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8 Common Mistakes Newbies Make With Wealthy Affiliate in 2018

I try to stay active on Wealthy Affiliate as much as I can.

At first, I did it just to keep in touch and help people that have signed up with me.

As I did this, I noticed people making the same mistakes again and again. Heck, some of these mistakes are the same ones I made when I first started!

So I want to put together this guide to help those starting out in Wealthy Affiliate (WA), or even affiliate marketing in general.

These are the 10 biggest mistakes I see newbies make all the time.

#1 – Getting into the make money online niche

It feels like almost everyone that goes through WA somehow ends up in the make money online niche and wants to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make THA BIG BUCKS.

I know I might seem like a hypocrite because this is a MAKE MONEY ONLINE site – but I would avoid getting into this space unless you really know what you are doing!

This was the first site I made, if I were to do it all again I probably would have got into a totally different niche.


Because there’s a lot of competition, and it’s really not that profitable unless you’re doing coaching or promoting your own products.

#2 – Writing fake review articles to promote WA

This sort of goes hand in hand with #1 but I cringe when I see people post 10 fake review articles on making money online products just to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only do I think this is an ineffective method because so many people do it and people are starting to see through the crap – but it also potentially opens people up to lawsuits for writing those fake review articles.

#3 – Not having a solid social media presence

Wealthy Affiliate is big on Google + as providing backlink power to your site, but that is severely limiting the potential power of your site.

You want to have as many social media properties pointing back to your site as you can. You also want them all interconnected so that they power up each other while also powering up your site AND you want them to all be automated so that whenever you post something to your site, you get links from all the other social properties back to your site!

Doing this yourself can be very time consuming, however, there is an excellent provide I use that will do this all for you.

For new sites, I would just order the basic version for $5 and get the $15 in add-ons for the additional Google properties and extra social media accounts. And yes this is a completely white-hat method.

If you already have some social media accounts, you can give them your info and they will attach all the properties together for you.

#4 – Just writing review articles

Writing review articles are fine, but ONLY writing review articles is just a waste of time. Sure if you might be able to rank on the first page for very low competition keywords for some articles.

But if want to rank for competitive terms you need to add informational or supporting articles to the mix.

What are supporting articles? They are articles related to the keywords you want are trying to rank for. Here is an example of how it looks:

supporting article example

Source: Serpfocus

Let’s say you’re trying to rank for the keyword “best HD TV’s” (I wouldn’t recommend it if you try) – so you could make supporting articles that are related to HD TV’s but do not target the same keyword.

For example, you could make related articles such as “A Complete Guide to finding the right TV”, or “Finding the right size TV for your room”.

These articles are meant to add value to your site and help consumers make their buying decision easier. It also gives your main article something called ‘topical relevance’ in Googles eyes which will make it easier to rank.

The important thing is to link the supporting article to your main article and visa versa.

#5 – Not having patience

I see people get frustrated when after 3-4 months their sites aren’t ranking well and they don’t know why they can’t get any traffic to their sites.

Well, first of all, it’s probably a site with 100% review articles and has very little informational content on it.

Google is not stupid, they know when a site is being set up as a straight up affiliate site and they won’t reward them. That’s another reason why having informational or supporting content is super important!

Also, brand new sites take longer than ever for Google to begin trusting them. That’s why having many social properties linking back to your site will help you get ranking quicker. Google wants to see you’re a real brand and real brands have many social media accounts.

Your first couple of months should be all about uploading content and learning about your niche better. It also helps to be active on forums and Q&A sites like Quora and Reddit. That way you can understand your niche better as well as drive people to your website while you wait for organic traffic from Google.

Most new websites can take 6+ months before they really start gaining traction in Google, so use that time to try and drive traffic in other ways like Youtube or even making your own ebooks.

#6 – Having unrealistic expectations

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t going to have the answers to all your problems. Being successful in affiliate marketing is like being successful in any other business. It requires a commitment to learning as much as you can while also putting in the work.

There are many things Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t touch on, especially getting to your site links (which is one of the biggest factors for getting high rankings – very important!) or creating a good Youtube channel.

There are many reasons for leaving out such topics. For one, getting links to your site is a bit of a gray area, so WA stays away from this topic as it doesn’t want to get into murky waters. Also, some topics are just outside of the scope of what WA wants to be about.

But that doesn’t mean learning about these topics wouldn’t be very helpful in making you successful!

So it’s important to understand that being an affiliate marketer means always learning.

#7 – Creating content for content sake

Yes Google loves seeing content, but sometimes people make content just for the sake of creating content. This is not smart.

When creating any type of article it is important to first think “what do I want to accomplish with this?”

Each article should lead your reader down a path to a desired result. 

For example, not everyone looking for an HD TV wants to buy one right now. People need to be lead down a buying path before making a purchase. 

So if your in the HD TV niche, you want to help them along that path buy giving them information that will ultimately lead them to make a purchase. That is the point of supporting articles.

Focus on giving your readers valuable information to get them to eventually click through your link.

Not all of your articles will be about getting people to purchase from you, some articles could just encourage people to do something simple like join your email list. 

So if you have a great idea for a blog post that will give lots of value, but doesn’t really fit in to what you are promoting – this is a great time to get readers to join your email list.

#8 – Not doing good research

One of the tools that I absolutely love using when researching longtail keywords or coming up with ideas for blogs post is

Just type in a keyword your trying to rank for, and you will be given a whole bunch of possible long tail keyword ideas that real people are looking the answer to.

You can include these questions into your review articles to help make them more valuable. Or you can create supporting articles out some of the questions

Final Thoughts

I will be updating this list as time goes on, so if you think I am missing anything let me know in the comment section below!

Also if you want more affiliate marketing tips make sure to subscribe to my email newsletter!

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VideoRobot Review – Is It A Scam Or Does It Actually Work Amazing?

VideoRobot Review Snapshot

videorobot main features

Every few months or so JVZoo launches a new high-quality product that takes the market by storm and judging by the online response to the all-in-one video creation platform VideoRobot, this may be one of those products. This VideoRobot review is going to take an in-depth look at this video creation software to show you if all that hype is warranted. 


  • Home Page: VideoRobot Official Site
  • Product Name: VideoRobot
  • Creators: Todd Gross and Paul Ponna
  • Release Date: March 8th, 2018
  • Product Front-end Price: $37
  • Niche: All-In-One Animation Video Creator
  • Skill Level Needed: No Skills Necessary
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • What is Video Robot?

    VideoRobot is an all-in-one platform for creating any kind of videos in any language and for any niche. You can do all this in just minutes. There is absolutely no skill needed, you can use this software even if you are totally tech-challenged.

    VideoRobot is a next-generation video technology that is laden with amazing features that aren't in any other video apps on the market right now. With this software, you can create all kinds of videos: Kinetic Animation, Sales, Whiteboard, 3D Avatar, Live Action, and Explainer Videos, as well as Presentations and a whole lot more:

    Without a doubt, video is vital to marketing and the number one problem facing a lot of marketers today is the lack of skill, time, or money to create high-quality videos to promote their products. VideoRobot promises to solve all those problems and more. Let's take a look at what's inside this software...

    How Does It Work?

    VideoRobot is totally user-friendly and has a very intuitive dashboard. It's so easy to use a six-year-old could probably master it in a few minutes with very little instruction. If you want to see how this software works check out this video:

    With VideoRobot you can get started quickly and easily with templates that are already professionally done and all you have to do is alter the text should you choose to do so.

    This means that you just fill in the blanks and in a few minutes you have your very own professional video. This can be particularly useful for people who are very short on time but have lots of projects to create videos for. This is also great for marketers who want backlinks to their content without risking their videos being flagged as spammy.

    Also, if you have clients in a local niche all you have to do is find pre-made videos among the tons of options with built-in animations and you're ready to go. VideoRobot also comes with an awesome blank video canvas which enables you to create your own totally unique videos from scratch if that's what you want to do. 

    Yet another wonderful feature is that you can create text-to-speech with one click translation to market to a worldwide audience. This can be a huge traffic opportunity for marketers targeting customers in other countries. You can access this cloud-based platform from anywhere.

    Is It Worth Buying Video Robot?

    You should buy it if you need a way of creating commercial-grade videos that is quick, easy, and effective and:

    - You don't want to pay for expensive videographers, designers, or copywriters

    - You don't want to have to be in front of a camera yourself

    - You don't want to have to use additional tools or software

    - You don't want to have to use microphones or any other recording equipment

    - You don't want to update anything or pay for more renders (this comes with unlimited video creation)

    Insert Video

    How Does VideoRobot Compare Against Other Video Creation Platforms?

    A lot of video creation software has been released over the years and it's easy for someone to just shrug VideoRobot as just another in a long line of video creation platforms, but how does it stack up against the rest?

