ClickFunnels users can purchase them.

Sales funnels have this innate ability to be a great lead magnet or bonus across various niches, and is a fantastic method to suck in visitors into my own funnel through an offer that provides something that they will find useful.

Fantastic onboarding process

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out ClickFunnels, but if your like me learning new software can be a pain in the butt…

ClickFunnels has made it very easy to get started with its innovating onboarding 7-day challenge. It pretty much walks you through how to use the software by making it fun, so if you stick through it to the last day you will know all the ins and outs of Clickfunnels.

Of course, you don’t have to take the challenge, but you will get a chance to win some swag such as a ClickFunnels stickers and t-shirts

Are there weaknesses in ClickFunnels?

Bad Part #1: Adding a funnel can be slow

Picking a funnel type and template and adding it to your account can take up to 10 seconds every time you do so. I know, not a huge deal but it can be an annoyance. 

Bad Part #2: There are funnel creation and visitor limits

The ClickFunnels base plan has a limit of 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors per month. This kind of sucks when you first look at it.

But when you really think about it, if you are getting 20,000 visitors a month you can easily afford to go for the upgraded unlimited plan.

Bad Part #3: Learning curve can be steep

While ClickFunnels boasts of a rather wide range of features and functions, it can be a little intimidating to new users.While the overall interface in ClickFunnels is great, it might take a few trials in building several funnels before getting the hang of things.

I know I did.

How much does ClickFunnels cost?

The most affordable ClickFunnels plan will cost $97 each month. For slightly less than a Benjamin, you are able to access the entirety of funnel creation tools, although the limits that I talked about earlier (creation of 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors) will be in place.

I am also unable to access Actionetics, an integrated email service provider in addition to Backpack, an affiliate program creator.

Should I choose to gain access to both features, then I will have to fork out $297 each month for the Etison Suite plan. This is the plan that offers all of the bells and whistles, and most importantly, unlimited funnels, pages, and visitors.

It does not seem as though there are any ClickFunnels coupon codes available out there to take a smaller hit to my wallet, but opting for an annual payment will net me a 16% ClickFunnels discount. Whipping out my calculator, I realized it amounted to paying for just 10 months, while the remaining 2 months are free.

Thankfully, it is all too easy to test out the ClickFunnels 14-day free trial which does not come with any kind of limitation at all, allowing potentially interested customers to dive right in.

ClickFunnels against the world

As they say, there are different strokes for different folks and the same applies to ClickFunnels and other alternatives such as LeadPages and SamCart. Here is how Clickfunnels stacks up to the rest:

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

LeadPages happens to be a market leader when it comes to building landing pages, and has gained a level of unprecedented popularity. It does, however, have a rather limited scope compared to ClickFunnels. While I can end up with a snazzy landing page quickly to help me collect leads, it will not be able to do much for me in terms of selling a product or service. Remember, LeadPages’ strength lies in lead generation (as its name suggests), but leave the sales funnel bit to ClickFunnel.

ClickFunnels vs SamCart

Where SamCart is concerned, this particular product allows me to conjure some of the better-looking checkout pages that also have a high conversion rate. So, how is it any different from ClickFunnels?

Therein lies the difference: SamCart is meant to be easily set up and sell right away, offering support for both Stripe and Paypal while featuring 17 different kinds of customizable checkout page templates. However, it lacks the degree of flexibility that ClickFunnel’s drag and drop editor provides. In other words, ClickFunnels is able to design virtually any kind of checkout page that I desire.

I would not like to be limited by Samcart’s basic customizations and pre-made templates. Apart from that, I found out that Samcart is not up to the task of capturing leads and creating complete sales funnels. Considering that both Samcart and ClickFunnels cost $97 each month, the flexibility of ClickFunnels provides it with an edge.

Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

So, there you have it. If you ended up on this page because you were comparing ClickFunnels vs LeadPages or ClickFunnels vs SamCart, you now know everything you need to know to make your decision. While LeadPages and SamCart are certainly useful tools that have their own strengths, we have found that ClickFunnels is the best all-encompassing tool for businesses.

Overall, we give it a 9/10 compared to the other options available.

We hope our ClickFunnel review has been helpful in determining the right service to you! Whichever service you end up choosing, see how quickly your sales—and profits—are able to increase!

Get a 14 Day free trial by clicking here


See the Clickfunnels FAQ here


Clickfunnels FAQ

Can ClickFunnels replace Infusionsoft?

ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft may appear to be comparable, but each platform offers significant differences that serve specific type of users. ClickFunnels is designed for marketers and small companies who need their landing pages and other marketing tools are integrated so that their sales funnels operate seamlessly. Using this platform, marketers can create their landing pages, manage sales transactions, conduct split-tests and even executes email campaigns. The platform offers a fully functioning shopping cart along with checkout tools that will allow you to create coupon codes and offer discounts in order to improve conversions. And even more, the interface allows for all of these tasks – and more – to be done from one page which means you do not have to switch taps to complete multiple tasks.

On the other hand, Infusionsoft allows larger business to create landing pages and utilize a variety of tools to develop email marketing campaigns. It is designed to perform as an inclusive platform for sales and marketing, but it lacks the feasibility needed by smaller companies and startups. Even more, with a cost of $699 and more, it is not cost-effective for business who are working with a limited marketing budget.

So while ClickFunnels is not an exact replica of Infusionsoft that would replace its’ use for enterprise and medium-sized businesses, ClickFunnels is inexpensive, highly functional offers a plethora of tools that are displayed on a seamless dashboard that is easy to use. But small business owners will find that when choosing between the two, ClickFinnels can not only replace the need for Infusionsoft, it can offer a more powerful marketing automation experience.

Does ClickFunnels Replace Infusionsoft? Infusionsoft To ClickFunnels-

Will ClickFunnels work with Shopify?

ClickFunnels is not constructed to integrate with Shopify. But by using integrating ClickFunnels with Zapier- which does have a direct interaction with the Shopify platform- online store owners can automate all aspects of their sales funnel. With ClickFunnels and Zapier integration, you can:

-connect Shopify with ClickFunnels,

-use new ClickFunnels contacts to create Trello cards,

-use new ClickFunnels contacts to create Podio contacts

-set up Gmail autoresponders to be sent to new contacts and purchasing customers

-register new click funnel contacts for webinar series

-import click funnel orders into Google sheets

-automate the creation of invoices for new click funnel contacts, and

-update MailChimp subscribers list based on click funnel activity.

How To Connect ClickFunnels to Shopify and Amazon –

Who owns ClickFunnels?

Russell Brunson, CEO of Brunson’s Etison, LLC, is the distinguished founder of ClickFunnels. He is highly respected in the marketing industry and known for being one of the few marketing gurus who has the rare ability to use marketing analytics to create a meticulously developed, high-converting sales campaign- and then further analyzes the resulting traffic in order to bolt the campaign until it emerges as a proverbial cash cow.

Brunson hosts a live Funnel Hacks event every year, where he reveals hacks and powerful techniques that marketers, startups, and small business owners use to dominate their industries using optimized sales funnels. And with a following of more than 1 million business owners and hundreds of thousands of his books sold, Brunson does not only have a competitive advantage in the marketing industry, that is regarded as one of the industry’s top experts.

Who Owns ClickFunnels –

How to use ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels provide a guided process for customers to be introduced to your product and company, while delivering marketing materials that converts potential customers into interested leads that choose to opt-in to receiving additional messages from you. Simply put, this involves multiple components, but it starts with an advertisement. With an ad and a marketing platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, ClickFunnels is used to create a landing page. Many pages, often referred to as squeeze pages, usually contain a particular call to action and a form that collects the name and email address of people who visit this webpage.

After the visitor inputs the name and address in the fields, most markers preferred that they are taken to a separate page that offers a time-sensitive promotion or one-time offer. While this is not a requirement, it is a tool available in the ClickFunnels platform. Using this optional tool will allow users to market additional products or services or presents an irresistible offer that would increase the likelihood of a purchase. Regardless of whether the visitor opts in for the special offer or not, they are then taken to an order confirmation page that thanks them for their submission while further educating them about the company or products.

From there, there are a plethora of tools on the ClickFunnels platform that can be used to cultivate the new lead. You can create marketing campaigns, send newsletters and blast out special promotions in order to engage with your leads through marketing automation. Once the tools are implemented, the sales funnel will operate seamlessly- and without having to manage each lead manually.

How To Use ClickFunnels – FREE Tutorial showing you everything–

How to clone a funnel in ClickFunnels?

When you clone a funnel you are essentially duplicating the page so that you do not have to build it from scratch all over again. This is very helpful for creating landing page templates when building multiple landing pages, as it allows you to complete a general layout with all the components and maintain consistency throughout your campaign- without spending days or weeks creating each page individually.

Cloning a page is simple, and it only involves three simple steps. First, open the funnel you want to use as a template and click the Settings tab. Next, select the option that says “Clone Funnel” which will automatically create a duplicate copy of the page when you click it. Now that you have a cloned page, it will be listed on your main dashboard where it will have the same name as the original page, except it will have “Copy of”, preceding the name.

ClickFunnels TUTORIAL: How to Duplicate a Sales Funnel in Click Funnels–


ClickFunnels for realtors – how can it help?

ClickFunnels can help real estate agents improve their lead generation, nurture their sellers and buyers and automate some of the redundant tasks that are necessary in order to communicate with clients to get your deals closed.

With the Twilio integration, real estate agents can create autoresponders so that they have low response times- which are critical for engaging effectively with demanding clients. Consistent engagement with your pipeline is the key to success in the world of real estate sales and listings. This is why agents can create an automated email drip campaign using ClickFunnels in order interact with their pipeline of prospective clients regularly.

