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Kindle Autopilot Review

Kindle Autopilot Review – Is It REALLY Worth It?

Kindle Autopilot is a video course created by Brian Shapleigh and contains information on how to automate your own Kindle publishing business. Kindle Autopilot is a course I’ve been meaning to take for a while now because. For the first couple of months into my Kindle publishing business I was really working a lot on it and invested a large amount of time. At that point, it wasn’t really a passive income for me.

My goal was to be able to make my Kindle publishing business a more passive income stream overall and not have to worry about the day to day details as much. I picked up this course a while ago and slowly have been implementing some of its steps.

First of all, there are some things in this course that I have found to be extremely useful. I have not fully automated my Kindle business to date, as I do not think I am to that point just yet. My goal is to eventually have my business more fully automated once I meet a certain number of sales per month, and then I will kind of let things go and put things on autopilot. As of right now, I’m still trying to grow my business and I feel the best way to do that is to be more hands on.


What’s Inside Kindle Autopilot

There are about 30 videos total and the course is separated into two halves. The first half is just for Kindle publishers, so that would be for people like yourself and myself. It covers how to begin to outsource the different tasks of your Kindle publishing business. I found it very helpful and even though I have not yet automated most of what I’ve done thus far, just having a system in place for my business has really made my Kindle publishing process more streamlined.

Even without outsourcing anything, Kindle Autopilot has really helped me out because it has made a lot of tasks that were really time-consuming much less so and created an overall better outcome for me.

One thing that really saved me a lot of time and really improved my overall book quality is the book research template that Brian provided. Along with the video, the template has made my book quality much higher because it has streamlined so much for me. When I used to send out books to a writer, I used to just give them a general outline of what I wanted along with a title.

My new template forces me to sit down and really go over what I want in a particular book and also gives the writer a better idea of what is expected in order to produce a higher quality book. All in all, I found the template to be very useful.


Virtual Assistant Management

The second part of the Kindle Autopilot video series focuses on the virtual assistant, or VA, who Brian advises you to outsource your Kindle publishing tasks to. Brian tells you about and instructs you on sharing programs with your VA so they will have access to your accounts they need to know about.

I was previously unaware of this program but have found it to be very useful.  Instead of you having to spend time telling the VA everything they need to do, you just have them watch the videos. The VAs will naturally still have questions for you, but the second part of the video series makes it much easier to work with the VA.


Bonus Videos

Another thing I want to touch on is that there are a lot of bonuses included in the series. Two of these bonuses are Kindle Samurai and How to Use It and Best Seller Ranking Pro.  I chose not to use either of these two programs in my business because I have tried both and didn’t find them useful.

The last bonus video is How to Have a Fully Automated Kindle Publishing Business. That teaches you how to really get your Kindle publishing business to a point where it is about 95% automated. Obviously not everything is going to be able to be on autopilot. It will take a lot of time to get it to 95%, but this video will obviously be extremely useful to a lot of people.

Who Needs Kindle Autopilot?

Kindle Autopilot is not necessarily for beginners because they have nothing to outsource quite yet. You really have to go through the fire yourself and learn a lot of the lessons that doing so will teach you. This video series is more for people who have been doing this for a while; people who are already fairly successful at what they do, people who are pretty confident in their business, and those who are ready to take their business to the next level.



The cost of the Kindle Autopilot course is currently $149 on sale from $249, and comes with a money back guarantee. That price gets you a lifetime access to the video course as well as access to the Kindle Autopilot Facebook group.

Brian himself is the administrator for that group and it’s extremely useful if you happen to have any problems with the videos or have any questions about any of the steps. Brian is usually really good about replying within 24 to 48 hours and I myself also answer within the group, along with several others. A lot of the value of this program just comes from the Facebook group itself. It is a highly valuable tool, and with a money back guarantee.

Kindle Autopilot works great in conjunction with Luca De Stefani’s Self-Publishing Revolution because of the fact that there a lot of subjects that Kindle Autopilot touches on and that Luca’s course also touches on. I think it works beautifully together because Kindle Autopilot really reinforces the steps that you first learn from Self-Publishing Revolution. So Kindle Autopilot and Self-Publishing Revolution are actually two different courses that really compliment each other nicely.


Final Thoughts

With all of that being said, I highly recommend that you pick up Kindle Autopilot if you are into Kindle publishing and want to take it to that next level.

It provided me with A LOT of valuable information that has brought me more success in my business even without putting things on autopilot.Lastly, it is obvious that Brian put a lot of effort into not only the content of the Kindle Autopilot video series but the overall quality of the videos themselves as well. Check it out and see for yourself risk-free:

Lastly, it is obvious that Brian put a lot of effort into not only the content of the Kindle Autopilot video series but the overall quality of the videos themselves as well. Check it out and see for yourself risk-free:

The video review:

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