    It may be a little hard to compare VideoRobot to 'all' other software at the same time, but generally most of the software tools like VideoMaker FX, Explaindio, and Easy Sketch Pro, while they are great in their own ways, they come with a huge learning curve if you want to use them. VideoRobot does not; it's so much simpler.

    Another feature that puts VideoRobot head and shoulders above the rest is the fact that it offers all types of videos on one platform, from Whiteboard to 3D to Kinetic while most other platforms only offer one. 

    Is It Better Than, Say, Viddyoze 2.0? 

    If we had to compare VideoRobot to just one video creator, say Viddyoze 2.0, for instance, you would see that VideoRobot has a lot more local templates and it also comes with an awesome blank project which lets you create something that is totally unique if you choose to.

    Also, unlike Viddyoze, VideoRobot offers all types of videos and not just 3D. In addition to all that, it has a host of other industry-leading features like the text-to-speech, the avatars, and the one-click translation into any other language – all of which Viddyoze 2.0 does not provide. 

    The one thing that I think a lot of people might consider among the 'cons' about VideoRobot is the sheer amount of upsells. It's all well and good if you need all that stuff (and it's all quality stuff), but if you don't it can be a little annoying. 

    The Final Verdict

    In my opinion, the life of a marketer is complicated enough without having to break your back trying to create professional-looking videos in order to attract the attention of your audience. If something comes along that is genuine and offers to help make that work easy for you, why wouldn't you jump at the opportunity?

    After all, the launch price of just $27 makes this sort of a no-brainer for anyone who is serious about creating high-quality videos for their promotional campaigns. 

    If VideoRobot sounds like something that could help make your life 100 times easier, then don't delay and get your copy now before the launch discount is gone so you can start creating beautiful videos.

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    Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama – An In-depth Look at Both Courses in 2018…

    Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate – What Should You Choose?

    I hear that question all the time. If you’re trying to tiptoe into the world of affiliate marketing, then I suggest you read what I have to say.

    Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama are both valuable training programs with distinct sets of similarities and differences.

    I have used both, and I honestly would give Wealthy Affiliate an edge over Affilorama for many reasons.

    Am I being biased?

    Maybe I am, in the way we’re biased towards the things we like. But let me assure you that I check out my personal preferences at the door when it comes to doing reviews.

    So, before we head on to talking about what’s good and what’s not, let me give you a quick intro to both the programs.

    About Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama

    As far as reputation goes, both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate have their fair share of fans and success stories. The Wealthy Affiliate University was founded in 2005 and Affilorama just the year after, i.e., in 2006.

    So, you can probably tell that both these programs have a good number of years behind them. Unlike many affiliate marketing coaching programs that have come and gone, these two have consistently set standards for coaches and gurus to live up to.

    The creators of both the programs do not use fancy gimmicks to lure people into becoming members. Kyle and Carson (founders of Wealthy Affiliate) and Mark Ling (founder of Affilorama) are humble guys who want to see you succeed.

    So, if NOT seeing videos of people taking luxury vacations, going on a Mediterranean cruise on a yacht, or flashing their shiny new car is a deal breaker for you, I recommend you stop reading right now.

    For everyone else, keep on reading…

    Affilorama vs. Wealthy Affiliate – Pricing

    Now, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this review. Assuming that you don’t have thousands of dollars to blow on a training program, I’m going to give you some compelling reasons to pick Wealthy Affiliate over Affilorama. You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review right here

    First of all, what I don’t like about Mark Ling’s training program is that it comes with a few too many upsells. Meaning, it is a pay-to-use program like any other, but it requires you to dish out more and more money if you want to advance your skills.

    I’m not going to question the authenticity or the usefulness of those upsells, but I am going to say that coaches should really consider not using them. When you sign up for Affilorama paying $ 67 a month in membership fees, the system tries to sell you these three things:

    •        Affilotheme (a plugin to build affiliate sites easily) for $ 97
    •        Affiloblueprint (a training course on creating an affiliate marketing website) for $ 197
    •        Affilojetpack (a collection of tools that supposed to make marketing easier) for $ 997

    When you add up the cost of the above along with 12 months membership fees, the total comes to (12*67+ 97+197+997): $2095!

    If you’re okay with paying over $ 2000 in the first year itself, then by all means, go for it. But most people (at least the ones I know) don’t have that kind of money. In fact, pricing is one of the objections that keep away many people from choosing Affilorama.

    Why I prefer Wealthy Affiliate?

    Because for starters, this affiliate marketing training program does not cost you $ 2000. Pay $49 a month for premium membership, and you’re all set! There are no upsells that make you feel you’re missing out.

    Sign Up For A 7-Day Free Trial Here >

    What’s So Great About Wealthy Affiliate?

    Price aside, the training system of this program is also better than most. And I say this as someone who has tried a lot of Internet coaching. Their ‘5 level course’ is excellent for beginners as well as intermediate marketers and are broken down as follows:

    Level I: Getting started with online marketing

    Level II: How to build your own website that brings traffic

    Level III: The art of making money

    Level IV: How to master social engagement

    Level V: Reaching the peak of success through valuable content

    Each of those levels is broken down into smaller segments and come with easy-to-follow and actionable tips. You get lessons through interactive videos, followed by a checklist of tasks to complete.

    Though some might say that Wealthy Affiliate’s content is thin compared to Affilorama’s, I beg to differ. Most of their content is newbie-friendly, and easy to pick up even for people who are unfamiliar with internet marketing jargons.

    And let’s not forget the fact that Affilorama charges you more money every step of the way, which adds up to almost 4x of Wealthy Affiliate’s yearly membership costs.

    Moreover, the creators of Wealthy Affiliate stress on pursuing whitehat SEO, which is the standard for the industry. So, not only will you be learning about which products to promote and how, but also the best practices to follow.

    Who Wins in Community Engagement?

    Wealthy Affiliate wins hands down when it comes to community and support. From the outside, it seems like Affilorama is a high engagement group, boasting of more than 300,000 members, but there’s very little of what we call “engagement.”

    Sure, there are 29 staff members ready to tend to your queries and requests but don’t expect to make friends or engage with other Affilorama members. The hype for this program has died down considerably since its inception, leaving the forums mostly dry.

    Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, boasts of a smaller but close-knit community where members are eager to help one another. Most of the time, I have to wait no longer than 10 minutes to get a reply to my post. And the members are also super helpful!

    And here’s the DEAL MAKER: Kyle and Carson are both available in Wealthy Affiliate if you ever need support. They also conduct weekly and monthly webinars to keep you updated on the latest in affiliate marketing.

    My Recommendation

    No prizes for guessing – it’s Wealthy Affiliate.

    If you’re looking to kickstart your career as an Internet marketer or looking to make some passive income through affiliate sales, I recommend you to check out this training program. And you don’t even have to pay for premium membership to get started.

    Just visit click here and sign up for their 7-day free trial. I’m pretty sure you’ll soon be convinced that their premium membership is worth your time and money.

    I’m not saying Affilorama isn’t useful; heck, it might be better for people who already know about the basics of online marketing and want to take the next step. But throwing $2000 on something that you don’t even know would be of any help sounds a bit unreasonable to me.

    Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, gives you access to every tool you need to earn that first online dollar at a modest cost. All you have to do is take massive action to succeed.

    Sign Up For A 7-Day Free Trial Here >

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    7 Figure Cycle Review – A Preview Of What Promises To Skyrocket Ecommerce

    How the 7 Figure Cycle Claims To Be Revolutionizing eCommerce

    The Internet has created an incredible footprint in the modern world. From the way we take in information to how we communicate, there isn’t a thing that has not been influenced in part by the Internet. It has even changed the way we do business.
    In previous times we struggled with stores and businesses because of how difficult it could be to establish a larger customer base. This is one of the main reasons why people these days are quickly investing in eCommerce as their way of doing business.
    It is an easy method of reaching a global consumer market for selling goods, and the 7 figure cycle has made that even easier with their Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce which is geared towards educating you and everyone else on the important things needed to start your own eCommerce business.
    This is a 7 Figure Cycle (pre)review to help you understand how the 7 Figure Cycle may be just the thing you need. If you really want to learn more, check out this case study
    results from the program

    What is the 7 Figure Cycle?

    It would be hard to give a review without first explaining what the system is. The 7 figure cycle is a product created by popular digital marketing experts Steve Clayton, Chris Keef, Aidan Booth and Todd Snively.
    This is basically a system that educates people on how to dominate the field using an eCommerce strategy that sells well.
    It gives people the chance to make over thousands of dollars a day with less that $100 initial deposit. This is done without the use of a website, paid ads, customer support or product development or branding.
    The 7 Figure Cycle works by upgrading your profit every 2 weeks by 50% and then replicating that success 26 times a year. The great part of this is that there is no need for:
    • Branding
    • Ads
    • Products
    • or even a website

    The Strategies Used in 7 Figure Cycle

    Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth have great knowledge in many industries, so here is what you can expect from them:

    Affiliate Marketing

    Both Steven and Clayton are well known affiliate marketers. They have built numerous 6 figure affiliate marketing businesses and will be passing on their knowledge in this course.