You can also attract a consistent source of new leads to keep your pipeline full by using the landing pages on the platform. By using the landing pages to distribute free guides and reports that solve common problems for sellers and buyers in your market, you will constantly have new potential leads to engage with what might develop into future sales or listings. None of these are difficult to do because ClickFunnels makes the platform easy to use.

ClickFunnels for Real Estate Agents – YouTube –

How can ClickFunnels for amazon help affiliates?

Affiliate marketers often use landing pages in order to build an email list, but because the platform offers much more than landing page creation, ClickFunnels can do more. In many ways, ClickFunnels helps affiliate marketers make more money.

When a customer makes a purchase from Amazon by way of an affiliate marketer, they become a customer of Amazon- not the marketer. By using landing pages, they can collect their customer’s contact information, collect purchase information to provide analytics, create membership plans to create passive income and follow up with buyers with email campaigns in order to encourage repeat sales.

Other tools on the platform allow marketers to expand their cart size capacities to include upsells- and down-sells if needed. You can offer multiple order fulfillment options so that buyers have more options for receiving their products. You can accept Paypal as a form of payment, which is a big deal because Amazon is a competitor of Paypal so they do not support Paypal payments. But this is vital to affiliate marketers because being able to accept Paypal payments increases your revenue by as much as 27%. 

You can add deadlines to special promotions to include scarcity as apart of your marketing strategies, and even sell webinars to accompany your physical products or convert leads for high-end products into paying customers. With even more tools available to increase conversions and sales, ClickFunnels offers an insightful and actionable way to create multiple affiliate marketing campaigns and automate most of the sales process without sacrificing quality.

How To Use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketers-

How does ClickFunnels for chiropractors work?

Chiropractors, just like any other profession, can benefit from sales funnels by attracting new leads from various locations. When in the business of improving people’s health. It is very effective to use informative messages to attract leads.

Landing pages will not only help to market your message to the right customers, but it makes the process easy. Once you have leads accumulated, ClickFunnels has tools that allow users to nurture each of the individual leads to that you can continuously feed additional informative messages in order to convert leads into engaging customers.

Chiropractors can use the email marketing tools to offer special promotions that may entice new customers, or even create referral programs that will encourage word-of-mouth marketing – which is highly effective for chiropractors to in cultivating brand awareness their local area.

And as your customer base grows, ClickFunnels will help you to remain engaged with your clients and give them personalized messages that make them feel as if you’re communicating directly with them. By adding a personal touch to your messages, you can use ClickFunnels is a powerful marketing platform that will help differentiate you from the average chiropractor in your area.

ClickFunnels For Chiropractors –

How does ClickFunnels for lawyers work?

Lawyers face a unique challenge because most people do not need a lawyer – until they need a lawyer. When legal counsel is needed, most clients are in a hurry to find a lawyer quickly, so they use search engines to search for a few lawyers, filled out a few contact forms, then wait for the phone to ring. In many cases, the first lawyer to return their phone call is the attorney that gets hired.

That means that lawyers must not only have their message readily available for people who are searching for an attorney with their expertise, but they also must respond quickly to their inquiries. And since there are some cases where a person ends up looking for another lawyer after deciding that their first contact might not offer what they need, you want to be next in line, ready to secure their business.

ClickFunnels allows lawyers to publish multiple landing pages in various places online so that their marketing materials can be found easily. The landing pages not only help to convince the reader that you have the expertise to win their case, it also collect the information that you can get back to them promptly. And when following up with them, the ClickFunnels platform allows you to set up autoresponders that ensure that responses are sent out immediately after the contact form has been completed.

Additionally, leads are nurtured and qualified through the sales funnels. Because you can customize landing pages to be used as client intake forms, you can use ClickFunnels as a way to filter strong perspectives from time wasters or cases that are not worth your time.

This filtering during the client intake process means you will only speak with people who have expressed a high interest in that your services. And when you do speak with them, they will already have the mindset for proceeding with retaining you as their attorney. Finally, the sales funnel will keep up with each of your clients so that no one slips through the cracks in becomes ignored accidentally. It ensures that you are following up consistently with your leads, tracking communication between you and them, and helping you to track how your leads are progressing through the sales funnel.

And by using the analytics provided on the platform, you can determine the spots in your sales funnel where people are getting stuck at the dropping out of the system. This allows you to identify what may be turning potential clients away, and then make modifications in order to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign. After a while, you will have fine tune your sales funnel so that your conversions are maximized and your flow of clients is consistent and steady.

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A Comprehensive Survey Junkie Review 2018 – Is It a Scam Or Legit?

Survey Junkie Review 2018

Updated: January 4, 2018 – One of the brain-dead easiest ways to earn money online is by taking surveys.  Unfortunately, many survey websites are scams or offer a few cents per survey. The results you typically get from the time you invest is almost always never worth it!

Due to the bad reputation of survey websites, most people assume that taking surveys for cash online is not a good way to earn money. However, this is not entirely true.

So is Survey Junkie a real way to make money? Or is it JUNK? Keep reading to find out! (try it out free here)

Survey Junkie Review – What Is It?

Survey Junkie is a platform where members sign-up and are provided direct survey opportunities for cash rewards. When you sign up you will also be given the option to participate partner survey panels to complete surveys from other ‘Partner Survey Panels’ for additional opportunities to earn money.

What are the Partner Survey Panels?

Survey Junkie has partnered with several leading survey companies to give you more options:

  • Harris Poll Online
  • SurveySpot
  • Toluna
  • Ipsos I-Say
  • MySurvey

Who is Eligible to Join?

Survey Junkie accepts people at least 18 years of age living in either Australia, Canada, and the United States. Members outside these three countries are not allowed to sign up to Survey Junkie.

picture of a survey

Survey Junkie’s Key Features

Points: Survey Junkie’s rewards are in form of points awarded immediately after completing surveys and can be redeemed once the minimum threshold of 1,000 points translating to $10 is reached.

Curated Surveys: Survey Junkies provides a centralized platform for accessing surveys from multiple companies. You will be pre-selected for surveys depending on your demographics.

Redemption Options: You can redeem the points you earn on Survey Junkie as long as you have reached the minimum threshold either via PayPal or through gift cards for U.S. citizens.

Multiple Devices: Survey Junkie’s surveys can be completed on multiple devices including tablets and laptops. However, smartphones can only be used for completing mobile-only surveys.

How Can You Make Money with Survey Junkie?

Here are the simple steps to follow to start earning money with Survey Junkie:

1. Account Creation

It is free and creasy to create an account on Survey Junkie. All you have to provide is a valid email address, username, and password. You should also be over the age of 18 and reside in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, or the United States. Once you sign up, you will receive a 25-point bonus for signing up.

2. Complete Your Profile

You have to complete the profile questionnaires before you start completing surveys on Survey Junkie. The questionnaires help build a comprehensive profile about yourself, which allows Survey Junkie to match you to relevant surveys. Profile questionnaires are very private and won’t be sold to or shared with third parties.

3. Take Surveys to Receive Rewards

Survey Junkies rewards are in form of points and you can cash in the points either for gift cards or cash. To earn rewards, you have to successfully complete profile questionnaires, take surveys, refer friends to participate, or complete other rewardable actions. You will know when an action is rewardable if it has designated points displayed with a green button.

4. Cash/Rewards are Added to Your Account

Survey Junkie offers you surveys from a wide variety of market research companies as previously stated, which means that payment rates will vary. For the shorter surveys, you can expect to earn anywhere from $0.50 to $2, while the longer surveys may pay as much as $10.

You should continue completing surveys and rewardable actions until you reach the payment threshold of 1,000 points.

5. Cashing Out

Once you have reached the 1,000-point threshold, you can cash out via check, PayPal, or even a wide variety of gift cards. It is important to note that this will only apply to the surveys and rewardable actions that you complete through your account dashboard and not the external survey programs joined via Survey Junkie.

Is Survey Junkie Legitimate?

The question as to whether Survey Junkie is a legitimate platform is probably one that anyone reading this Survey Junkie review is wondering.

There have been some reports from people online who say that Survey Junkie does not get involved enough when a company doesn’t pay for a completed survey. But a few angry customers doesn’t mean a company isn’t legit.

Survey Junkie has been listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating, which is a good sign. It is worth noting that “Survey Junkie” is an alternative business name or DBA. The official name of the company is “Blue Media Ventures”, which is located in Glendale, California.

Survey Junkie is also rated highly (8.9/10) on TrustPilot, which allows customers to rate the trustworthiness of businesses online. It is currently the most highly rated survey website online.

Besides the numerous positive reviews, Survey Junkie has a clear policy outlined in the terms and conditions. It’s always good to read the terms and conditions carefully, you will be able to understand how Survey Junkie operates and what is required of members.

Based on all of this, Survey Junkie appears to be a legit money making opportunity.

Survey Junkie App

A cool feature about Survey Junkie is that you can take surveys on the go with their Android app. Unfortunately, there is no app for iPhone out yet so that isn’t good news for Apple users.

Common Survey Junkie Complaints

When researching survey websites, you will regularly encounter some common complaints for nearly all them. However, most of the complaints that people make can be avoided simply by having realistic expectations and reading the terms and conditions.

Spam Email: While there were previously many complaints about the high volume of emails that members were receiving, the issue has been addressed by Survey Junkie. It is advisable to have an email address dedicated solely to survey websites to ensure that your regular email address is not clogged up.

Deleted Accounts: There have been reports that members accounts have been deleted before reaching their payout. However, Survey Junkie has stated that an account can only be deleted if a member decides to do so themselves.

Unpredictable Earnings: The surveys on Survey Junkie are not as many as you would expect. Part of this I believe is due to exaggerated marketing. You need to act fast to participate in surveys before the limit is reached by other members. The important thing is to be realistic about the amount you can expect to earn since you cannot get rich doing this.

Not Receiving Earnings: As mentioned previously some of Survey Junkie members have reported that they never received their earnings. Survey Junkie says that you should contact customer support if your points have not been credited to your account after 24 hours. Mistakes can happen, so ensure that you know what you are owed.

