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Publishing Email Success Review – Another B.S Course Or Gold?

Let’s face it, getting reviews for your Kindle books can be hard.

Very hard.

If you read my previous review on Self-Publishing Revolution you know that my biggest problem with the course was that it relies heavily on black hat techniques to get results. It endorses review swapping in order to rank your books and boost sales. But that technique can be risky.

The Publishing Email Success course is marketed as the exact solution to this problem. Made by Marta Magdalena, an accomplished self-publisher that has been using organic reviews to power her business for years. Click here for more info.

But does it deliver?

The answer may surprise you…

First things, first

If you are not a Kindle Publisher or you are not interested in e-mail marketing, then Publishing Email Success is not for you.

This is course is designed specifically to help Kindle Publishers make the most of their email list. Which if you are anything like me, you just set it up one day and collected email addresses with no real purpose in mind.

Publishing Email Success: Is It Worth It?

The bottom line is a resounding YES!

However, this course isn’t for everyone. If you have never set up an Aweber account or Leadpages before, it can be a little daunting.

If you have never set up an Aweber account or Leadpages before, it can be a little daunting. There are also some areas that could use some additional information.

But these issues are minor in the overall scheme of things and the actionable information you get is great.


Publishing Email Success Review


Publishing Email Success is a great course for Kindle Publishers that are serious about creating a long-term business.Some of the content could be expanded more and some previous experience with aWeber and Leadpages is recommended it provides great value for what you learn. 

Easy To Understand

Compared to many courses I have taken, Publishing Email Success is very reasonably priced.

It is normally $199, but as of writing, it is on sale for just $99 – which is a steal of a deal in my opinion. Which is still a great deal.

The biggest thing I look at when evaluating a course isn’t just the price, but the return on investment (ROI).

One way to analyze this course is by looking at the price you would pay for an Amazon review which is currently about $1.50 per review at current market rates.

So if you manage to get 133 reviews from this course (if you bought it at $199, 66 if you got it for $99) then the course would have paid for itself.

But this doesn’t take into account the true value of an organic review….

What’s The Value Of An Organic Amazon Review?

The $1.5 figure I gave you earlier is the cost of a fake, unstable, risky review.

These reviews can last you a couple of days, or they can last you a couple of months. It really depends.

kindle reviews burning money

So let’s say you buy 10 reviews for $15. It is not uncommon for you to lose 30% of those reviews in three months. So to keep those 10 reviews you have to purchase three more.

Then in another three months, you have to purchase 3 more. Then in another three months… well you get the idea.

So in a years time, that initial $15 for 10 reviews turns into $30 to keep those same reviews.

Obviously, this adds up quickly, and if you plan on publishing for more than a year your costs become higher…

Other Risks to Consider For Review Swapping

So not only does review swapping end up costing much more than what you initially pay for, you also run the risk of getting your account banned or worse.

Now I understand that people might be thinking “well Amazon is only suing people with physical products, they aren’t going to be going after independent publishers…”

The real question is: Are you willing to take that risk?

I talked about Kindlegeddon in my review on Self-Publishing Revolution. Amazon has already sent out many emails that warn publishers of buying fake reviews. Just because no one has been sued yet, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen.

So What’s The Value Of A REAL Review?

The true value of an organic review is two-fold:

  1. They (technically) last forever
  2. They don’t put your account at risk

Given these two factors, my estimated value of an organic review is $20.

Now I know in Amazon’s enthusiasm for deleting fake reviews, some real reviews get deleted. But for the most part, organic reviews tend to stick and last for years.

The value of your account not getting banned is difficult to calculate, but if you are already making a couple thousand a month I would think that you can see the value in keeping it safe.

So if you can get just 10 reviews the techniques taught in Publishing Email Success the course would pay for itself.

But gathering organic reviews from your e-mail list isn’t the only thing you will learn.

What Else Is In The Course?

publishingemailsuccess inside look

Besides learning how to create a system to generate organic reviews for Kindle Publishing, Publishing Email Success ambitiously covers many different topics that range from email copy and list building to mindset and marketing tactics.

The course contains 40 different lessons and about 5 hours of content. Here’s a sneak peek inside:


One of the best insights I learned from Email Publishing Success from a purely practical standpoint was about creating relationships with your readers. I used to think that was B.S. but can’t believe I didn’t do it before. The best part about establishing relationships with your readers is that you don’t need to have a large audience to be successful.

Imagine having only 20 loyal email subscribers that you have built a relationship with. Those could be 20 people that will review each one of your books at no additional cost to yourself.

Although I have talked about reviews a lot, Publishing E-Mail Success teaches you that selling books isn’t the only way you can make money with your e-mail list.

Turn Your Your Autoresponder Into Another Passive Income Stream

Like I mentioned earlier, I never put much time and effort into my e-mail list because I didn’t think it would provide immediate returns.

I was wrong.

One of the things Publishing Email Success teaches is setting up your email list so that it will create you another source of passive income and increases engagement with your subscribers. Here are my results so far:

kindle publishing affiliate marketing success

As you can see I got the course on May 31st. I know this only because I had absolutely no clicks prior taking this course.

Although $44 may not seem like much, this is money I was leaving on the table by not optimizing my email list.

Lazy Plumber Tips

Here are a few tips to help you get some extra value out of your list:

1. You can give your subscribers a direct link to your books to leave a review. This makes it just a little easier for them to give you a review. Just go to your book, click on the ‘Write a customer review’ button and copy the link.

2. As an Amazon affiliate, you can also sneak your affiliate link into the above link. So not only does it make it easier for subscribers to leave you a review, you will also earn commissions on anything they buy on Amazon for 24 hours.

All you have to do set up Amazon Sitestrip and follow the 1st step and then click on “Get Links – Text” and copy the link:

email publishing success tip

3. Respond personally to your subscribers. Starting a conversation with them will increase the chances that they will leave you a review dramatically.


Publishing Email Success is a great course for anyone who already has a Kindle Publishing business or anyone who is looking to start.

I think that if you are serious about creating a long-term business with Kindle Publishing that this is one of the best courses you can buy.

For $199 Publishing Email Success is a great value for what you learn.

I personally wish I had this course when I was starting out because it gives you the tools to turn Kindle Publishing from a churn and burn type of business model to something that can be sustainable for the long term.

Check out Publishing Email Success here or visit

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  1. Emeka Ossai June 19, 2017 at 3:14 pm - Reply

    I have been trying to understand this part regarding Amazon associate links and using them in your emails. This is from their website.
    5. You will not engage in any promotional, marketing, or other advertising activities on behalf of us or our affiliates, or in connection with the Amazon Site or the Associates Program, that are not expressly permitted under the Associates Operating Agreement. For example, you will not engage in any promotional, marketing, or other advertising activities in any offline manner, including by using any of our or our affiliates’ trademarks or logos (including any Amazon Mark), any Content, or any Special Link in connection with an offline promotion or in any other offline manner (e.g., in any printed material, mailing, SMS, MMS, email or attachment to email, or other document, or any oral solicitation).

    Doesn’t that mean you CAN NOT send your Amazon affiliate links via email?

    • The Lazy Plumber June 20, 2017 at 11:25 pm - Reply

      I guess…. but it doesn’t make any sense. Your driving traffic to their website, why wouldn’t they want that? The question really becomes how much do they enforce that?

    • Kamil June 26, 2017 at 2:52 pm - Reply

      just put in email a link to your website which will then redirect user to amzn that’s all. will work, doesn’t brake the rules.

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