    Amazon FBA

    For Sale by Amazon is the way Steven and Clayton made their first million sales. This type of business is great as once your product ranks for a search term it tends to stick for a while and the whole thing becomes passive.

    Drop Shipping

    Similar to Amazon FBA but its where you control your own website and arrange dropshipping with another company. This method was discussed at length in their previous course 100k Factory. You can expect better and more up to date training in taking your Shopify or eCommerce store to a big winner.

    7 Figure Cycle Review

    The 7 Figure Cycle is scheduled for release in January 2018 but has already received high praise by reviewers in anticipation of what they believe will be one of the most effective training programs for eCommerce and business.
    7 Figure Cycle reviews have referred to the system as being a life changing opportunity for anyone who wishes to earn some extra money or is simply interested in eCommerce business. One of its most praised aspects is the fact that the 7 Figure Cycle has been laid out in a step by step format that can give the user over thousands of dollars when the program has been implemented.
    It is so simple that even normal people who know next to nothing about business can use the 7 Figure Cycle training program and gain tremendously from it. You don’t even need to have past experience access the 7 Figure Cycle platform. In fact, with just basic computer knowledge you’re more than ready to begin. The training program is also accessible by just about anybody in all countries in the world.
    The 7 Figure Cycle is considered as the ideal platform to help create an eCommerce site because of its method of fast cycling.
    This system when used can raise cash up by 50 percent plus margin in just two weeks and up to twenty-six times in one year. The 7 Figure Cycle is a program with its own unique training program, structural design and web-based software that guarantees an offer of the right plan to help you profit from a great income in little time.
    There are many advantages to using the 7 Figure Cycle as your guide to start a business in eCommerce. The system comes with strong digital automation so you won’t need a website to do promotions. This is also a less than $100 investment for a program that can potentially give you back thousands of dollars in profit.
    There is no need for any product development or branding and you don’t even need to run paid ads to earn money. Waiting weeks for products to come is a thing of the past with the 7 Figure Cycle training program and you won’t need customer support either. This is a very simplified system geared towards helping you earn more money and reach one step closer to your dream.
    The 7 Figure Cycle offers many great benefits for interested users with an added bonus that if you aren’t satisfied, there is a 60-day money back guarantee that is offered as part of its services with ClickBank. Learn more by watching this case study

    Who Are the 7 Figure Cycle Creators?

    The 7 Figure Cycle may seem like a thing from the distant future or simply unrealistic, but it isn’t such a hard pill to swallow if you know a little more about the creators of the program.
    Steve Clayton, Chris Keef, Aidan Booth and Todd Snively have long been in the eCommerce world and are well known for their expertise in digital marketing.
    This is not at all their first ballgame, having previously released many other information products since as early as 2006 to help consumers interested in online marketing. They have made their mark especially in the last few years as multi-million entrepreneurs.
    Of particular mention is their 100k Factory program which has been a successful hit on the market for the past two years. With the similar benefit of a 60 day refund period, the online training program still managed to maintain its refund rates to only 17 percent.

    With figures like these the new 7 Figure Cycle program is expected to keep up the profitable trend and earn even more money in 2018 not only for the creators but for all the users as well.

    There are many 7 Figure Cycle reviews online that testify to the system’s expected outstanding ability. A simple search will lead you to a number of results where people are extremely excited for the release of this new product for what may just be one of the best business opportunities in 2018.

    The testimonials that have been put out so far were given for only the demo version of the 7 Figure Cycle so at this point it has a reputation to live up to. If the programs before it are anything to go by, this program will be a huge hit and definitely bring as much profit as it is expected to.
    Meaning if you are looking for some way to earn extra money or you were already interested in eCommerce, this would be a great investment to set yourself off in the right foot and begin a successful business. Why wait when you could be making one of the best decisions for your future career?
    Check out the 7 Figure Cycle case study here

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    Exclusive Free Training: How To Build a $100,000 Amazon Dropshipping Business

    Are you looking to start your own dropshipping business but feel stuck? Do you feel like it might be too complicated or difficult?

    Thankfully Sarah Crisp has a free webinar where she explains step by step how she launched her own $100,000 Amazon dropshipping business. Her no-B.S approach is refreshing, and the tips and strategies she shares in this webinar are better than many of the PAID courses out there.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • How dropshipping works exactly and how you can make profits off it.
    • How to spot profitable products to sell without wasting time like most people do.
    • How to look for suppliers that sell those profitable products, how you can contact them and start selling.
    • The simple math behind making a $100,000 dropshipping business, and how you can make it work.
    • The recommended tools you need to increase your chance of success.
    • And so much more…

    >>  Click here to get free dropshipping training  <<

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    The Beginners’ Dropshipping Guide To Starting A Business Selling Things Online

    Are you interested in selling stuff online?

    Perhaps you dream of quitting the rat-race and starting your own Amazon or eBay business (which means working in your PJs, taking long weekends whenever you feel like it, waking up at 10 in the morning, and answering to nobody since you are the boss…)

    Or perhaps you simply want a few more dollars in your pocket.

    Irrespective of your reasons for wishing to get started, e-commerce presents endless amazing opportunities for those with access to the Internet. Of all the ways to make money online, it is probably one of the easiest to understand and get involved with.

    The following guide to the world of selling online will show you how to do it properly and exactly where to start!

    However, like everything, there is the benefits and drawbacks you should be aware of.

    First, the good stuff…

    Why is Online Selling So Amazing?

    Working from home in your PJs is definitely something great, but there are many other great reasons for working at home to build an e-commerce business:

    You get to set your own hours, you work from home, and you determine the extent to which you want to take it. The possibilities are practically limitless. Wish to build an online business empire? Wish to make a few more dollars to save? In the world of online selling, there is no glass ceiling and you never have to worry about sucking up to a boss. It is pure freedom.

    It is something you may have probably already experienced. If you have ever sold or purchased something on the Internet, you have an understanding of how it works, which is what makes online selling an easier skill to understand than most other home business options.

    You will be free to pursue your own interests. Do you love fly fishing? Refurbishing antique dolls? Cake decorating? When you start to sell online, you can often establish a profitable business of your passions.

    It is neither as risky nor as difficult as starting a conventional business. You never have to invest too much of your money when you first get started and don’t actually have to worry about leasing or buying a physical property. The barriers to entry in this business are quite low, which means that just about anyone can try it out.

    What is stopping you?

    You never have to bother yourself with storing inventory if you don’t wish to!

    It is fun and by the end of the guide, you will most likely agree with this assessment. 

    So, what are the Drawbacks?

    Online selling has a few drawbacks just like with anything else in life. It is important to know about these before you get started so that you can set realistic expectations for yourself.

    It will take time. You may have to wait a month or two before you start to see consistent results. It is highly unlikely that you will accumulate over $100 worth of sales on your first day.

    There is a learning curve. If you have previously sold things online, you are already a step ahead of the competition. However, you will have to step up your game if you wish to sell online professionally.

    You will have to wear different hats. You are the business owner and the amazing team of one especially when getting started. You will have to play the role of a marketer, accountant, web designer, and various other roles as required. It means that you will be shouldering all the responsibility. You cannot blame anybody but yourself if something goes wrong.

    Not all the income is passive. Hopefully, you will be dealing with regular customer inquiries, sales, and shipments. This means that you will be very involved with the business until you are able to afford to hire staff. Even then, you will have to continue being involved in all that happens.

    Simply put, it is not a scheme for getting rich quickly.

    However, if you are ready to spend some of your time developing your brand, building a reputation, and optimizing the processes then the opportunities are endless. 

    Are You Ready for a Challenge?

    Brace yourself since you are ready to embark upon an incredible journey.

    With a bit of persistence and hard work, you could be soon handing in your two-week notice at your current job to take on your online business full-time.

    So where should you begin?

    Getting Started: Sell Things Around Your House

    The first recommendation is that you head over to eBay (or a local equivalent) and try to sell some of the things lying around your house.

    Why should you start by selling household items instead of driving straight into the things you really want to sell?

    There are several good reasons for doing this first:

    You will receive some seller feedback. People are often cautious about new sellers and this will give you some notches under your belt so that people are comfortable buying from you.

    You get experience. You will learn how to capture photos, create listings, and deal with customers positively.

    You will earn some extra cash. You can then use your earnings towards your first “real” stock purchase.

    Here are a few tips for getting the first few sales under your belt.

    Step 1: Find Items to Sell

    You might not think that you have anything lying around in your house worth selling. Your trash might be another person’s treasure to paraphrase the popular saying.

    A quick word of wisdom: If you find something you believe might sell but are not completely sure, check to see whether anyone else is selling it. If another person is selling a similar item, chances are you can too.