Who Can Benefit from Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie provides an ideal opportunity for just about anybody searching for a legitimate way to earn some extra cash which includes:

  • College students looking to earn some extra money while studying for their degree
  • People that enjoy taking surveys and are looking for legitimate platforms
  • Retired individuals looking for ways to earn some extra cash to supplement their pension
  • Minimum wage employees that wish to supplement their income by taking surveys

What are the Good and Bad of Survey Junkie?

The Good

  • Free to join
  • Easy platform to use
  • Very attractive and professional looking website
  • Low minimum payment amount
  • Varied surveys
  • PayPal option for cashing out
  • Account credited almost immediately
  • Partnerships with major survey websites

real reviews of survey junkie

The Bad

  • Limited number of surveys you can complete, which limits the amount of money you can earn
  • Potentially unrealistic hype surrounding the promotion of the service

Is Survey Junkie Worth It?

Survey Junkie is not a scam and it is actually possible to earn some extra money by completing surveys and other rewardable actions on the platform. The website is clean and easy to navigate. Earning reward points and redeeming them is equally simple and straightforward.

If you want to use Survey Junkie to earn some extra cash, you should aim to hit a kind of “sweet spot”. If you take too few surveys, Survey Junkie won’t send you the more lucrative ones. If you complete too many, you won’t be making enough money to justify the amount of time you are taking completing the surveys. Survey Junkie might even flag you as a person not providing accurate feedback.

The sweet spot that you should be targeting is about 6 surveys a day and spend about 1 hour doing so. If you do this, you can earn between $5 and $12 an hour each day. However, you should not be discouraged if you don’t hit the mark for the first few days. If you are consistent enough, Survey Junkie will start sending you increasingly more valuable surveys.

You may not achieve financial independence by completing surveys and other rewardable actions on Survey Junkie, but the website never makes such claims. Survey Junkie is a pretty good way to start making money online and help you earn a few extra dollars in your spare time. Try it out for free here

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Viddyoze 2.0 Review – Is It A Scam? DON’T BUY Until You Read This

Many people are looking for quality tools to use for creating videos. There have been a lot of advancement in this field, and it is important to choose tools that will be able to integrate new features to make the process much easier and to produce quality work.

There are many different tools that can be used for creating videos, with each having its own pros and cons.  In this Viddyoze 2.0 Review, I am going to look at one of the most popular options out there right now and see if it matches up to the hype….

picture of guy from intro

My Viddyoze 2.0 Review

Viddyoze has become one of the most recognizable brands in the market today. They had earlier launched the original software that exceeded expectations and becomes very successful in helping video creators. Viddyoze 2.0 was released last year and the people who have been able to use it report positive reviews about it.

If you want to create dynamic, professional looking videos by just using a few clicks of the mouse, then it should be one of the options for you. You can easily create eye-catching content for your website using Viddyoze 2.0 because it has some of the most interesting features. There is a lot you can do with it.

Videos have continued to become popular because many people are using them for marketing. This is because you will have an easier time explaining using an animation video over text. There are things that can be hard to explain through text, especially product reviews. People are looking for simpler software than consume less time instead of powerful such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

inside viddyoze member area

What is Viddyoze 2.0?

Viddyoze 2.0 is an all-in-one video creation and animation software application that has been designed to help in creating videos for a website, social media channels, or blogs. Viddyoze 2.0 has more features than its predecessor, making it even better than the original version.

Viddyoze was able to gain a lot of popularity because it changed the way affiliate marketers, bloggers, website owners, and videographer created branded videos. It was groundbreaking because it enables them to create great video intro’s and outro’s using a few clicks of the mouse, without the need of animation knowledge.

It gave them the chance of taking their logo, title, or transparent graphic design and turn it into a masterpiece. The Viddyoze 2.0 is improved and gives you the full control of every aspect.

The Viddyoze 2.0 User Experience

When you purchase the Viddyoze 2.0, you need to create an account. The process is simple because you just need to enter a name, email address, and create a password. You will also need to enter the JVZoo receipt ID. Many people make the mistake of entering the PayPal transaction ID instead of the JVZoo receipt ID.

Once your account has been created, you will go to the dashboard, which is organized, intuitive, and easy to use. On the left side of the menu, you will see the different categories of animation templates like titles, intros, outros, etc. When you click on the category, templates falling in the category will be displayed on the main viewing screen. It has a preview that will show how the animation will look, just hover the template with the mouse.

The commercial license account comes with 92 templates. If you need more, you can subscribe to the Template Club, a monthly subscription that will give you new templates every month.

Creating a video

Creating a new project is simple, you don’t need any experience or skills because you can do it without even thinking. Click the “plus sign” at the bottom left and you will be taken to a builder page. You will then add the image or text. There is information on the video template at the bottom left of the page.

There will also be a flow of the customization process where it shows you where you are at and how many steps are still left. The process is easy to understand. You will also have the option of including a sound effect if you want. This is good because you don’t have to add audio files. When you are done with the process, just click “Review & Render”. You will then enter the final step, click on “Render” and the video will be processed.

The rendering process takes less than five minutes. If you forgot to edit something, you can cancel rendering and have the chance to edit the video again. When it finishes rendering, you can download the video to your computer. You can download the video in either MP4 or WEBM format. There is also a “My Videos” section where you can see the list of all the videos you have created, and download them from there.

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Make Money Freelancing Viddyoze 2.0

I’m hope by now you can see the capacity for growing and keeping your audience with this software. But how can you make money? Sure the power of these video creations will transform the way that you market, no matter what you’re are promoting online. But did you know that some online entrepreneurs are now making great money by merely selling customized videos? And the very best part is that website like, and make selling video material easy.

In the past developing customized branded video with logo designs might take hours. With Viddyoze 2.0 producing a top quality, intro can be done within minutes. The amount of money you could potentially make from developing video content is up to you.

What I like About Viddyoze

Easy to Use

Viddyoze has managed to make the process of creating studio-grade videos very easy. You don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the complex instructions needed to run the software. the videos are studio grade, and people watching will think it was made by a professional video maker.


Viddyoze 2.0 is web-based, which means you don’t have to install software on your PC. Sometimes these types of software take a lot of hard disk space and can slow down your computer. The only thing you will need is an internet connection. Because it is web-based, you can create videos using your mobile phone.

One Time Fee

You don’t have to worry about recurring fees when it comes to Viddyoze. You will just pay once for the software, which will come with 92 different templates and an unlimited number of renders.

What I didn’t like


There are 92 templates provided, and you have to pay for a subscription if you are looking to access more. This can mean having to subscribe when you don’t find a template you like.


What’s Viddyoze Pricing?

Viddyoze 2.0 has two price points. The personal license will cost you $47 while the commercial costs $67. The personal will give you a maximum of 30 renders while the latter gives you unlimited renders. If you plan on making a lot of videos I would take the commercial licence, but for most bloggers or affiliate marketers the personal licence will suffice.

picture of pricing table

Viddyoze 2 Review is a great resource for online marketers, it may be missing some much needed templates in the base version but it can help you save time and money down the road.

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SaleHoo Review – Is It Legit Or a Scam? Check Out If SaleHoo Is Worth It

Updated: 2018/01/16 – Are you on the hunt for the perfect drop shipping supplier?

You know the one that sells you things for super cheap, always delivers on time and does all the dirty work for you?

That’s exactly what SaleHoo promises it will help you do. But does it actually work? Or is it another B.S. internet marketing scam? Keep reading to find out!

What is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo is a New Zealand based organization that was founded in 2005 by Simon Slade and Mark Ling. It is a wholesale directory that connects individuals with over 2.5 million branded products and 8000+ manufacturers, wholesalers, drop-shippers, and liquidators. SaleHoo acts solely as an intermediary and is not a direct supplier so they do not exchange any merchandise.

Essentially SaleHoo is a must-have for serious drop shippers. Especially if you’re new to drop shipping and you’re trying to get your store built and making you money. It’s going to take a lot of sweat and due diligence when looking for the right supplier.

SaleHoo does all that work and due diligence for you. They also have a really impressive training center and support team that wants you to succeed. Most importantly, it’s really affordable (click here for a 7-day $1 trial)

Trust me, you should be using a directory if you are considering drop shipping. Whether it’s SaleHoo or another, we’re going to look at the good, the bad and the ugly all inside of this review.


How Does SaleHoo Actually Work?

  • Use The Lab to research and find profitable products that you can sell
  • Once you have selected a proftiable item, use SaleHoo’s directory to find suppliers that sell that product
  • Using SaleHoo’s outreach templates, contact a few supplier to see if they are the right fit
  • Negotiate prices with the supplier and select the best one to work with

SaleHoo Review – Is SaleHoo Legitimate?

SaleHoo has been in operation for over 17 years. An overview of reviews from the Better Business Bureau revealed that SaleHoo received an A+ accreditation from 47 customers and clients alike. Therefore SaleHoo is a legitimate business solution that assists online retailers with locating reliable companies to structure beneficial relationship with.

For those who can’t be asked to read through everything, let me just say this. It’s the perfect directory for some people, but not for everyone, and in this article, we’re going to explain who it benefits and who should be looking elsewhere.

At The Lazy Plumber, we’re all about earning more by working smarter. So when we decided to investigate and review Salehoo, we were immediately excited by the concept of someone taking out all the hard work that comes with drop shipping.

