Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories 2017 – The Proof Is In The Pudding

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Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories 2017 – The Proof Is In The Pudding

The internet offers massive opportunities to earn but it also is full of scams. It might seem difficult to believe that there are online businesses that we can make a full time living from. However, there are definitely opportunities out there that can allow for that possibility, or at least earn good side income.

A great opportunity out there today is Wealthy Affiliate. It is not a “get rich quick” scheme, rather its a way in which content creators/affiliates can earn income by promoting products of companies that offer affiliate programs, such as Amazon, eBay, Jimdo and JVzoo. In short, it acts as the middleman between affiliates and affiliate programs. It is likewise similar to an online school where you can learn about internet marketing.

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Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

With training and tools of Wealthy Affiliate, there are real people who make money. They are those who completely understand the program’s concept and work really hard to create sustainable and authentic online businesses. As a proof of its legitimacy, there are the many Wealthy Affiliate success stories posted on the internet that is inspiring to read. Here are some of them:


wealthy affiliate rags to riches story alex

Alex – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2007


Scams on the internet have really victimized many, one of whom was Alex who lost thousands of dollars.In 2007, he desperately joined Wealthy Affiliate and finally made it.

He earned more than $10,000 a month from his online business. Just like any successful businessman, Alex worked hard and never stopped trying until he succeeded and now he is among Wealthy Affiliate success stories that inspire others.

Learn more about Alex here


wealthy affiliate success story christineChristene – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2013

What makes Christine’s story unique is that she was already successful prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate. It was for the sake of others that she joined the program. She was searching for a platform that would give her readers a shot to internet marketing without the need to rip them off.

She also found the program has a lot of seasoned internet markets, helping her to be honed in promoting her site and in writing with different styles since English is not her native language. As a result, Christene’s websites gained more traffic and generated more sales.

Read more on Christene’s story here


wealthy affiliate rags to riches story dom w

Dom – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2012

Dom W has created a great business using his learning from Wealthy Affiliate. He earned from zero to more than $10k per month in three years. In 2014, he founded HumanProofDesigns.com which, in 2016 did $680,000 in sales.

Dom has already the drive and leverages the Wealthy Affiliate’s platform. Among his services is content creation. Give him keywords and subject and his team will give you a quality article that can rank with Google big time.

Read more of Dom’s story here.


wealthy affiliate performance story dougDoug – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2014

Wealthy Affiliate success stories are not confined to a certain age range. A teen has successfully made it through the platform as well.

At only 18 years old, Doug has made more than $6k in a single month. He shares his monthly earnings in his blog at WA and has inspired others, especially the teens who are searching for ways on how to make money online.

You can read more of his story here.


Frank – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2013

wealthy affiliate success story frank

One of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories comes from New Zealand.  Frank is making a full time living from his online business. He works at home and has succeeded in promoting WA.

His personable writing style connects him and his readers. Frank is enjoying the lifestyle that allows him to pursue his passion and spend quality time with his family.

Read more about Frank here


wealthy affiliate performance story jayJay – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2007

One of the successful people in WA is Jay. He is very active and regularly does live video pieces of training for free as a way of sharing his expertise in internet marketing. I have benefitted tremendously from Jay’s training.

He has been with WA for more than 10 years so he has seen how the platform progressed and evolved to meet the needs of contemporary business people.

Jay likewise has a case study which shows how he turned a concept into a profitable website, proving that there are massive opportunities for finding money making niches.

Read Jay’s case study here



 Kevin was first reluctant with WA since he has been a victim of many online scams that ripped him off but did not deliver. Fortunately, he gave its seven-day trial a try and spent hours in getting familiar with it.

A week after, he was convinced that this is different, became a premium member and loving it for providing the freedom he has been searching for years.




Like other successful Wealthy Affiliate guys, Louie has multiple websites. This internet marketing veteran from Portugal has been doing online business in various niches since late of 90’s. He loves internet marketing and has always that hungry-for-knowledge memory bank and shares what he knows to those who are keen to learn.


Nathaniellwealthy affiliate success story nathaniell

One of Wealthy Affiliate success stories is that of Nathaniell’s. He started internet marketing at a young age, and when he was living in China. He joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2010. He is now living in the United States with a good income, thanks to the skills he learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

He has an easy-to-read writing style, always going into depth when explaining something yet his posts are never boring. With his affiliate earnings, he has bought a house and has traveled a lot.

Nathaniell has multiple websites. He promotes Wealthy Affiliate in one of them while others have other top affiliate programs like Amazon. The guy is always ready to learn and work hard to succeed.

Learn more about his story here.




Robin joined WA on a February 14th. It was significant because it is easy to remember and she loves herself enough to learn about internet marketing so she can have a portable business that can give her a good income.

She sees WA as having the best training on the internet so she upgraded fast to yearly and never looked back. She notes that the supportive WA community is worth mentioning for being there day or night for those who need help.

See what Robin does here




Steve started a website as a hobby in 2007. Two years after, he joined WA and turned his site from a hobby into an online business. As a result, he earned huge income per month. Ask Steve his secret and he will answer there is none. He suggests that creating content daily is the key because it makes the website move forward. No content for a day will leave the site behind from the competition.


Wendywealthy affiliate rags to riches story wendy

Wendy has a bachelor’s degree but never landed a “normal” job only to learn a practical education from WA which gives her knowledge on how to build an online business.

Wendy started a business which allows her to set her own schedule by working from home. It then gives her a lifestyle not any eight-hour a day job can provide.

Check out more from Wendy here.


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