    However, even if nobody is selling a similar item, it is still worth a shot. Experiment with various products to find those that sell the best. You might even find a lucrative niche doing this.

    Once you have had some experience selling second-hand items, move to the next step…

    Step 2: Taking Pictures

    Pictures are the foundation of a great product listing. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    The best thing about taking pictures of your items is that you don’t have to use an expensive camera to do it, and you don’t require a fancy studio setup.

    Your phone camera should work just fine. The important thing is to capture clear images so that people are able to see what they are buying.

    For this, you just require some common sense…

    Use a plain-colored background. Having other things in the background of the pictures for the listings can be very off-putting and distracting. Ensure that the focus is always on the product by eliminating any background distractions.

    Keep your camera still. Blurry images are the worst and completely unprofessional. It usually happens if you don’t have enough light, which means that even the tiniest shake of your hand blurs the image. The best way to ensure good quality images is by moving to an area with better lighting, putting the camera on a steady surface, or using a tripod.

    Take pictures from different angles. The best way to show off pictures is capturing them from different sides. It helps customers build a better picture of the item in their minds.

    Show the product in use. For instance, if it a used dress, capture photos of somebody wearing it rather than simply laying it flat. It will help customers see how well it fits since it will ultimately affect their decision as to whether to buy or not.

    Step 3: Create An Awesome Description For Each Item

    After you have your products accounted for and eye-catching photos for each one, an awesome description will really help you bring it all together. Don't be too vague or short. Minor details won't cut it; you really need to make the product sound as essential as possible. If anyone is ever to feel inspired to make the purchase without seeing the item first hand, the text needs to convince them that it's just as good as the photographs make it seem. Make sure you include the following details:

    The Composition Of The Product

    If you have an item like a bracelet, you need to let your customers know what type of material is being used. Be sure to include every detail that you can, even if it's plain to see in the photos.

    The Dimensions And Weight

    The dimensions and the weight will help give a better "mind's eye view" of the product. Photographs can easily make items seem larger than they really are, resulting in guaranteed returns and disgruntled feedback.

    Flaws And Damage

    No matter what, you always have to account for any flaws that the product may have. If you attempt to brush over it, it's only going to hurt your reliability and future potential for business. You should also be sure that your images show off the flaws as well. This will help build the trust of your customers, a feat that is absolutely priceless.

    The Benefits Of The Product

    Don't focus solely on stating how amazing the product is. You need to let your customers know what's actually in it for them if they make the purchase. Try to come up with just as many potential benefits as technical features!

    Passionate Text

    You need to write with passion and emotion in order to evoke the same feeling from your audience. Plainly stating facts won't get you very far. Be sure to jazz up your descriptions with fun adjectives (where appropriate) and a cheery (albeit not corny) attitude.

    Step 4: Create Your Sales Listings `

    Now that you have all of the tools necessary to get the point across about your products, it's time for you to make them available to the public! The details of how you go about listing items will differ from one online marketplace to the next, but all of the major sources should have help pages to assist you if you get lost. Some of the most useful online sources right now are eBay and Craigslist. You might also have success with Facebook groups, or even your own personal website.

    Step 5: Watch Over Your Sales

    Once your listings have gone live, you might feel as if all you need to do is sit and wait. If you notice there's not much attention being drummed up however, you need to take action. Lower the prices and advertise the listings more if need be. You should also be sure to have plenty of shipping supplies on hand for when everything does eventually sell; speedy delivery is always important!

    Although it isn't quite fair for individual sellers, major online retailers such as Amazon have such lighting fast service and relatively low pricing that everyone else has to do their best to keep up. You need to keep in regular contact with your customers and provide excellent packing and shipping for them. This will help you develop positive feedback and the possibility of return customers, both of which will keep you afloat as you move forward.

    Be sure to include a tracking number for your shipments as well; this will help give you a layer of protection from customers claiming they never received their packages. You can also use the tracking to note when you haven't received any comments or feedback. In that event, you might want to send a friendly e-mail along these lines:

    "Hello, (customer name)!
    Thank you so much for your purchase of (the product)!
    I'm reaching out in order to make sure that your package arrived as expected. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to get back in touch!
    If everything was to your liking, I'd greatly appreciate if you could leave some review comments or feedback at (relevant link to your seller page).
    Thank you!"

    After you've made even a small number of sales, you'll slowly start getting the hang of it. You might even find the entire process fun! As long as you honor your customers' needs, you'll be growing a strong reputation in no time (and it will only get better from there).

    successful woman with laptop sitting over lake

    How To Move On To Professional Sales

    Have you really gotten the bug for selling? If you find that selling items is something you're really cut out for, you might want to consider making it your full-time job. Many people operate wildly successful online businesses this way; you're more than welcome to give it a go yourself! With that said, here are a few steps to help you get off on the right foot:

    Find Products You Believe In

    Selling anything and everything might help you get started, but you'll likely tire of it. To keep yourself motivated, you really need to pick a product that you fully believe in. Operating within smaller niches will put you in the best position, but anything that you're passionate about will serve you well.

    Find A Reliable Supplier

    You should also look into finding product suppliers to help keep your costs at a minimum. Salehoo is a great resource! Once you have a few wholesale suppliers in mind, it's as simple as reaching out and seeing who might be able to work something out with you.

    Assure The Legality Of Your Sales

    You should also be sure that you're selling official products rather than bootlegged materials. Do your research on every aspect of your products and the suppliers you aim to rely upon.

    Decide Upon Your Marketplace

    Don't sweat it if you decide that eBay isn't for you. (You should never rule out the option, however). Between the likes of Amazon, Facebook, and Etsy, there are a wealth of alternative options out there. You should pick one to rely upon over all others in order to make your life a little easier, but spreading stock throughout several venues may occasionally prove useful.

    neckties to sell

    Choosing Your Products

    There's quite a difference when it comes to getting rid of random belongings and becoming a professional seller. Deciding exactly what you need to sell is often the most difficult aspect of the process. Of all the countless items that are on the marketplace, how do you know where to start? Above all, make sure your products meet these requirements:

    • A Profit Can Be Made
    • The Product Has Demand
    • The Competition Is Bearable

    Steps For Finding A Supplier

    When you've decided what you want to sell, the next step is nearly self-explanatory; find a person who can supply it for you!

    Of course, just because it's obvious doesn't mean it's easy. Finding someone to supply can take quite a bit of time, and that's presuming you find a supplier that's honest and helpful.

    If you want to find a supplier, there are two ways:

    Wholesale directories are the first place to go. SaleHoo is a popular one, but it's not the only one. As you might suspect, these are directories full of wholesale suppliers. The best are carefully organized and searchable.

    Ready my review on SaleHoo by clicking here

    These directories can make it quite a bit easier to find those suppliers you need. If you really want to find a good supplier, you may want to look into membership-only directories. They may charge a fee, but they also tend to do background checks and other checks on supply companies in order to ensure they're legitimate.

    Google search. If you haven't figured out how to use Google by now, then you probably shouldn't be trying to sell things online! It's fairly simple to do a Google search, and you'll no doubt get a large number of results if you have a few useful keywords.

    That said, there are a number of things you have to watch out for. It's hard to tell if a company's website looks terrible because the company is terrible, or if they simply don't have the money for a good website even though they're a good company. And then there are the companies that spend plenty on marketing so that they don't have to spend anything on actually helping customers. If you're considering an unverified supplier, be cautious.

    phone call to suppliers

    Contacting A Supplier

    Once you have a few different suppliers that you'd like to do business with, it's time to actually make contact.

    We always recommend a telephone call rather than other forms of communication. Email contact is helpful since you have everything in writing. But for the initial contact, it's helpful to speak directly with the other person. It will give you a much better idea of who they are and whether or not they're on the level.

    It's not always easy to call a supplier on the phone, so if you need some help check out our guide to contacting a supplier. We can help you find out what to expect, what questions you should ask, and what red flags to look for in order to ensure you're not getting taken for a ride.


    Are you finally happy with your choice of suppliers? Great! Now it's time to get down to the brass tacks.

    Suppliers want to charge as much as possible, even the good ones. This is no different from you or any other business. That said, the lower the price you pay, the more profit you make.

    So what can you do in order to get the best possible deal? There are a number of things you can do that may entice the supplier to give you a lower price. These include:

    1. Ordering in bulk - If you're making a large enough order, the supplier may be willing to drop the price per unit. Some suppliers only offer a basic discount for first-time buyers, but if you become a repeat customer you may get an even better price.
    2. Developing a relationship with your supplier never hurts - Just like with anyone else, the more trustworthy and dependable you are the more your supplier will be willing to work with you. Try not to take advantage of them, since you wouldn't want to be taken advantage of. But there's no harm in asking if you can get a bit of a discount if you've been buying long enough.
    3. Buy directly from the manufacturer if at all possible - Just like buying something at retail price means buying smaller amounts for a higher price per unit, buying wholesale means the same thing when you compare it to buying from the manufacturer. Of course, manufacturers often demand you purchase enough to fill a wholesale order. There are ways around this, however. Your best option is to find other sellers to split the cost. If you're all buying the same product, then there's no reason you shouldn't work together to save money.