But does Salehoo actually deliver on its promise? How does it compare to the other drop ship and whole directories online? Let’s jump right into it and see.

logo of salehoo

SaleHoo Benefits

SaleHoo offers a tool to make your life easier. That’s the crux of it. But, with over 2.5 million different products, they actually do it really well. You gain access to Salehoo, search for what you’re looking for and you’ll find the different suppliers of that product. Then, you access the supplier’s details and figure out lead times and minimum order quantities, etc

Salehoo in numbers:

  • 8000 suppliers
  • 2.5 million products
  • 100 countries represented
  • 100,000 registered users

pictures of various dropshipping companies

You know it’s all about the brands, about the brands… No fakes

What Salehoo really do well is they have hunted down all the major brands and have them on the platform. That makes it great for eBay, Amazon and your own e-commerce store. I could start to list all the major brands they have on the platform, to get you excited and spark your imagination, but it’s just too many.

It’s really difficult to find the suppliers of genuine brands or products that actually are licensed. Either they are unbranded or they are fakes. Fakes are a killer because if you end up selling a fake that you’re advertising as the real deal you’re opening yourself up to some legal issues down the line. At the least, an aggressive letter from some serious lawyers.

Having the peace of mind that your product is what it claims to be has to be worth the subscription fee, never mind the time you save not having to check out the supplier for every product in your store.

Get The Best Price For A Membership >


Amazing for noobs

If you’re new to drop shipping then you’re going to want to simplify the process. You don’t want too many options to have to play around with at the start, you need to master the basics. Over time, you can obviously build your knowledge base and really refine your drop shipping business but let’s just KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid!) when we are starting out on our drop shipping journey.

This is where Salehoo helps, they start by removing the frustration of trying to find the right supplier. They verify the supplier for you,  to make sure they are the real deal, that their products are genuine and they have the right licenses in place. All you need to do is search the directory to find the right product for your market or audience.

From there, they have tons of free training and support from real experts who have run a successful e-commerce business with popular platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify. Unlike others, they want to really help you.

Which is strange because if they help you too much you’ll probably end up going to find your own suppliers and negotiating a better deal which means better profit margins. So they’ll actually train you to not need them in the long term. But in the short term. It makes them the best directory for beginners.

The same guys are behind the extremely successful website Affilorama. It offers extensive training to help entrepreneurs make money promoting affiliate products. It’s one the best training solutions online today and has been for a while.

That means they are experts in how to present products, how to target an audience and how to generate traffic that delivers an ROI. Masters at it. And they share a lot of that expertise with the members of Salehoo because a lot of the skills are very similar.

inside look at saheloo marketing lab

The Marketing Labs

It’s all very well having great suppliers offering great products at competitive prices. But the art of e-commerce is being able to spot a product that will sell. It requires a lot of knowledge. You can do the research by checking out your competition, what’s selling on platforms like eBay and Amazon and that will give you a starting point, but you will need to make a small leap of faith.

Salehoo has made it a lot easier. They actually have a team that is collecting data on sales, profits, trends, so when you’re a Salehoo member you’re getting some great insights into which products are selling and making good margins. It just helps to remove a little bit of the doubt you might have in adding a product to your store and spending money on advertising it.

It’s another example of Salehoo going the extra mile to help people setting up and running an e-commerce business. They act like they really do care if you’re successful or not.  You have to respect that.


Protection against fraud

If you’ve ever tried to drop ship from China you know it’s the land of opportunity. But it’s also the land of a quick buck. There are as many authentic product suppliers that are the real branded products as there are suppliers of fake products and with today’s technology being so advanced, it has become increasingly difficult to tell the real deal from a cheap imitation.

The problem is, you’ll have to purchase a test product for yourself, or take the risk and send it to the customer and keep your fingers (and legs) crossed it’s the genuine product, otherwise you’re having to deal with the legal side of selling a fake, giving a refund, having a bad review, and all that negative stuff that no one wants to deal with when running a dropship business.

This is where Salehoo really shows their worth. They take away all the risk and stress. They have verified each specific supplier and put them through a really vigorous vetting process to ensure they are only selling genuine products. You can order and shop with ease knowing there are going to be no nasty surprises.


picture of worldwide brands


There’s a few. Worldwide Brands is probably the biggest competitor and the most well known. It’s a bigger directory but it’s geared to power drop shippers who have done it a while, rather than beginners. They have over 16 million products to search through.  It’s also a touch more expensive setting out, there’s a one time fee that’s more than 3 times more than what Salehoo ask for their directory and support services.

Other than that, another worthy mention is Orbelo, they offer a similar kind of service but they are a little more focused on making it easy to add to your e-commerce store, so the practical side of things.


pricing for salehoo

SaleHoo Pricing

Right now, SaleHoo is  offering their directory for only $1 for a 7-day trial. After that it costs $67 for the year. That’s significantly less than their competitors. As I’ve mentioned, their biggest competitor is Worldwide Brands and it’s over 3 times the price. Yes, they have a larger directory but when you’re starting out you need all the support you can get and your budget is probably tight. A lot of people of prefer to spend less than $70 than over $250.

They also offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Whenever I see a guarantee like that it gives me the impression that the company knows how good they are because they put their money where their mouth is.

Get The Best Price For A Membership >


SaleHoo Customer Reviews – What Are Other People Say?

Curious as to what other people think of SaleHoo? Don’t take my word for it! SaleHoo has received high marks from other customers on giving it a trust score of 9.6 out of 10:

trustpilot customer reviews

SaleHoo also recieved an A+ from the Better Business Bureau:

customer reviews from bbb

SaleHoo Review Summary

We give SaleHoo a thumbs up. In fact, we give them 4 thumbs up with a score of 4 out of 5. If they have a slightly larger directory, so you’d have more choice as your e-commerce store developed, then we’d give them the full 5 stars.

This New Zealand based team take all the stress and concern out of the drop shipping process. They’ve done all the hard work for you by validating the suppliers and their products. You know you’re selling genuine branded goods. That’s always the main concern when dealing with Asian suppliers because the fakes are just so good and you don’t want your customers to be duped.

The other thing they do is over deliver in terms of customer service and free training. They want to help you get your drop shipping business up and running and it really shows because they actually put in the effort.

Overall, they are the perfect startup directory. They have 2.5 million products, 8000 suppliers and a platform that’s really user-friendly. They give you a ‘safe space’ to find decent and respectable suppliers. There are larger directories but none that give the same level of service and support as Salehoo. To get SaleHoo for only $1 click here

Show Frequently Asked Questions

Show Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

In this SaleHoo review, we have covered most of the major question of what SaleHoo is about and whether it’s worth your investment. But in case you have any other questions, we’ve put together a quick FAQ to cover everything we can think of. If there’s something that we have haven’t covered then feel free to comment or contact us, we’d be happy to help.

Why do I need a directory for drop shipping?

You could start drop shipping without a directory. But why would you? When you’re drop shipping it’s about finding the right product, at the right price, targeted to the right audience.

There are a lot of moving parts. You find the right product, then you go out and have to find the right supplier. You need to be able to check the quality of their product and the efficiency of their product, customer service, refund policy.

Then there are the delivery options. If you’re drop shipping you need to have that all worked out. These days, people hate waiting. The problem is, it’s ok to go through this process a couple of times, but if you have an e-commerce store with hundreds or thousands of products, you need to do this again and again.  It’s time-consuming and soul destroying.

The time-consuming part comes with vetting the quality of the supplier and the authenticity of their product. You don’t want to start growing a reputation as a retailer offering poor quality or fake goods.

Whilst you’re doing this, you’re having to set up your branding, your e-commerce store, which is time-consuming as well. For each product, you need a separate page. That’s enough to make you give up the will to ever do e-commerce.

Don’t even get me started on SEO and setting up your website to rank in Google. It’s a minefield but getting it right could mean being given the keys to the kingdom.

On top of that, it’s then all about marketing. If you’re using paid adverts you’ll be spending a good amount of time setting them, making your targeting super focused and on point to get the best possible ROI. Split testing, the list goes on.

The point is, with so many things to have to focus on, you should be using tools that are going to take on some of the burdens or make tasks quicker and easier. That’s what a directory does, especially a directory like SaleHoo. You don’t have to trawl tens or hundreds of suppliers to find the right one, offering the right product, at the best price. When you do find them, you don’t need to concern yourself with checking the authenticity and quality of the supplier because SaleHoo has done that for you. It’s merely about pricing and delivery. Are they able to offer you the product you want at the price you need? And can they deliver to the time frame your clients would be happy with?

By using a directory, you’re literally halving the time you need to spend on product and supplier search which means you have a lot more time to spend on other parts of your business. That’s worth its weight in gold.

But let’s not talk about generic savings, let’s get specific.

The most expensive commodity you have is your time. It’s limited and you should consider it expensive, especially with e-commerce. For the sake of this example, let’s say you value your time at $20 p/hr. I imagine it’s a lot more, and rightfully so. In fact, if it’s not then you are completely devaluing yourself.

So, $20 p/ hr. Let’s say it takes you 2 hours to check everything about the potential supplier for a product you want to drop ship. Often you might even buy a product for quality control. You want to check it’s the real deal if you’re going to put your brand’s reputation on it.That’s a $40 cost per product, at least. Just on the time, it takes you to check the supplier.

Now, let’s say you have 100  products in your store. That’s $4000 in cost. Just in your time to validate the suppliers and the quality of the products and service. You’d spend $4000 in time….

You can do that, or spend $67 and have SaleHoo do it for you.

Not the most difficult choice to make. Using a Directory is a must.


Why Dropshipping?

If you’re not sure if drop shipping is the right path for you, you’re going to want to read this. We’re about to lay out your options and what benefits you might find with drop shipping so you can make the decision for yourself.

Dropshipping is the ideal solution for someone who is looking to make money online by selling things people actually want. You don’t need to be a master salesperson. If you are selling fidget spinners then you’ll be showing the fidget spinner to people who might want to buy one. If they do great, if not, then no worries. No hard sell and no special sales skills required.

The other important aspect is the cost of set up. With a standard store or e-commerce store, you have to pick a product to sell that you’re sure people will want to buy, then buy inventory and deliver. That requires financial investment up front. Not a lot of people have that kind of cash free.

