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Kindle Direct Publishing – Top 4 Reasons To Start Today!

If you are looking to make money online, there’s probably no better way to start than with Kindle publishing. It’s relatively easy and cheap to get started compared to other ways to make money online. Before you jump on any other method to earn money online, consider Kindle publishing first.

In this post, I’m going to share my top 4 reasons why you should start with Kindle publishing.

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1.Low barrier to entry

Kindle Publishing is especially attractive for starters because of the low barrier to entry. If you’ve been looking for ways to make side income online but are limited on budget, Kindle publishing is for you. Practically anyone can publish so long as you have some creativity and common sense.

For instance, with a measly $200, you can hit the ground going and you can expect returns in the first month. Once your book is up, you start earning right away. Chances are you will recoup your investment within a couple of months.

That said, the ideal starter budget for Kindle publishing is about $1500. There are a couple of things you need to get right when you’re starting to guarantee some sales.

 kindle publishing money

Marketing is of utmost importance, and for this, you’re going to need some training. In fact, a big chunk of your startup cash is going to be invested in quality education. This is something that cannot be overlooked, but don’t worry as it’s worth it in the end.

In addition, you need to publish at least two books right off the bat. Since it is highly unlikely (but possible) that your first book will be a bestseller, it is a good idea to publish more than one.

There’s a bigger chance that one of your books will be a success and if so, you will get buoyed by that success and you can replicate the winning formula to create other books.

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2. Easily scalable:

Once your book starts raking in the cash, you can reinvest the money into writing new books. With more cash to spend, you can outsource many of the tasks involved so that you focus on creating new ideas and marketing your books. You can outsource the writing, cover design, and pretty much anything else you do to get the book published.

The unique thing about Kindle publishing is that it offers more than one way to earn from a single book. For instance, you can publish the same book on Createspace and also publish an audio version on ACX. That’s one asset with three streams of income.

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You can do this for all your books and the money starts to add up quickly.

One thing to note is that you need to scale if you want to make a six-figure income from Kindle publishing. For instance, good, experienced publishers make between $150 to $300 per book per month. To get to your dream six-figure, you need to be able to scale quickly.

Bottom line is that it can be done. Remember there’s no limit to how many books you can publish. All you need to do is repeat and refine what works.

3.No skills needed

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This is one of the top-most reasons to start with Kindle publishing. You don’t need any specific skill to get started. You do need a good topic, however, and good marketing know-how, which you can get from a high-quality marketing course.

You also need to learn the basics of how to start publishing on Kindle. There’s a lot of great info online to help you get started. But seriously consider paid courses for higher quality information. Whatever you choose, here is where you should put your learning emphasis towards:

  1. How to choose a good topic.
  2. How to generate book ideas.
  3. How to plan a portfolio strategy for Kindle publishing and why it is key to your publishing success.
  4. The top marketing strategies for Kindle publishing.
  5. How to find the best ghostwriters to outsource your book writing tasks.

The best part is that once you have a couple of books published, you become comfortable with the process. You can then refine your methods and increase your success.


Once again the best part of this process is that you do not need to actually be skilled in anything! Not good at writing? Outsource! Not good at graphic design? Outsource! Not good at copywriting? Outsource!

4.Good passive income

There are many ways to earn passive income online. However, most require a lot of time invested especially when you are starting from scratch. Not so with Kindle publishing.

The income from Kindle publishing is pretty much passive once the book is uploaded. It is true income on autopilot.

As already said, to reach true autopilot status that guarantees more than $1000 in monthly sales, you need to scale.

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Producing many quality books quickly is the key to scaling up. A premium ghost writer costs up to $1000 per book but you don’t need to spend that much for the purpose of making money. Spend some time searching and you will land a descent writer at $1 per 100 words, or go with a ghost writing service.

The same technique works for cover design and the description parts. Outsource and get the work done fast.

Scan through the Kindle store daily. Browse best sellers in the different categories. You want to develop an eye for design for your own cover designs. The big majority of users on Amazon are impulse buyers so learn how to use colors and lettering that grabs attention.

keyword selection with kindle spy

The best part of having a Kindle business is that once it is built up, it doesn’t require a lot of work to upkeep. You can choose to continue releasing books or not, or you can kick back and watch the royalties roll in on the books you already have.

Currently, I spend approximately 14 hours a week on my Kindle business – more than enough time to spend time with my family, friends and work a full-time job! That means I make $137 per hour of work with Kindle publishing.

Wrapping Up

Publishing on Kindle has immense potential. With Amazon’s giant paid search engine, you have instant access to thousands of potential buyers.

There’s simply no better time to earn from self-publishing than now.

E-book sales are in billions yearly and have been rising steadily. Get started now and claim your share of the pie.

The best way to achieve success with Kindle publishing is to replicate what successful publishers have done.


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