    So, you have your supplier, you have your product, what's next? Actually ensuring you can sell the products online!

    picture of legal items

    Making It Legal

    While there are generally federal level laws involving online sales, many smaller jurisdictions will have their own laws that must also be followed. You may need to register as a local business or have certain kinds of licenses in order to buy from local suppliers.

    If you need some advice on setting up your business, check out our "Business Basics" article. Here are a few things you'll have to consider:

    Choosing the name of your business: You should think carefully about this one. The name of your store is something you'll have to plaster all over the internet. It has to attract people's attention, but it also has to convince them to visit your shop. Naming your shop after a witty double entendre may be amusing in theory, but it's a lot less funny when no one visits your page because they think it's a joke.

    Make absolutely certain you apply for a tax ID or a reseller license, depending on what your local laws demand. Having these certifications keep the government from taking everything or charging you with illegal selling.

    Make sure you have a solid understanding of what business structure you should use. You're building an empire, not a short-term tent city. Plan for the long-game, rather than taking actions that seem immediately profitable but lead to diminishing returns. Empires are meant to last forever, and yours should be no different.

    picture of thing to dropship

    Choose Where You Want To Sell

    When it comes to online sales, there aren't a lot of options.

    When you're starting out, your best bet is to stick with the two big marketplaces; eBay and Amazon. Why?

    eBay - eBay has been around for nearly 20 years now, so it's no wonder so many people use it for online sales. It's a great website for used goods and one-off items you're hoping to get rid of quickly rather than keep in stock.

    The downside of eBay is that it's not a highly profitable marketplace. There are certain products that can command a high price, but for the most part, eBay sales are priced cheap. Plan your sales appropriately, and don't go to eBay expecting to rake in the cash.

    Amazon - Part of why eBay runs cheap is because of the ease with which a person can become a seller. All you have to do is set up an account, and you run an online store. Amazon has a much more rigorous screen process, which means only companies profitable enough to prove their worth can sell on the platform.

     In addition, Amazon has a certain credibility that eBay simply doesn't have. Amazon is considered a place for online stores, whereas eBay is considered an online garage sale. In addition, Amazon offers sellers quite a few options that eBay doesn't offer. One of the more popular options is the FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) program.

    With this program, you can pay Amazon to store and ship products on your behalf. While it's not suitable for every business, you may find it a better option than drop shipping or attempting to find product storage on your own.

    Amazon and eBay are the biggest marketplaces, but there are a number of smaller online marketplaces that might be suitable for your company.

    And of course, you can always set up your own website with an online shop feature.

    This gives you a lot more freedom in terms of how you offer your product and what customer services you're able to perform. In addition, you won't have to pay a seller's fee to a third party. That said, it takes a bit more time and effort to set up. If you'd like some advice on doing so, check our article "Setting Up Your Own Webstore". It should help you decide which direction you want to go. 

    To get amazing training on how to start a dropshipping company and find reliable suppliers check out SaleHoo for 7 days for only $1

    Continue reading

    Salehoo Success Story: Carolyn Newsom

    "At present we are Bronze Power Sellers and are very pleased with the way their business is growing" -Carolyn Newsom

    Turning disaster into accomplishment: How 2 sisters grew their e-commerce business to $50K+ in a year to support their seriously ill brother.

    Texan sisters Carolyn Newsom and Virginia Ehrlich, of Bootsie's Boutique, are among SaleHoo's excellent success stories. Here they offer their individual pointers and techniques for how they grew a flourishing e-commerce company in order to get more family time and versatility, while still making good cash.

    Carolyn Newsom and her sis Virginia 'Bootsie' Ehrlich were working well-paid, full-time jobs when their parents regretfully died within a few months of each other.

    The household catastrophe likewise meant the sisters needed to take over the care and financial backing of their brother, Neill, who was a diabetic and double-leg amputee.

    But with Neill living a number of hundred miles away from their Texas house, the siblings required work that was more versatile.

    They also needed something that would provide a reliable income.

    The people who were managing their moms and dads' estate recommended that they look at offering things on eBay.

    Offering products online was a foreign idea for Carolyn and Bootsie.

    Carolyn was an executive director at a non-profit with 20 years experience in the industry, and Bootsie was a former monetary coordinator, insurance representative, and instructor.

    How to start selling on eBay

    They started in 2007 selling Gorham plates, flatware, and China that can fetch good money on eBay.

    But they quickly found they needed more stock to keep bringing in customers, and sales ticking over.

    " We initially built the business around things my sister Bootsie liked: Dolls, bears, children's clothing," Carolyn says.

    " Of course, we were very excited when all the plates offered, and then other things we purchased or discovered."

    They were quickly approached by wholesale providers and began buying some items, such as plus-size females' clothing, in bulk.

    They called business, Bootsie's Boutique, and started noting items on eBay more regularly.

    In the early days, Carolyn and Bootsie were just making a couple of hundred dollars a month from eBay.

    So they started searching forums for creative methods to grow their company, which is when they found Salehoo - see the review here.

    Choosing a wholesale provider directory service

    Carolyn and Bootsie joined SaleHoo about a year into their company when their initial providers stopped offering the items they required.

    Carolyn states they chose SaleHoo over other directory services because of its extensive lists of suppliers and product categories, along with the "incredible, practical" staff.

    " It resembled being a kid in a sweet-shop," she states. "No one else compared."

    Utilizing SaleHoo, the siblings were able to find the vendors and products they required, most of which they still use today.

    They include wholesale sites such as FashionGo for ladies' clothing; The Immediate Resource for senior prom gowns; Entertainment Earth for action figures and toys; and Crayon Kids Fashion for kids' clothes.

    Finding a niche

    Carolyn says they chose plus-size women’s clothing as their niche early on as the market was “very underserved”.

    “Plus size ladies love to look great and sexy, too,” Carolyn says.

    However, they have since expanded to all types of women’s clothing, prom dresses, flower girl dresses, christening clothing, porcelain dolls, action figures, tea sets and Disney/Mattel and Hasbro dolls.

    They also sell gift baskets for different occasions, such as a birthday gift basket, a cheerful “get well” basket, and a romantic anniversary basket via drop shipping.

    Carolyn says SaleHoo helped to connect them with great suppliers for each new niche they picked up.

    SaleHoo also provided data and information on potential new niche markets, she says.

    Some of their most popular products include Halloween costumes, flower girl dresses, christening clothing, children’s play clothes, and toys.

    Today, their product range includes pet costumes, Star Wars action figures, lace-lined cocktail dresses, and Kreative Kids soft toys.

    Carolyn’s tip for new sellers: “Try to find your niche, but also try to find things that will sell well in all the seasons or holidays.”

    Sometimes when one niche is booming, another falls flat which means it helps to spread your business across multiple markets.

    Buying in bulk versus dropshipping

    Carolyn said they primarily decide to buy wholesale from wholesale suppliers, however, they utilize drop shipping for some products.

    Drop shipping is a technique where the seller does not keep items in stock, but rather transfers customer orders and shipment information to a producer, retailer, or wholesaler, who then ships the goods.

    Carolyn says drop shipping can be a great way to get begun offering online.

    " You can begin by drop shipping so you do not need to carry stock, bundle and mail all the products, and SaleHoo has a lot of great drop shipping vendors for you to use."

    She suggests calling drop shipping suppliers to make sure that they can meet your needs in a prompt way.

    " You will want a drop ship business that ships their items in 1-2 days to the pleasure of your consumers, not one that takes 2-3 days or has inconsistent stock levels."

    Earning a stable income

    Within a year of using SaleHoo, Carolyn and Bootsie had grown Bootsie's Boutique from earning a few hundred dollars a month to more than $50,000 a year.

    " It has grown considerably larger than we had ever pictured," she says.

    " Connecting with SaleHoo was certainly a turning point."

    She puts the success down to "the quality products from trustworthy vendors" discovered on SaleHoo.

    SaleHoo has helped Bootsie's Boutique progress from bronze to silver level on eBay where they are now a "premier seller" and have favorable feedback from more than 5000 happy customers.

    The forums, newsletters, blog posts, videos and other content from SaleHoo has also helped them to expand beyond eBay. They now have stores on,, and

    The revenue margins on most of their items are double the wholesale cost, however hard to get products can cost "absurd quantities".

    Some products, such as present baskets and silk arrangements, have lower profit margins of 20-25% as there are extra expenses connected with drop shipping.