If you’re not really sure if drop shipping works then you’re mistaken. Websites drop ship millions of dollars of products each day. That’s not from ‘gurus’ making videos about how great they are, and then selling their secret sauce to drop shipping. Obviously, they are going to inflate their successes. These figures come from neutral platforms who just record data.

Let’s delve a little deeper. Here’s an example of the difference between drop shipping and standard e-commerce, with stock and fulfillment. Very simply:

George decides to start a standard e-commerce store. He buys 100 t-shirts, stores them in his garage. They cost him $1000 dollars.  ($10 per t-shirt)

George puts them online and sells 20 of them at $20 each. BOOM. Great. He makes back $400 in a week. He’s happy if things carry on like this, he’s going to convert $1000 into $2000. Which is a pretty decent return for someone just setting out. Slap on the back. Job well done.

But, the other T-shirts don’t sell. They are not very popular. It happens. After all, we’re making a judgment call when we pick a product, the proof is in the testing.

In this case, George can’t seem to shift these t-shirts, the advertising costs are too high so he can’t really drop the price too much. At this point, he’s $600 down struggling to really get his money back never mind make a profit.

Next time, he tries again, but this time he goes the drop shipping route.

Let’s replay the same situation but assuming he went the drop shipping route. He sells the very same t-shirt online. But he doesn’t need to spend the $1000 for the 100 t-shirts. He just puts the product in his e-commerce store and promotes it.

The same thing happens, he sells 20 t-shirts but can’t seem to sell anymore. Not really a big seller this one. It happens.

This time, he only pays for the product as someone buys, he doesn’t need to buy any stock. The cost is a little higher. They cost $12 to buy and dropship rather than the $10 to buy in bulk. But that’s not completely true because he’d have to ship them himself if he paid $10 and bought stock.

Still, he sells 20 t-shirts for $20. That’s $400 in sales and a cost of $240. Which is a profit of $160.

It’s not an earth-shattering amount, but the risk of failure is far less. At the same time, when you have your numbers right, every sale is bringing your profit. Then you’re always going to make money, the only determining factor is picking the right products to make the most money.

Between those two examples, the first made a loss, the second, a small profit.

Drop shipping allows you to be flexible too.

Let’s say, you see that people are going crazy for fidget spinners. But you’re not sure if you can tap into that audience. It’s not something you’ve tried before.  This is where Dropshipping really stands heads and shoulders above other types of e-commerce

You just need to find your supplier on SaleHoo. Add the fidget spinner to your store and send some traffic to it. A great way to do that is to create an advert on Facebook. The fidget spinner is really hot and promoting it on social media means it can be shared.

You spend $5 on an advert. If it goes well you have sales. Then you can spend $20, $50, $100. You can scale it up and up. You don’t need to guess or estimate how successful it will be, test it, for very little cost.

Someone jumped on fidget spinners at the right time and made hundreds of thousands of dollars using this exact same technique. No risk, massive gains.

Who wouldn’t want to make a quick buck with very little risk?


How frustrating is dealing with shipping?

In the example, George bought 100 t-shirts and decided to do the shipping himself. That means he’s a slave to his business. He can’t really go anywhere, or if he does he needs to find someone who’ll ship the sales he makes. As soon as someone makes a purchase, the clock is ticking.

He has to physically pack up the t-shirt and get it sent. It’s an added cost and added frustration. If you only sell t-shirts then fine, but if you have products of varying sizes you need to make sure you have the right packaging to be able to send the various sizes.

The other option is to pay to have someone else store and ship your products. Fine, it’s an option and if you’re sure something is going to sell. It can be the best option. Amazon FBA is a perfect example. But again, you need to be sure you’re going to be selling products.

Drop shipping just takes this whole headache away. The suppliers do this for hundreds, probably thousands of products a day, They are better at it, and they have the system in place to do it. You have nothing to stress about, you just focus on selling the products.

If you’re not sure e-commerce is for you, or you want to keep things flexible, then drop shipping has to be the go-to option for e-commerce.


Exactly who are SaleHoo?

They are actually a New Zealand based company, They are a team of 29, working out of Christchurch. Founded in 2005 they’ve been doing this for 12 years now, so they’re damn good at it. They are a genuine success story, a “rags to riches tale”. The founders, Mark Ling and Simon Slade started out by investing $500 each. They had to beg and borrow to get things going but within a year they had 10,000 members. Now they don’t just offer the directory, they have SaleHoo Stores, they have a platform to help you set up your store so you don’t need any technical expertise, which is pretty awesome.

At the same time, these very same people brought the world Affilorama. The best platform for training and building an affiliate business. They truly are experts at marketing. And that can be found in their own marketing lab where they are always trying to find new and profitable ways to make money with drop shipping.


Do SaleHoo have a community or forum?

Yeah, they do and it’s pretty active. Having experience of Affilorama I know the company is into being able to share experiences and you can see that with SaleHoo. They put a lot of time and energy in promoting their community and getting people to share. It’s something they’re proud of and a great tool.

It’s an interesting split to get your head around. You would think that the other people in the community are your competitors, and they might be. But in many ways, the community want others to do well. They want to help if they can. There are hundreds of thousands of e-commerce stores, sharing your experiences and learning from others in a community of a few thousand is going to help everyone, it’s not going to destroy your business. They get that and as explained in this Salehoo reviews – it is another feature to being a member.


How can I use Clickfunnels with dropshipping?

As discussed in this Clickfunnels review, it is actually a great way to sell products that you want to dropship. You can build your store using the Clickfunnels then send Facebook traffic to your site. This is a great way to quickly set up a store and get people excited about the product your selling.


What are some other ways I can make money online?

Not ready to start looking for suppliers yet? Think you need to get more training on starting an ECOM business? I recommend checking out the 7 Figure Cycle review first I get an A to Z training program on everything e-commerce related.

Not too sure about ECOM?, Don’t worry its not for everyone. There are many ways you can make money online. For beginners, I recommend reading my Wealthy Affiliate review, affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar business – and still growing! Get a cut of the action by checking it out.

Need to brush up on your e-mail game? Then check out Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review here. It’s the hot new training that gives you what you need to know to make money with your email list. No fluff, no B.S like Anik’s other courses.

Infographic of Salehoo

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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 – Another Scam Or A Legit Program?

My Wealthy Affiliate Review Updated For 2018

Updated – December 27, 2017: Another day, another review of a service that all but guarantees passive income. If you have been looking for ways to make money online, I am sure you have come across one of the thousands of websites that recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the #1 way to make money online (click here for a 60% discount on your first month).

If your B.S detector isn’t going off, you better get it checked!

Well, this is one Wealthy Affiliate review that ISN’T going to say that it is the best way to make money online. To find out why keep reading…

What is Wealthy Affiliate University (WA)?

wealthy affiliate logo

The basic concept is right there in the name: “wealthy” means rich and “affiliate” means partner. The idea is that you don’t have to actually manufacture socks, fidget spinners or whatever product.

Instead, you’ll be “partnering up” with a company that does and drive traffic to their point of sale through your website. For each customer that goes through you and buys something, you get a piece of the pie.

But, before you go out and buy a yacht for that trip around the world, there’s a lot of work to be done.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It the same thought process I go through whenever I hear claims of passive income…

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

You see, Wealthy Affiliate does not make any bold promises, but simply lays bare the workings of the affiliate system. There’s so much to learn here, going from SEO to website layout and all these different nuances that add up and make you a rich partner. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the blueprint and the tools: it’s up to you to figure out the best way to make money out of it.

The good news is that there’s no limit to what you can do once you grasp the basic concepts of affiliate marketing. You might have thought I was joking when I mentioned pegs, but you can actually become an associate for any conceivable product on  Earth.

Of course, some are harder to sell, but the commission for them is much larger. If you’re feeling ready for a challenge, choose a niche everyone’s avoiding and try to become a super affiliate.

In short: Wealthy Affiliate is most certainly not a fraud, and you’ll be getting your money’s worth when you sign up. 

Sign Up For A 7-Day Free Trial Here >

Ok So If It Isn’t a Scam, Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Wealthy Affiliate is a perfect stepping stone for beginners and even for people who already know more than just the basics.

By using some of the techniques taught in WA, it has helped me significantly increase the amount of money I earn from affiliate marketing. So getting Wealthy Affiliate was definitely worth it for me. Here are a couple of my most recent dashboards:


picture of jvzoo dashboard earnings

September 2017 Jvzoo dashboard

September 2017 Earnings (so far)

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

If you are looking for other people that have found success with WA, make sure to check out the Wealthy Affiliate Success stories article.

Here’s How to Sign Up

When you start the signup process, there’s the option of making your account a Basic (free) or Premium ($49/month) one, with perks of the latter clearly outlined and described in great detail.

Wealthy Affiliate Basic vs Premium account

This kind of transparency is a great business practice and goes a long way towards building trustworthiness of the Wealthy Affiliate brand as a whole. Still not sold on the concept? Let’s make a Basic account for free and see what happens.

After filling out the form with your essential information (name, username and e-mail address), you’re taken straight to the Wealthy Affiliate control panel, with the option to take a quick tour of the site.

The majority of the action happens in the left sidebar, where you have five options, from top to bottom: Activity Dashboard, Certification Courses (green button), Live Chat, Site Rubix and Affiliate Bootcamp. Let’s go through them one by one:

Activity Dashboard

This section is most akin to a forum, where you can ask questions and get answers, but mostly get reassurance about what you’re doing. At times, it will seem nothing you do brings about any results, and the most logical course would be to give up.

Instead, you should post in here and ask more experienced users for some encouragement or advice. This section of the website also has classrooms run by veteran users, which are simply forum threads centered around a particular topic.