    Diversifying their product range along with their online existence has actually assisted the sisters to sustain steady earnings.

    They even established a subsidiary of their company in the name of their sibling, called Neill's Deals, where they primarily offer children's toys.

    The sisters used the proceeds from Neill's Deals to assist pay for their brothers living costs and health care.

    More flexibility and time

    Carolyn and Bootsie have actually likewise handled to attain their essential goals - more flexibility and household time.

    Carolyn says when she was working as an executive director at a non-profit, she was doing 65 to 80-plus hours a week.

    " Now it is more like 40 hours. Plus you can work while taking a trip, and can even do drop shipping from practically anywhere."

    This allowed the siblings to invest crucial time with their sibling Neill throughout the years prior to he passed away.

    They now donate the earnings from Neill's Deals to different charities for children and veterans, along with the Salvation Army, Red Cross, and the National Kidney Foundation.

    Carolyn says it's simple to put business "on vacation" and take care of more pushing things.

    But the best benefit of offering online is "that household can be first at any time".

    Top tips for e-commerce success

    In her 9 years of offering online, Carolyn has fantastic guidance for anyone seeking to earn a living in e-commerce.

    “Start selling something you love, no longer need, or take advantage of the fantastic help videos on SaleHoo for ideas and data on niche markets.

    “When you decide what you want to sell, check the Salehoo directory first for details and reviews on suppliers that sell just about anything you would want to sell or drop ship.”

    She says it's crucial to make your eBay listings as "total, truthful and fascinating as possible" to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

    “List often, so there is life going through your site.

    “Also, update things regularly by adding pictures, changing prices, adding details to the description, title or drop-down menu options/traits. Fill in all that you can, as data is king.”

    Carolyn says she and Bootsie likewise took online courses, read articles, and watched academic videos.

    “We took advantage of so much that SaleHoo offered and benefitted exponentially.

    And posting on social media regularly also assists produce brand name awareness and sales, Carolyn says.

    Carolyn and Bootsie have a combined 70,000 followers on Twitter and also use Instagram and Facebook to push their products.

    “Set up automatic tweets to post any new items you list or that get re-listed,” Carolyn says.

    “Get your friends involved to retweet or post your things on their Facebook or Instagram. Reciprocate.

    “If you do not have time to do all the social media posts and marketing, there are many resources available to help. The idea is to get lots of backlinks from such posts to your items.”

    At the core of the business was treating their consumers and vendors well and enjoying the ride.

    " Thank each customer and supplier," Carolyn states. "Build your business one sale at a time. Have a good time.

    To learn more about Salehoo - check out the review here

    Continue reading

    Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories 2018 – Are You Missing Out?

    Are you interested in Wealthy Affiliate, but don’t know if it is for you?

    Have you checked out a bunch of reviews, but still think it’s a scam?

    The internet is full of sharks. There are unscrupulous people and companies who will take you for everything you got.

    But we live in an amazing time. The internet offers so many opportunities for people to start their own businesses and become their own bosses. There has truly never been a better time to be alive.

    One of the truly great things about the internet is that anyone can start a business and make it big.

    Is it a guarantee? No.

    Can it happen to you? Perhaps.

    You see, success comes to those that get sh*t done. It comes to those wild and wacky people who have a dream and then work their butts off until they get what they want.

    Is it easy? Absolutely not.

    The truth is there is no blueprint for success. Every person will have their own way to becoming successful. They just need a ‘push’ in the right direction.

    And that is what Wealthy Affiliate is.

    It is not a get rich quick scheme. It is not a guaranteed way to make thousands of dollars a month.

    It is an entire system designed to give you the tools you need to get sh*t done.

    You will only get out of Wealthy Affiliate what you are willing to put into it. Only want to spend a couple hours a week with a brand new website to get it off the ground? You are just setting yourself up for failure.

    If you’re not willing to learn and expect failure along the way, then being your own boss is not for you.

    The thing that separates successful entrepreneurs from failures is perseverance. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers by nature. If something fails, they look at themselves and fix what they did wrong. They don’t stop until they get it right.

    Here is just a small list of people who “got it right” with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Click Here To Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free

    thumbs up success

    Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

    One thing all these stories have in common is that none of them were an overnight success. Each member had to suffer through painful defeats before coming through the other side. Here are some of my favorite success stories.

    wealthy affiliate rags to riches story alex

    Alex – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2007

    Scams on the internet have really victimized many, one of whom was Alex who lost thousands of dollars. In 2007, he desperately joined Wealthy Affiliate and finally made it.

    He earned more than $10,000 a month from his online business. Just like any successful businessman, Alex worked hard and never stopped trying until he succeeded and now he is among Wealthy Affiliate success stories that inspire others.

    Learn more about Alex here


    wealthy affiliate success story christineChristene – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2013

    What makes Christine’s story unique is that she was already successful prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate. It was for the sake of others that she joined the program. She was searching for a platform that would give her readers a shot to internet marketing without the need to rip them off.

    She also found the program has a lot of seasoned internet markets, helping her to be honed in promoting her site and in writing with different styles since English is not her native language. As a result, Christene’s websites gained more traffic and generated more sales.

    Read more on Christene’s story here


    wealthy affiliate rags to riches story dom w

    Dom – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2012

    Dom W has created a great business using his learning from Wealthy Affiliate. He earned from zero to more than $10k per month in three years. In 2014, he founded which, in 2016 did $680,000 in sales.

    Dom has already the drive and leverages the Wealthy Affiliate’s platform. Among his services is content creation. Give him keywords and subject and his team will give you a quality article that can rank with Google big time.

    Read more of Dom’s story here.


    wealthy affiliate performance story dougDoug – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2014

    Wealthy Affiliate success stories are not confined to a certain age range. A teen has successfully made it through the platform as well.

    At only 18 years old, Doug has made more than $6k in a single month. He shares his monthly earnings in his blog at WA and has inspired others, especially the teens who are searching for ways on how to make money online.

    You can read more of his story here.

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    Frank – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2013

    wealthy affiliate success story frank

    One of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories comes from New Zealand.  Frank is making a full time living from his online business. He works at home and has succeeded in promoting WA.

    His personable writing style connects him and his readers. Frank is enjoying the lifestyle that allows him to pursue his passion and spend quality time with his family.

    Read more about Frank here



    wealthy affiliate performance story jay

    Jay – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2007

    One of the successful people in WA is Jay. He is very active and regularly does live video pieces of training for free as a way of sharing his expertise in internet marketing. I have benefitted tremendously from Jay’s training.

    He has been with WA for more than 10 years so he has seen how the platform progressed and evolved to meet the needs of contemporary business people.

    Jay likewise has a case study which shows how he turned a concept into a profitable website, proving that there are massive opportunities for finding money making niches.

    Read Jay’s case study here


    Stu – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2014

    story of success for WA

    Stu started out in Wealthy Affiliate in as a talented graphic designer with no idea of how to apply his trade online to make money. Stu loves audio an visual equipment and he has kept a very detailed personal account of his struggles and successes throughout the years.

    Stu has slowly but surely grown his website over the years and he is currently making over $2000 a month doing reviews on products he loves. He currently has his sights set on $5000 per month and beyond…

    See Stu’s full story here 



    Nathaniell – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2010

    wealthy affiliate success story nathaniell

    One of Wealthy Affiliate success stories is that of Nathaniell’s. He started internet marketing at a young age, and when he was living in China. He joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2010. He is now living in the United States with a good income, thanks to the skills he learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

    He has an easy-to-read writing style, always going into depth when explaining something yet his posts are never boring. With his affiliate earnings, he has bought a house and has traveled a lot.

    Nathaniell has multiple websites. He promotes Wealthy Affiliate in one of them while others have other top affiliate programs like Amazon. The guy is always ready to learn and work hard to succeed.

    Learn more about his story here.


    Robin – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2016

    affiliate success story robin pic

    Robin joined WA on a February 14th. It was significant because it is easy to remember and she loves herself enough to learn about internet marketing so she can have a portable business that can give her a good income.

    She sees WA as having the best training on the internet so she upgraded fast to yearly and never looked back. She notes that the supportive WA community is worth mentioning for being there day or night for those who need help.

    See what Robin does here


    Wendy – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2012

    wealthy affiliate rags to riches story wendy

    Wendy has a bachelor’s degree but never landed a “normal” job only to learn a practical education from WA which gives her knowledge on how to build an online business.

    Wendy started a business which allows her to set her own schedule by working from home. It then gives her a lifestyle not any eight-hour a day job can provide.

    Check out more from Wendy here.




    Myself – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2017

    And of course, I can’t write an article without putting myself on here. Being moderately successful as an affiliate marketer before joining, Wealthy Affiliate helped me round out my affiliate marketing arsenal and introduce me to a few things that I didn’t consider before.