Certification Courses

picture inside wealth affiliate certification screen

Clicking the green “Get Started Here” button will open up an overlay with available courses. The learning process is very “gamified”, as in, everything is made to give you a sense of accomplishment you would get from beating a video game level.

By doing certain “tasks”, you progress through each course and then move on to the next. An important thing to note here is that you cannot fail these courses. They are designed to give you some basic knowledge and encourage you to stay a member of Wealthy Affiliate, not beat you over the head with a compendium of knowledge that you need to absorb within a time limit.

An important thing to note here is that you cannot fail these courses. They are designed to give you some basic knowledge and encourage you to stay a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

picture of the first task inside wealthy affiliate

For example, the very first task is to watch a tutorial video on how to use Wealthy Affiliate and the second is to add a profile picture. There is a lot of text involved in these lessons. and this very first lesson has around 1,200 words with only two videos. So you better get used to a lot of reading.

This emphasizes that you’ll essentially be expected to do most of the learning on your own. You can also reach of for assistance from other community members.

Live Chat

live chat for WA

Just as the name suggests, this button opens a chat box. The chat is ongoing, i.e. “live”. Isn’t technology great? Joking aside, this is where you can ask a question about a feature you don’t understand or a problem you’re having.

The Live Chat can quickly become quite hectic and is not recommended for any kind of detailed discussion as messages get pushed down the screen far too often.

Other than that, Live Chat is extremely basic and is pretty much there just to maintain the sense of community participation: pop in, say something clever and get back to building your website using…


Site Rubix – Wealthy Affiliate’s Hosting Solution

picture of WA site rubix

Clicking this button will show you a few options related to making your own website. If you haven’t made a website here yet, any option will lead you to a blue button marked “Build a New Website”. Clicking that will show three options: “On a free domain”, “On a domain I own” and “Register a domain”. Here you’ll be expected to make a lot of far-reaching choices that you won’t fully understand as you’re making them, and this will be the first one.

Simply put, there is no way to succinctly explain the nuances between any of these options – it’s simply something WA expects you to figure out on your own.

My personal take on using the Wealth Affiliate Site Rubix is that it is a good option for beginners looking to get their feet wet. I know when I first started my first website (this one) it was pretty scary and I had to watch a bunch of  Youtube videos just to get it live.

So the Rubix ecosystem gives you the confidence to launch a website and guides you step by step. However, if you are more technically inclined or if having more control over your property is important to you. I would recommend starting a website outside of the Wealthy Affiliate ecosystem.

However for most beginners , rubix is a great option as part of your membership includes website hosting. That’s right, you don’t have to worry about signing up with another hosting company as website hosting is free with Wealthy Affiliate. All you have to do is register a domain with a discount registrar such as or

Sign Up For A 7-Day Free Trial Here >

Social Networking Baked In

social network aspect of WA

Since the website is community-driven, make sure to fill out your profile and keep it current. If you’ve ever used any social network, you’ll understand how things work straight away, which will definitely help you with the learning process. On the other hand, if you don’t like dabbling in social networks, you’ll probably not enjoy how trendy everything is trying to be.

The website itself definitely reminds of other social networks, especially Facebook. You can even Like someone’s message, complete with an almost carbon copy of the Like icon. Be careful, though, since you can’t reverse your Likes.

There are other tiny clickable things all over the place, so take your time and explore them all. Referring 300 people to Wealthy Affiliate earns you an invitation to a Las Vegas annual private conference. That sounds great, but those 300 people have to actually become Premium users.

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

Nothing is without its flaws, and neither is Wealthy Affiliate. The most common complaint is how difficult it is to do anything without buying Premium access.

As a Basic member, you’re restricted in all sorts of ways, including attending certain classrooms that are marked “Premium”. Also, you lose Live Chat access after 7 days of being a Basic member.

In some cases, even Premium members have had their chat privileges revoked, though this usually happens when they’re being abusive towards others or their account has been hacked.

Also, Wealthy Affiliate holds a zero-tolerance policy against promotion. If any member, Basic or Premium, comes into the community with the intent to promote a service or product, he is swiftly banned from the website.

Another common point of contention is the amount of learning one needs to do, usually on his own. Though there are plenty of community members eager to help, there’s no denying that you’ll be swamped with the training material at first.

Hit and Miss Customer Support

The quality of member support also varies wildly and you can often find yourself asking a simple question and getting a dozen of plausible but completely different answers.

There is some validity to this since there are so many different configurations that it’s impossible to get the right answer without asking an absurdly specific question, but a new member won’t know that.

And, as I mentioned previously if you happen to ask this in Live Chat, these answers will scroll off the screen faster than you can say “search engine optimization”.

Finally, people who have used the Wealthy Affiliate services say that it’s almost impossible to take your website outside their ecosystem if you decide to quit. In essence, since your website will be made using inbuilt Wealthy Affiliate tools, you’ll have a hard time separating the two.

picture of WA site rubix

Note that I said “almost impossible”, which means that you can technically still do it, but you’ll have to start all over again.

The same problem will arise if you decide to downgrade your Premium membership back to Basic, a process so convoluted and cumbersome that allegedly even Kyle, the site co-founder, complained about it. You do get a 30-day grace period to sort your affairs after you quit, though, but that’s about it.

What Does The Wealthy Affiliate Teach?

WA is broken down into 5 certification courses, each designed to guide you through learning the basics of building a website and driving traffic to the website. Here is the breakdown:

  • Level 1: Online Entrepreneur Certification – A 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue.
  • Level 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website – 10 lesson training that walks you through no-cost traffic generation techniques that will allow you to capture highly relevant traffic in any niche.
  • Level 3: Making Money – 10 Training lessons that walk you through a number of ways you can earn money through your site.
  • Level 4: Mastery Social Engagement – This course is dedicated to all aspects of social. From social media, social marketing, and social networks. Ultimately any success within the social world is the result of social engagement.
  • Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation – 10 lessons on creating high engagement through your content, effective techniques for boosting conversions, and scaling your content through proper goal setting and outsourcing. 

All of these lessons are proven white-hat strategies for making a successful website. That means there is nothing sketchy being taught in WealthyAffiliate. The main focus in WA is creating engaging content that will rank you higher in search engines. So everything you learn can be used for years to come.

Sign Up For A 7-Day Free Trial Here >

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Compare To Others?

To get a sense of real value WA offers you have to compare it to other courses on affiliate marketing. Thankfully over many months of research, I have a good idea of what courses work and what courses are complete rip-offs (here’s looking at you most affiliate marketing Udemy courses).

So let’s take a look at how they compare to some of the courses that actually provide some value.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Vs Wealthy Affiliate


I loved Deadbeat Super Affiliate when I first started the course. It was engaging, funny and I felt it provided some solid actionable info. The issue I had with it was that it was made in 2015 and many of the techniques it taught were either outdated or could get your a penalty in Google.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t run into those problems because the content is constantly updated so you have the most up to date information. It also doesn’t teach you anything blackhat, so you won’t run into any problems with Google. However, this also means that it will be a lot tougher to rank your websites.

The content in WA isn’t as engaging as it could be, but there is a whole community built around the product. This makes it easier to stay on track and less likely to get frustrated when you hit a roadblock.

However what WA lacks that Deadbeat has is any talk on making Youtube videos. I feel like this is something that Deadbeat has a lot of valuable information on and could really give your affiliate commissions a boost.

The entry price for both products is similar to Wealthy Affiliate costing $19 for the first month and Deadbeat Super Affiliate costing $17 for the base program. Of course, WA then costs $49 per month after the first and Deadbeat has a variety of one time upsells.

Watch my Deadbeat Super Affiliate review on Youtube.

Sign Up For A 7-Day Free Trial Here >

Affiliate Marketing Revolution Vs Wealthy Affiliate

affiliate marketing revolution comparison picture

Luca De Stefani’s Affiliate Marketing Revolution(AMR) was the course I took that encouraged me to launch this blog and Youtube channel. Back then I gained a lot of insights from its teachings. But as with most things in life, the more I learned the more I learned what I didn’t know.

Affiliate Marketing Revolution doesn’t overlap a lot with the teachings of Wealthy Affiliate because AMR focuses mostly on creating Youtube videos. WA focuses primarily on creating a blog and making websites. Both courses specialize in different topics and excel in their own ways.

AMR also has an active user base on social media where you can get additional support from other users.To find out more read my Affiliate Marketing Revolution Review

Affiliate Marketing Revolution costs $75 per month with an option for lifetime access for $499 (plus monthly discounts) where Wealth Affiliate costs $49 per month with the first-month cost of only $19.

To Sum It All Up

So we finally come to the first question…. is Wealthy Affiliate the #1 way to make money online?

No. There is no best way to make money online. It all depends on you the individual. Some people might be great artists, so making graphics be their best way to make money online. Others might be great writers so writing a book might be their best way to make money online.

So the real question should be, is Wealthy Affiliate a good way to learn how to make money online?

Yes. You’ll learn many useful things like how to drive traffic to your site, content writing, sales copy and how to rank in search engine results.

It provides you with a lot of content and a lot of peer support to help you get started. After that, it is up to you to keep working hard and try different things.

But because all the techniques you learn are “white hat” it will take more time and effort to start ranking on Google.

So if you are a beginner looking to get started, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start and get your feet wet. The whole WA ecosystem makes it super easy to start your journey, especially since web hosting is included in your membership for free!

That’s why I recommend giving Wealthy Affiliate a try, you can sign up free for 7-days or join for $19 on your first month.

Review Video

Looking for other recommended resources?

K Money Mastery Review

Clickfunnels Review

Salehoo Review

Show Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

Wealthy Affiliate University FAQ

If you have been searching for a way to make money online you know not every opportunity is what it seems. Scams are flying everywhere. If you have come across Wealthy Affiliate, you may be wondering if it is real. These FAQs will help you understand more about what it is and how it can help you earn money once you sign up.

How much work do I need to do?

You have to do some work to earn the money you want. The people at Wealthy Affiliate do not promise anyone that they will make a fortune. They do offer all the components and training that you need to launch marketable websites and promote them so that you do earn commissions. It is up to you to do the work to see the money you hope for.

They offer you the basic concepts that you need to succeed at affiliate marketing. One aspect of it is that you can choose to market items that you have a true passion for. The more you enjoy what you are promoting, the more successful you are likely to be when you sign up.

How much commission do I earn on sales?

It varies. It depends on the type of commission the company you become an affiliate with offers. Typically, more expensive items like skis or exercise equipment will take longer to sell. You get lower commissions on items like clothing or health supplements, but you will likely earn money more frequently.

Who can I talk to once I join to get support?

Besides all of the training online at Wealthy Affiliate that you can get, you have access to lots of support from people who have already succeeded. One of the best parts of this program is you have access to working with highly successful individuals like yourself just by entering into a chat with them from your Dashboard. Anytime you need any help, just ask. When you work with successful people you are more likely to succeed yourself.

How much website design experience do I need to do this?

Absolutely none. While some people have experience designing and building simple websites, you really do not even need to know how to do more than post a social media message to succeed. You will get all the help you need on the platform and you will learn as you go.

Should I join for free or pay?

As you may know, you can get a free or Basic account. You can also opt for Premium access which costs $49 a month. There are perks to joining with Premium access because you can get much more from the program in terms of training and opportunity. For example, with the $49 a month subscription you get 50 websites rather than just two. You also get more training and the one-on-one coaching is unlimited.

How do I use Site Rubix to build a website using the Wealthy Affiliate program?

It is easy. Once you sign up you will see this on your Dashboard. You simply click on the drop-down menu, and you can have a website up and running in minutes. If you are a true beginner with building websites, choose to get a free domain. If you are more experienced, you have the option of setting your websites up for a domain you own. SiteRubix walks you through every step so you do not need to have any type of technical ability or previous website design experience.

Will I be forced to do any Blackhat online marketing?

That is a good question to ask especially if you are familiar with marketing websites and SEO. The answer is absolutely not. Wealthy Affiliate does not teach blackhat techniques or those SEO techniques that can get your websites banned from Google or penalized.

What this does mean, though, is that because you will learn whitehat techniques you have to do the work to see the results. This makes it harder to rank any of your websites on Google, but this is a good thing. This just points more to the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. What they teach you are real SEO techniques that even professionals use. They are relatively easy to learn and implement.

How easy is it to follow the training?

It is very easy and fun. You just click the lessons you want and follow along. The program keeps track of your completed lessons giving you more of a sense of accomplishment.

How do I get a domain?

Think of the types of products you would be happy to be part of selling. Next, using your account on Wealthy Affiliate, you can scan for available domains in a matter of minutes.Your domains are fully protected, they come with e-mail accounts and you will not get bombarded with upsells.

What subjects are covered in the certifications I can get?

Just about every subject you need to build a website and get it the traffic it needs to bring in affiliate cash. You get online entrepreneur certification which will teach you how to create a successful online business. Then you can learn how to build your traffic-generating website. After this, you will learn how to make money on that website.

One course that will really help you is the course of mastering social engagement. Social media is the best way to succeed in affiliate sales. Once you take this course, you will learn how to get the most success by creating great content and conversions. You will also learn how to keep scaling your content so that it continues to bring in engaged visitors.

wealthy affiliate infographic

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Publishing Email Success Review – Another B.S Course Or Gold?

Let’s face it, getting reviews for your Kindle books can be hard.

Very hard.

If you read my previous review on Self-Publishing Revolution you know that my biggest problem with the course was that it relies heavily on black hat techniques to get results. It endorses review swapping in order to rank your books and boost sales. But that technique can be risky.

 The Publishing Email Success course is marketed as the exact solution to this problem. Made by Marta Magdalena, an accomplished self-publisher that has been using organic reviews to power her business for years. Click here for more info.

(NOTE: October 18, 2017 – PES is temporarily CLOSED – Subscribe to my email list to be notified of when it re-opens)

But does it deliver?

The answer may surprise you…

First things, first

If you are not a Kindle Publisher or you are not interested in e-mail marketing, then Publishing Email Success is not for you.

This is course is designed specifically to help Kindle Publishers make the most of their email list. Which if you are anything like me, you just set it up one day and collected email addresses with no real purpose in mind.

Publishing Email Success: Is It Worth It?

The bottom line is a resounding YES!

However, this course isn’t for everyone. If you have never set up an Aweber account or Leadpages before, it can be a little daunting.

If you have never set up an Aweber account or Leadpages before, it can be a little daunting. There are also some areas that could use some additional information.

But these issues are minor in the overall scheme of things and the actionable information you get is great.


Publishing Email Success Review


Publishing Email Success is a great course for Kindle Publishers that are serious about creating a long-term business. Some of the content could be expanded more and some previous experience with aWeber and Leadpages is recommended it provides great value for what you learn. 

Easy To Understand

Compared to many courses I have taken, Publishing Email Success is very reasonably priced.

It is normally $199, but as of writing, it is on sale for just $99 – which is a steal of a deal in my opinion. Which is still a great deal.

The biggest thing I look at when evaluating a course isn’t just the price, but the return on investment (ROI).

One way to analyze this course is by looking at the price you would pay for an Amazon review which is currently about $1.50 per review at current market rates.

So if you manage to get 133 reviews from this course (if you bought it at $199, 66 if you got it for $99) then the course would have paid for itself.

But this doesn’t take into account the true value of an organic review….

What’s The Value Of An Organic Amazon Review?

The $1.5 figure I gave you earlier is the cost of a fake, unstable, risky review.

These reviews can last you a couple of days, or they can last you a couple of months. It really depends.

kindle reviews burning money

So let’s say you buy 10 reviews for $15. It is not uncommon for you to lose 30% of those reviews in three months. So to keep those 10 reviews you have to purchase three more.

Then in another three months, you have to purchase 3 more. Then in another three months… well you get the idea.

So in a years time, that initial $15 for 10 reviews turns into $30 to keep those same reviews.

Obviously, this adds up quickly, and if you plan on publishing for more than a year your costs become higher…

Other Risks to Consider For Review Swapping

So not only does review swapping end up costing much more than what you initially pay for, you also run the risk of getting your account banned or worse.

Now I understand that people might be thinking “well Amazon is only suing people with physical products, they aren’t going to be going after independent publishers…”

The real question is: Are you willing to take that risk?

I talked about Kindlegeddon in my review on Self-Publishing Revolution. Amazon has already sent out many emails that warn publishers of buying fake reviews. Just because no one has been sued yet, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen.

So What’s The Value Of A REAL Review?

The true value of an organic review is two-fold:

  1. They (technically) last forever
  2. They don’t put your account at risk

Given these two factors, my estimated value of an organic review is $20.

Now I know in Amazon’s enthusiasm for deleting fake reviews, some real reviews get deleted. But for the most part, organic reviews tend to stick and last for years.

The value of your account not getting banned is difficult to calculate, but if you are already making a couple thousand a month I would think that you can see the value in keeping it safe.

So if you can get just 10 reviews the techniques taught in Publishing Email Success the course would pay for itself.

But gathering organic reviews from your e-mail list isn’t the only thing you will learn.

What Else Is In The Course?

publishingemailsuccess inside look

Besides learning how to create a system to generate organic reviews for Kindle Publishing, Publishing Email Success ambitiously covers many different topics that range from email copy and list building to mindset and marketing tactics.

The course contains 40 different lessons and about 5 hours of content. Here’s a sneak peek inside:

  • Lesson 1 Why Email Marketing Is Important
  • Lesson 2 Solve Problems Mindset for a Profitable Publishing Biz
  • Lesson 3 How Pro’s Automate Their Businesses (Tim Ferris Inspired)
  • Lesson 4 What You Can Do With an Email List
  • Lesson 5 List Building vs Email Marketing
  • Lesson 6 When Email Marketing Won’t Work
  • Lesson 7 Create a Reader Avatar Like a Pro
  • Lesson 8 Pen Names vs Brand Names for Your Email List
  • Lesson 9 Your Publishing Model and How to Position Yourself to Your List
  • Lesson 10 Aweber vs Mailchimp vs Something Else
  • Lesson 11 Create a Killer Opt-In (laser targeted)
  • Lesson 12 Create a High Converting Opt-In with Leadpages
  • Lesson 13 Thank You Page
  • Lesson 14 Get a Domain Name
  • Lesson 15 Create a Professionally Looking Email Address
  • Lesson 16 Forward Your Email to Gmail (Optional)
  • Lesson 17 Domain Redirects (great for Createspace and ACX)
  • Lesson 18 List Set Up
  • Lesson 19 Test Your Opt In Page
  • Lesson 20 Testing Your Welcome Message
  • Lesson 21 Create a Killer Welcome Message
  • Lesson 22 Success Mindset Behind Autoresponders
  • Lesson 23 Create a Killer Autoresponder
  • Lesson 24 The Best Way to Add Opt-Ins to Your Books (all formats)
  • Lesson 25 Learn Niche Copy-Writing Fast
  • Lesson 26 Set Up Permafree Internationally
  • Lesson 27 Success Mindset: Always Improve and Optimize Things
  • Lesson 28 Goal Setting
  • Lesson 29 Reviews (smart way!)- Mindset and Strategy
  • Lesson 30 Getting Reviews (option 1)
  • Lesson 31 Reviews. Options for Low Volume Publishing
  • Lesson 32 Broadcast Email Ideas for More Sales and Better Connection
  • Lesson 33 Cut Through the BS Copy-Writing Strategy (Alex Becker inspired)
  • Lesson 34 Email List Hygiene
  • Lesson 35 Different Opt-Ins for the Same Email List?
  • Lesson 36 Successful Networking with Niche Influencers
  • Lesson 37 Always Back Up Your Lists
  • Lesson 38 When and How to Start Using Facebook Ads
  • Lesson 39 How to Use a VA for Time Consuming Email Tasks
  • Lesson 40 PES Email List Swaps

One of the best insights I learned from Email Publishing Success from a purely practical standpoint was about creating relationships with your readers. I used to think that was B.S. but can’t believe I didn’t do it before. The best part about establishing relationships with your readers is that you don’t need to have a large audience to be successful.