    Overall Wealthy Affiliate helped me grow my affiliate marketing not by blindly following everything as gospel, but by using it as such a single step in growing my overall knowledge base and hustling hard!

    You can learn more about me by clicking here

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    A Comprehensive Survey Junkie Review 2018 – Is It a Scam Or Legit?

    Survey Junkie Review 2018

    Updated: February 18, 2018 – One of the ways people get ripped off online is by taking shitty surveys. Most of the survey websites are just scams that offer a few cents per survey.

    The results you typically get from the time you invest is almost always never enough. Simply put, most survey websites are usually a waste of time.

    Due to the bad reputation of survey websites, most people assume that taking surveys for cash online is not a viable way to earn some extra cash.  In this review, I will look at Survey Junkie to see if it is worth it for someone who wants to earn some extra money

    Survey Junkie Review – What Is It?

    Survey Junkie is an online lead generation platform where members can sign-up and are sent to partner survey panels to complete surveys and other tasks to earn cash rewards. It is quite a user-friendly and straightforward platform.

    What are the Partner Survey Panels?

    Survey Junkie has partnered with several survey companies including:

    • Harris Poll Online
    • SurveySpot
    • Toluna
    • Ipsos I-Say
    • MySurvey

    Who is Eligible to Join?

    Survey Junkie accepts people at least 18 years of age living in either the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Members outside these four countries are not allowed to sign up to Survey Junkie.

    picture of a survey

    Survey Junkie’s Key Features

    Points: Survey Junkie’s rewards are in form of points awarded immediately after completing surveys and can be redeemed once the minimum threshold of 1,000 points translating to $10 is reached.

    Curated Surveys: Survey Junkies provides a centralized platform for accessing surveys from multiple companies. You will be pre-selected for surveys depending on your demographics.

    Redemption Options: You can redeem the points you earn on Survey Junkie as long as you have reached the minimum threshold either via PayPal or through gift cards for U.S. citizens.

    Multiple Devices: Survey Junkie’s surveys can be completed on multiple devices including tablets and laptops. However, smartphones can only be used for completing mobile-only surveys.

    How Can You Make Money with Survey Junkie?

    1. Account Creation

    It is free and creasy to create an account on Survey Junkie. All you have to provide is a valid email address, username, and password. You should also be over the age of 18 and reside in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, or the United States. Once you sign up, you will receive a 25-point bonus for signing up.

    2. Complete Your Profile

    You have to complete the profile questionnaires before you start completing surveys on Survey Junkie. The questionnaires help build a comprehensive profile about yourself, which allows Survey Junkie to match you to relevant surveys. Profile questionnaires are very private and won’t be sold to or shared with third parties.

    3. Take Surveys to Receive Rewards

    Survey Junkies rewards are in form of points and you can cash in the points either for gift cards or cash. To earn rewards, you have to successfully complete profile questionnaires, take surveys, refer friends to participate, or complete other rewardable actions. You will know when an action is rewardable if it has designated points displayed with a green button.

    4. Cash/Rewards are Added to Your Account

    Survey Junkie offers you surveys from a wide variety of market research companies as previously stated, which means that payment rates will vary. For the shorter surveys, you can expect to earn anywhere from $0.50 to $2, while the longer surveys may pay as much as $10.

    5. Cashing Out

    Once you have reached the 1,000-point threshold, you can cash out via check, PayPal, or even a wide variety of gift cards. It is important to note that this will only apply to the surveys and rewardable actions that you complete through your account dashboard and not the external survey programs joined via Survey Junkie.

    Is Survey Junkie Legitimate?

    The question as to whether Survey Junkie is a legitimate platform is probably one that anyone reading this Survey Junkie review is wondering.

    Survey Junkie has been listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. It is worth noting that “Survey Junkie” is an alternative business name or DBA. The official name of the company is “Blue Media Ventures”, which is located in Glendale, California.

    The company has numerous positive reviews online on various websites which is a good thing.

    Still, there are other people online who say that the company never screens the websites it gives your details to and doesn’t get involved if you are not paid.

    So Survey Junkie looks legit, but the real question is:

    is it worth your time???

    My Experience With Survey Junkie

    After signing up and entering all my details I was taken to the homepage where I had 75 points or $.75 cents waiting for me and 2 surveys that I thought I could take:

    survey junkie main screen for review

    The first thing I notice is that Survey Junkie gives you the approximate time that it will take to do a survey which is helpful.

    But the next thing I notice is how little they pay you for your time!

    The first survey pays you 45 points or $.45 for approximately 17 minutes of your time.

    That works out to be less than $2 an hour!

    Not to be discouraged, I click on the first survey just to see how long it actually takes to complete. But then I am hit with this message:

    survey filled up

    That’s a little weird since I literally just signed up a minute ago and the survey is already gone. Pressing on I chose the last survey in my dashboard and…

    survey filled up again

    I know that survey’s on this platform are supposed to get filled quickly, but this is nuts. Makes me wonder if they just put them up on the website to keep you coming back in the hopes that one will appear…

    Other Common Survey Junkie Complaints

    When working with survey websites, you will regularly encounter some complaints common to nearly all survey companies.

    Spam Email: While there were previously many complaints about the high volume of emails that members were receiving, the issue has been addressed by Survey Junkie. It is advisable to have an email address dedicated solely to survey websites to ensure that your regular email address is not clogged up.

    Deleted Accounts: A member’s account can be deleted for several different reasons – there have been reports of people coming close to reaching their payout and then Survey Junkie deleting their accounts.

    Unpredictable Earnings: The surveys on Survey Junkie are not as many as you would expect. Part of this I believe is due to exaggerated marketing. You need to act fast to participate in surveys before the limit is reached by other members.

    Not Receiving Earnings: Some of Survey Junkie members have been reporting that they never received their earnings. Survey Junkie says that you should contact customer support if your points have not been credited to your account after 24 hours. Mistakes can happen, so ensure that you know what you are owed.

    Who Can Benefit from Survey Junkie?

    Survey Junkie could hypothetically be useful to some people:

    • College students looking to earn some extra money
    • People that enjoy taking surveys
    • Retired individuals looking for ways to earn some extra cash to supplement their pension

    What are the Good and Bad of Survey Junkie?

    The Good

    • Free to join
    • Easy platform to use
    • Very attractive and professional looking website
    • Partnerships with major survey websites

    The Bad

    • Limited number of surveys which limits the amount you earn
    • The time it takes isn’t worth the payout
    • Unpredictable when new surveys appear
    • Unrealistic promotion of the service

    Final Score: Not Worth It

    Survey Junkie doesn’t appear to be a scam and it appears to be possible to earn some extra money by completing surveys and other rewardable actions on the platform. The website is also clean and easy to navigate. Earning reward points and redeeming them appears to be simple and straightforward.

    But the time it takes you to constantly refresh the website and complete surveys aren’t worth it in my opinion.

    If you are retired, have extra time and don’t see taking survey’s as work then go nuts. You might earn a few extra dollars per day and if that makes you happy – then great! You can try it out for free here

    But if you are looking to make more than a few dollars a day, then there are way better ways to make money online in my opinion.

    I hate to sound like one of those dime a dozen Wealthy Affiliate websites, but you can make real money with their program – if your willing to put in the time and effort in – read more about the Wealthy Affiliate here

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    Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – What Every Beginner NEEDS To Know in 2018

    Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – What Every Beginner NEEDS To Know in 2018

    People all around the world are earning money from affiliate marketing. This form of marketing has become intensely popular over the years. Although it has been around in various forms since 1989, people are just now starting to realize how powerful this solution for making money is. Affiliate marketers earned around $4 billion off of their efforts in 2016.

    This Affiliate marketing for dummies guide aims to give you a general overview of what you need to know to get started on the right foot.

    But what makes affiliate marketing such a great option? Let’s start by looking at the basics.


    Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – What Is It?

    Affiliate marketing is a form of promotion where a person highlights a product or service offered by a separate business. The marketer receives a payment or commission from the business when sales are made based on the promotional efforts utilized.

    When participating in affiliate marketing, you are the affiliate. You are promoting someone with the intention of getting a reward when people buy or use something based on your referrals.

    Why Is It Popular?

    The big reason why affiliate marketing is popular involves more than just the profit potential. It also involves sharing things with people and letting them know more about stuff they are interested in.

    When you run a strong marketing campaign, you promote yourself as a reliable source. You send people to a place that offers a product they are not familiar with or a website that they might not have heard of. But they go there because they know you are trustworthy and that you are giving them enough encouragement.

    People these days don’t have much faith in advertisers. They want to hear things from everyday people instead. Establish a brilliant marketing campaign and people will trust you in return.