Imagine having only 20 loyal email subscribers that you have built a relationship with. Those could be 20 people that will review each one of your books at no additional cost to yourself.

Although I have talked about reviews a lot, Publishing E-Mail Success teaches you that selling books isn’t the only way you can make money with your e-mail list.

Turn Your Your Autoresponder Into Another Passive Income Stream

Like I mentioned earlier, I never put much time and effort into my e-mail list because I didn’t think it would provide immediate returns.

I was wrong.

One of the things Publishing Email Success teaches is setting up your email list so that it will create you another source of passive income and increases engagement with your subscribers. Here are my results so far:

kindle publishing affiliate marketing success

As you can see I got the course on May 31st. I know this only because I had absolutely no clicks prior taking this course.

Although $44 may not seem like much, this is money I was leaving on the table by not optimizing my email list.

Lazy Plumber Tips

Here are a few tips to help you get some extra value out of your list:

1. You can give your subscribers a direct link to your books to leave a review. This makes it just a little easier for them to give you a review. Just go to your book, click on the ‘Write a customer review’ button and copy the link.

2. As an Amazon affiliate, you can also sneak your affiliate link into the above link. So not only does it make it easier for subscribers to leave you a review, you will also earn commissions on anything they buy on Amazon for 24 hours.

All you have to do set up Amazon Sitestrip and follow the 1st step and then click on “Get Links – Text” and copy the link:

email publishing success tip

3. Respond personally to your subscribers. Starting a conversation with them will increase the chances that they will leave you a review dramatically.


Publishing Email Success is a great course for anyone who already has a Kindle Publishing business or anyone who is looking to start.

I think that if you are serious about creating a long-term business with Kindle Publishing that this is one of the best courses you can buy.

For $199 Publishing Email Success is a great value for what you learn.

I personally wish I had this course when I was starting out because it gives you the tools to turn Kindle Publishing from a churn and burn type of business model to something that can be sustainable for the long term.

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Self Publishing Revolution Review 2018 – Get The REAL Story Here

Updated: December 27, 2017 – If your reading this Self Publishing Revolution review right now you probably pretty skeptical about if you can really make money with Kindle Publishing. If you are like me you were probably binge watching Youtube on how to make money online and you came across a boisterous, over the top guy named Luca De Stefani telling you how easy it is to make money on Kindle and that you are missing out. Check the best price for Self Publishing Revolution course here.

My Self Publishing Revolution Review – Does it Match the Hype?

The short answer is – Yes you can make a good amount of money with Kindle Publishing. Here is a video earning report I made back in October 2016:


Yes, this video is from last year but I will share my most updated dashboard a little later…

Good and Bad – This is my 100% honest review

I am going to share my real thoughts and feelings about Self-Publishing Revolution (SPR), and with Kindle Publishing in general. These are thought I previously only shared with my close friends – so stay tuned!

What Is Luca De Stefani’s Course All About?

The basic premise of this course is to start an online e-book business using the Amazon Kindle platform. To scale up quickly, you will learn different ways to outsource the most difficult parts of publishing books.

publish on kindle

If you have dabbled with K Money Mastery (KMM) this all this probably sounds familiar. Self-Publishing Revolution is basically an offshoot of the K Money Mastery course, but one that far surpasses it in terms of strategy and technique.

SPR shows people how to start their own self-publishing business primarily using the Amazon Kindle platform. Luca also, extends his strategies to physical books using Createspace and audiobooks using ACX. As many successful publishers know, only a small part of their income will come from Kindle itself compared to physical and audio books.

How Much Does It Cost?

SPR comes in two versions. The first is the life-time version which has a one-time fee of $399 with no upsells and lifetime access to the Facebook mastermind group. You can get the best price for the lifetime version here:

If $399 sounds like a lot, there is a monthly option that is $67/month. The only issue with this option is that if you join for a month and then cancel your membership, you will lose access to the Facebook group which is an invaluable tool for beginners. You can access the monthly version here:

K Money Mastery 2.0 Vs Self-Publishing Revolution

k money mastery vs SPR

I first started my publishing business with KMM 2.0. It was a good course, and I learned a lot from it. But I felt like the really powerful nuggets of information was hidden behind upsells and coaching. Then again the base price was only $67 so it had a lot of value for the sticker price.

SPR on the other hand, gives you everything you need to know upfront without any need for coaching or upsells. Then again the price of the course is much higher – $399 or $67/month – so you would expect to have much more valuable information.

Before I bought Luca’s De Stefani’s course I was publishing for about 3 months and it felt like I was blind. Releasing a bunch of books just to see what would stick. There was no real strategy behind what I was doing at the time and it was very time-consuming

After going through the course I literally felt like the wool was lifted off my eyes and I could see clearly. Literally, my income doubled each month for the next 3 months:

Although I believe that SPR is the superior course, I do think people will find value with KMM 2.0 because it really breaks everything down in an easy to understand step-by-step format. I think learning this way helped me appreciate what I learned in Self-publishing revolution even more.

If you haven’t published before and start with Luca’s course, it is kind of like learning how to drive in a Ferrari.


What’s Inside?

luca de stefani author revolution

SPR has over 30 video lessons with about 6 hours of content. Each video builds on the previous one so you have to start at the beginning and not skip anything. The good thing about the way it is presented is that there is really no fluff, everything that is mentioned in the videos you need to know.

So you can get through the entire course in about a day and get started right away.

There is also an active Facebook group you get access to where other self authors ask questions and swap ideas – this is actually one of the best things about the course.

authors revolution facebook


What You’ll Learn

Luca De Stefani teaches the basics such as where to outsource to get your book made all the way to the complex such as how to get your book to rank on Amazon’s search engine, but here are the main topics:

  • How To Find A Profitable Keyword
  • How to Chose A Cover
  • Where To Find VAs
  • How To Get Reviews and How Many You Need
  • Book Launching Strategy
  • How To Use Createspace
  • Optimal Createspace Pricing Strategy
  • How To Use ACX
  • How To Scale Up Fast
  • Profitable Keyword Criteria
  • Assessing The Competition
  • Organic Review Strategy (new)

SPR shows you how to turn one product (E-Book) into multiple streams of income by turning it into a paperback using Createspace and an audio book using ACX.

my author review

The Good

One of the most powerful lessons Luca De Stefani gives is on how to find a profitable niche, he gives clear criteria you need to look for to tell whether a niche is profitable or if it is too competitive to launch a book in. This alone will save you countless hours and heartbreaks.

The other eye-opening lesson is the book launching process. It gives you the exact formula you need in order to get your book to rank high in the Amazon search algorithm. Knowing these two things is where the course really drops some deep knowledge on you and it is something that is rare to find in an internet marketing product.

Self-Publishing Revolution also gives you a pricing strategy for selling your books. Apparently, Luca has done a lot of A/B split testing to figure this out, and I have to say – it works:

Picture of Createspace kindle publishing earnings

April 2017 Createspace Earnings

The Bad

author revolution blackhat

The single biggest issue with SPR is that it relies on a blackhat method to gather reviews, which is review swapping.

This is where you pay a VA a certain amount of money to go out and get you fake reviews. This is done to provide social proof to your books and to trick the Amazon algorithm into thinking your book is popular.

To follow this course exactly, you need to be ok with doing this and it’s something that some people might struggle with. But this is the same thing big publishers do when they release their books for free to people in exchange for reviews.


luca de stefani kindle geddon

What happened to kindle authors in March


Review swapping has not gone unnoticed by Amazon. Back in March they launched an aggressive attack on fake reviews and many reviews were taken down and publishers were hit with a notice about manipulating reviews.

This affected many publishers and caused many to question the whole business model and re-think a more sustainable approach to Kindle…


Organic Reviews – The Answer?

self author revolution organic reviews

In response to the massive loss of reviews and a decline in author’s fortune, Luca came out with a new method to gain reviews naturally using Facebook ads and an e-mail list.

Of course, this requires much more time and effort but it appears to be a much more sustainable way to be a successful self-publisher long term. I believe that part of the solution is that publishers need to make better quality books so that more people are likely to leave a positive review of their books instead of negative ones.

June 21, 2017 Update: The methods described in this section of the course are very general and lack actionable steps. To get a complete guide on how to generate organic reviews using an E-mail list I recommend checking out my review of Publishing E-Mail Success.

Final Thoughts


My Self Publishing Revolution


Despite relying on blackhat techniques, Luca De Stefani reveals everything you need to know to be successful in Kindle Publishing and is the best overall Kindle course for beginners.


SPR was the first course that really worked for me. It made me believe it was possible to make money online passively. It really gives you everything you need to make real money and the course creator constantly interacts with members of the Facebook group and updates the course whenever any big changes happen.

It really gives you everything you need to make real money and the course creator constantly interacts with members of the Facebook group and updates the course whenever any big changes happen.

But to be successful you must be comfortable with using blackhat techniques which are why I can’t give this course a perfect score.

I personally believe that Amazon Kindle is undergoing a great change and with that comes both risk and opportunity. If you are thinking of getting into publishing on Kindle then there truly isn’t another course out there that will teach you everything you know like SPR.

If you are thinking of getting into publishing on Kindle then there isn’t another course out there that will teach you almost everything you need to know than Self Publishing Revolution.

That is why overall I give SPR 4.5/5.

To learn more visit for lifetime access or for monthly access.

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