    The Basic Process For Affiliate Marketing

    southpark profits meme for affiliate marketing

    How Beginners See Affiliate Marketing

    The basic process surrounding affiliate marketing works like this:

    1. Sign up to take part in an affiliate program with someone. Get online to participate; it should not be tough to find someone who has a program.
    2. Promote a service or product and offer a link that people can click on to learn more about the offering in question.
    3. The visitor who saw your promotional work then buys something off of the link that you sent. In most cases, a cookie tracks the visitor’s information based on where that person first heard about the product from.
    4. You earn commissions off of whatever you sell through that link. The payment rate for commissions will vary based on the program you are a part of.

    The excitement that comes with affiliate marketing is great. The potential profits are inviting. But to make the most out of affiliate marketing, you have to look at a few specific steps for getting into the field.


    Where Should You Go?

    Start by looking at what you would promote when you get into an affiliate marketing program. It is easier to make money when you promote something that you feel great about. For example, I only promote products that I believe in and use like Wealthy Affiliate.

    My interests are in internet marketing and SEO so it makes sense for me to promote these types of products. Think about the particular niche or target that you are interested in. Maybe you might be attracted to topics on weight loss or fitness or perhaps you have a liking for gardening.

    Look at your interest in something and think about how well you like it. You will have to build a site around that focus point.

    Take a look at these points when choosing a great niche:

    • Look at something that you definitely have a life-long interest in. It should be something that you know you will enjoy years from now.
    • Consider who else might have an interest in your niche. You need to choose a field that people will actually consider reading about.
    • Think about whether people are willing to spend money on stuff relating to your niche. For instance, people are often ready to spend lots on health care products.
    • Look for a field that has low competition, but is not overcrowded. A subject with a great amount of competition is worthwhile as it proves there are people interested in and other people are making money. This is the toughest part
    • Think about the product or service you would promote. Would you actually use it yourself?

    After figuring out what you will focus on, look at how narrow the niche is. By narrowing your reach, you are targeting a smaller group that might be more intrigued by what you are offering. That is, you are targeting only people within a certain segment who really have a strong interest in what you are promoting.

    a look at the gardening niche

    Let’s go to the field of gardening, for instance. A site dedicated to gardening is appealing on its own. One more specialized site about a very specific aspect of that field is even better. You might create a site focusing on desert landscape plants or ornamental vines. Look at how detailed or distinct your focus is so you know what deserves to be targeted.

    Check around online to see how popular your niche is by either going to Google Keyword Planner  (free) or by using a paid options such as Jaxy Keyword Planner in Wealthy Affiliate, SEMRush or ahrefs.

    Finding An Affiliate Program

    Look for an affiliate program after you determine the niche you want to get into. Such a setup must be organized to where you can easily promote your work.

    It should not be hard for you to find an affiliate program. There are so many resources that offer details on such programs that it would be tough to list them all here.

    Be careful when choosing a campaign. Look at the following points when getting into one of these programs:

    • Review what a business you would promote is selling. Can you tailor your messages around those products or services?
    • See what the background of the business is. Has it been around for a while? Is it trustworthy?
    • What is the customer service for a business like? A good affiliate business must be capable of responding to your questions or issues as soon as possible.
    • Check on the particular people who participate in the affiliate program. See if they are similar to you in terms of your interests and values among other points.
    • Look at the affiliate links that would be included in the program. These often entail appealing graphics that showcase things someone is selling. In other cases they are just links you would insert into your text.
    • Check on the reward structure involved. Look at how much effort is needed for actually getting paid. Make this the last thing to review as the service and support that a team gives and its familiarity with your needs are clearly more important.

    Do You Have to Actually Use the Product or Service?

    You don’t necessarily have to use whatever you are marketing. But it should be something that relates to the interest you have.

    It might help to try a product or service out if you have the money for doing so. You would be much more invested in the promotional process if you have tried it out and actually enjoy it. Your firsthand experience makes a world of difference.

    Ordering a supplement to try out might work, for instance. Writing a journal detailing how you use that supplement and what you feel off of it might help. It gives people an idea of whether or not something is all that appealing. It also works if the product you are promoting is in high demand. Your knowledge of the product gives readers a clear idea of what to expect out of it.

    Sharing your experience with a product or service is completely optional. It works best if whatever you discuss is visible and in demand. After all, it might be easier to highlight stuff if you have a strong vested interest in it.

    How To Create a Website For Beginners

    You must have your own website to support your affiliate marketing efforts. Your website is where you will add the affiliate links to.

    Your site has to be organized while looking strong. There are a few steps to follow for you to get the most out of your website:

    1. Buy a domain name. It might cost a few dollars per year depending on the unique nature or statistics of a domain. Don’t pay extra for domain just because it sounds cool!
    2. Get into a hosting plan. Monthly hosting plans provide you with the infrastructure needed to support your website. They may provide you with certain amounts of bandwidth or the ability to load up a certain amount of data onto your site. You could even get a private email address through a host.
    3. Install the WordPress platform onto your site. WordPress is a prominent open source blogging tool that simplifies how you post and publish data. It even comes with a variety of free (and some paid) plug-ins.
    4. Install a theme on your WordPress site. The theme is the template used around the site. Make sure it looks appealing and is appropriate for the particular product or service you want to promote.

    Check on how well you get your site set up before you go live. You need a website that not only looks great but is also easy to manage. After all, you’ve got to keep that site updated regularly if you want people to take your marketing campaign seriously.

    Of course, you also have the option to outsource your web creation efforts to another party. It costs extra to do that though. Therefore, sticking with the above plan and making content yourself is the way to go for beginner affiliate marketers.

    The Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Guide To Creating Content

    The content you create on your site must be relevant to the product you are promoting. But to make it work, you have to get actual people out to the site.

    funny picture of cat making content

    There are four things that have to be done to get people to come to your page:

    1 – Start by looking at the keywords you wish to target.

    Think about the targeted keywords you will focus on. The keyword should have low competition but have people looking for it.

    Check an online keyword research tool like the ones I mentioned above to see what keywords are best for your situation. This will give you a better idea of what you must write about.

    You can use as many keywords as you want but it helps to focus each individual post on just one or two at a time. Do not keyword stuff! This is an old technique that doesn’t work anymore.

    2 – Make content that is unique and informative

    The content in question must be informative and interesting. Give the reader something that person could take away. Better yet, create content that makes the product you are promoting all the more interesting.

    Highlight the latest news stories relating to something. If you’re trying to promote a health goods site then talk about new supplements that assist people in their weight loss efforts. Maybe you could talk about studies showing how certain measures may help people to lose weight.

    interesting meme

    How people should look like when reading your content

    3 – Mix it up

    Don’t just post regular blog posts here and there. Having content in other formats like videos or podcasts that let you explain more in rich detail and lets you explore untapped markets. For example before I started this blog I just did youtube videos, this allowed me to stand out and start making money immediately.

    4 – Update your site regularly. Figure out a schedule.

    People aren’t going to be interested in your site if they don’t see much out of it. Keep it updated on a regular basis so people can see that you have a strong investment in your work and that you want to share unique facts or other bits of info with them.

    Develop a regular schedule for your work. Post messages at certain times in the day or on particular days of the week, for instance. Set up a schedule that you are comfortable with.

    Try to be reliable and consistent with regards to posting these messages so people can see that you are truly invested in the work you are offering.

    How To Promote Your Products

    Although getting quality links onto your site can make a real difference when you are promoting someone’s work, you have to think about how you would promote such items. The last thing you want is to make your work look like some blatant and unoriginal advertisement.

    woman rolling eyes

    There are a few things you could do to promote products through your marketing efforts:

    • Write product reviews relating to what you are promoting. Be as honest as possible so people will see that you’re not overly biased.
    • Use in-text content links to highlight the places you are promoting. Keep those links relevant to the keywords or other bits of content you want to feature.
    • Offer discounts to people. People love deals. Provide promo codes or other special sale opportunities.

    What About Email Marketing For Dummies?

    This is a whole other subject that includes affiliate marketing. But for any beginner, you want to start creating an email list right away.


    Because email is still one of the best ways to reach out to people and let them know about the products you are promoting or any exciting information you have.

    But make sure not to spam your email list as that will get you thrown into their spam folder quick!

    shooting spam

    But you also don’t want to never email your subscribers, so make sure the emails come out consistently. Send out an email once every week or two . Give your subscribers something to look forward to.

    When doing this, you will prove yourself as a trustworthy person to do business with. You will show that you understand what you are talking about and that will make them more included to come back to your site and purchase items through your links.

    A Few Final Words For Affiliate Marketing Dummies

    The potential for you to earn money from affiliate marketing program is there if you put your mind to it. Just like anything else, it all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to invest into learning and doing.

    The concept of affiliate marketing is simple. You give people information on something that they want to know more about.  It only makes sense that you offer info to people that want learn something that they will benefit from

    Plan your affiliate marketing campaign carefully. Be certain you look at how you are promoting your work and that you are sharing information that is interesting and attractive to your readers.

    Good luck and hopefully after reading this article you will no longer be an affiliate marketing dummy!

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